It's a Friday Funny

Go on.

Laugh it up.

Top left I am 16 or 17, in my school uniform. Nowadays, I actually like that uniform, but back then?? Loathed it with a passion. I was put off that colour for much of my adult life. This book is responsible for me re-discovering this shade of blue, and kindling an adoration of it. After my yapping about collar love yesterday, I remembered my formerly despised school uniform , and luckily found a pic pretty quickly. I'd be happy to wear that right now!
Top right I think I'm also 16/17 ish, deep into my New Romantic phase but looking rather ghastly!! Those are rosary beads around my neck. Actually, I'm having a Madonna phase perhaps? I was certainly in love with David Sylvian!!!

The 2 bottom pics are much earlier. I'm 14! Budding, to be sure.

I think that the frock on the bottom right is similar to the one that sweetheart Claire picked up yesterday! My Mama made both those frocks for me.

Jeez, my hair is appalling in all those pix! You get a gander at my natural colour, though! Mind you, it's more grey these days, I think!


Tonight, we are playing an almost impromptu gig here !

Impromtu in that it was only sorted yesterday!


Hmmm, that was a good movie, actually! Impromptu. Emma Thompson, Judy Davis, a young Hugh Grant. Yes, I liked it a lot!

I like links too.

Have you noticed?!

What am I going to wear tonight?!


Alex , pockets totally rock!! I'm quite obsessed by them too!! xxx


La Dama said...

"dont you look cute mama" your school uniform so you now..ahh rosary always were a stylish gal who knows how to pose...I see where uou get your sewing skills...have fun!

sacramento said...

Memories, memories...looking forward what you wear tonight.

Kandi said...

Get you, you haven't changed a bit, honestly - just the hair ~ are you a vampire?
Seriously you look fab how grown up and sophisticatated , and at 14.
Kandi x

Missy Vintage said...

Oooooooo Simon Le Bon, he is still a hottie! x

Kelly said...

I love looking at old photos.
You can still tell it's you, but you look even more fab now. :)


Penny Dreadful said...

Heehee! Actually, I really love your Madonna hair... and the cross earrings! x

Vintage Vixen said...

Check out those white collars and that flicked hair!
You look soooo cute displaying that picture of David Sylvian and blimey, you had boobs even as a 14 year old, tremendous.
Thanks for showing these photos, I love 'em!
Love you!

Miss Claire said...

Haha, yes! It is similar to my new frock! You looked gorgeous back then too, and I would totally wear your school dress aswell!

Love the bunny soft toy in the first pic :)


Alex said...

Eek, you look GORGEOUS in that top right photo! I actually really like your hair, it's so cute and teenagerish. Much better than the Fringe Of Doom which I sported at the same age.

RETRO REVA said...

I LOVE old photos !!!!!!!!!!!
Definitely a Madonna vibe (the big cross earrings)
MY hair was exactly cut and permed the same way!!!
Not many photos from back then though.......
too busy partying ;)

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

So you loved Japan! And Madonna! Oh a woman after mine own heart - AGAIN! I had my hair cut and permed like in the second pic - mine stuck out like Souxie's (sp?) though and I loved it. Sigh - oh what to wear!? I think you're on a roll with this blast from the past and you should just go with it darling! oxoxo

Misfits Vintage said...

Ooh you were gorgeous back then and rockin killer smokin hot fabulous gorgeous these days!

Thanks for the pics Lady Helga - I LOVE personal pics. Love love love em.

I am pretty sure I had that Simon LeBon poster!

(Hey - from your comment on Mazzy Boy - I was at the Exchange on Oxford St in 84 when Marilyn dropped in - were you there???)

Can't wait to see what you wear tonight!

Sarah xxx

Kitty said...

I love that you're brave enought to put old photos up, I'm certainly not! My teenage short hair is way too scary. I too was a huge David Sylvian and Duran Duran fan, tee hee.

Roo said...

You were such a cute teenager, I just looked greasy and awkward between the ages of 13 and well now! I love seeing a bit of Helga past, thanks for sharing x

Comtesse de ferveur said...

Aw, what a treat! You are gorgeous, I especially love the New Romantic haircut, which is very cool!
xxx Comtesse xxx

Mazzy Boy said...

Oh Auntie!!! Your faggy possum has had a FABULOUS day with family, and my fashion celebrity interview that I conducted today and will be continuing tomorrow....look forward to Dec. 1st, I am so excited and flattered that this woman is doing this for me...alright, I am off to pop a zanny, knock back a cocktail (I'll toast you and the twins) and hop into bed...I will be dreaming of glitter, lipstick, and Rudy Valentino...xoxoxoloves and kisses

devilishlypleasurable said...

LOVE these shots. . what lovely memories they make. The frocks your mother made for you are beautiful. . do you still have them?

Crystal Lee said...

You were so cute. Love the cross earrings, of course. and the mama-made frocks are adorable too.

Calamity Jem said...

Dear Helga,
thanks for sharing these photos, they are fab!
The top right pic makes me think of Madonna's video for 'Burning Up'...check it out on YouTube and you'll see why...very similar coiffeur you saucy minx :)