Kombi Lovin'

Hey there,gorgeous peoples!!
I'm off for a session on my tattoo shortly, then I'll do a spot of groceries in readiness for our weekend in Okuku! We'll be picking up our lovely friend Ralph from the airport tonight, and rocking on out there!
Last night we went to dinner at our friends and former neighbours, John & Vicky. We took the Kombi so we could have a few and camp up in their driveway! So useful, that way we don't have to worry about cabs, and I can go pass out when I've had enough, which is always way earlier than everyone else.
I'm a little worse for wear after copious amounts of bubbly, gin & tonics and maybe vodka...not sure....and am slightly dreading tattoo pain.
O well!
Frock-courtesy of the lovely Calamity Jem
Handbag-from the Shabby Chic market last weekend.I discovered that the strap is adjustable!
Bow-made by moi
Will take lots of pix at Okuku, and might even be able to post from Gillian's computer. (It's her place we are going to, we are celebrating her birthday!)
I want to play with her new camera, too, and maybe make some loopy movies....we'll see!
Take care, my beauties!
Stay wonderful!!


Vintage Vixen said...

Check out those wheels! Good luck with that tattoo, you beautiful creature.
Love you,
PS I spy some Barry M

Louise said...

I'm actually dribbling on my computer at your van, it's just gorgeous... seriously. You are looking as glamorous as always you lovely lady. xxx

Crystal Lee said...

Have fun. Your van is so rad! I'm super jealous. I like your red, white & blue get up. I can't believe how many awesome vintage dresses you have.

Alex said...

You look like a proper pin-up girl today! Isn't the print on that dress just divine? Jem picks such good things! And I'm rather coveting the bow too. Are they easy to make? I'm feeling quite crafty at the moment so might try it if you can reassure me it's easy enough for a complete idiot like me.

Oh and I had tears in my eyes reading your comment today. It wasn't maudlin at all - the story about the bookshop is wonderful, so nice to know that people are that insightful and respectful still. Your poor Dad :( I think the trauma ran deep in an awful lot of people but it just wasn't the done thing to talk about it at that time, was it?

La Dama said...

have a fab time huni..you go so perfectly with than combi van..love your vestido and sandies too...your bows are always so bonitos...good luck with the tatt.

Misfits Vintage said...

I am currently obsessed with the red, white and navy combo - so I want every single thing in the pic! Love the combi! Any chance of an updated pic of the tattoo progress? Sarah xxx

Brians an unusual name for a girl said...

and how about some bow and some bag lovin! That kombi is delish- interior pics please xx

Miss Claire said...

Oh my gosh, the kombi is amazing!! And you match, it, of course :)


Kitty said...

Oh I love this outfit! You look rather thin in it, I must say. Have a fun weekend you lucky person-with-a-life, you.xx.

Straight Talking Mama! said...

oooh I like the idea of having a van that I can kip in after downing a few he he!

You look fab!

Penny Dreadful said...

Haha, what a good idea. I love kombi vans, always used to want one when I was little.

Roo said...

Good luck with the tattoos, looking forward to seeing them. I'd love a van so we have nights out like that x

Miss Smilla said...

Hope you have a lovely trip, and I love your little vanity bag!

Anonymous said...

The combination of you lovely and the cool old van is divine!!!! I'd so loooooooove to see u 2 again! have a fab time :-)

ana b. said...

Okuku? I've never heard of it! I hope you have a wonderful time. And this outfit topped with the bow. Fun fun fun!

Sarsaparilla said...

You look great, as usual - all dressed up for a fun trip! And it looks like summer over there - I'm so envious. Here in Minnesota, USA I'm looking out the window at a snowstorm!
- Susan

Ivy Black said...

Looking stunning, H ...so is the van! Have a fab time.xx