Load 'em in, load 'em out

Darling Vix was tagged, and invited anyone interested to play!

I'm always interested in tags! They are usually rather fun!

Here goes:

Why did I create my blog?

Well, I thought I had something a little different to offer, and I do love to talk about myself-who doesn't?!


I've always been good at sharing, (sometimes to my own detriment) and sharing my passions with people of like mind seemed like a good idea. And I have "met" some amazingly inspiring and wonderful people (you know who you are!) via this awesome world of blogging!

I just mostly wanted to be out there, and show that being over 40 doesn't mean death, or descent into banality!!!

What kind of blogs do I follow?

A wide variety. I am rather multi-faceted, with very eclectic tastes, and I am drawn to all sorts of people and their experiences and tastes fascinate me. If the writer seems genuine, and individual, and jolly interesting & nice, then I'm there!

Favourite makeup brand?

Don't have a fave, I just wear whatever crap I get my hands on, perferably for not much!

Favourite clothing brand?

My own!! I did start my own label, once upon a time. It was called Victoire, but I don't have the discipline, nor the drive. It was very brief, and sold through a friends shop, Wyrd.

I thought about dressmaking, but can't stand to make things I don't like, nor do I like sewing for others, and if I do like what I'm making-I want to be the only one wearing it!!!

So, when I can be arsed, I sew for myself and G and that's that.

My indispensible makeup product?

Oooo, probably mascara.

My favourite colour?

Varies. I think it might be red. Or pink. Or lime green?!

I love all colours!

My perfume?
Jasmine fragrant oil.

Most commercial brands give me a headache. the only one I can wear is Loulou, sometimes Organza. Most smell like hospital disinfectant on me!!

My favourite film?

I can't possibly pick just one!

What country would I like to visit and why?

At the moment, the UK to meet my fave blogging chicks.

Otherwise, India, to hang out with Vix (I heart her).

When am I at my happiest?

When I wake up on the weekend, and I have my boy beside me, and I know we have no plans but to enjoy hanging out together.

O, and when I'm stuffing my face.

I tag everybody!!!!

'Cos I'm a nosy neighbour!!!



Frock-opshopped and customised by moi


Boots-Trade Me, I think



Earrings-Palm Springs

Necklace & bracelet-Vix (X)

Longer necklace-was my mamas



Louise said...

We're all so glad you did start blogging... the world would be a much duller place without a regular dose of Helga. xx

giddynici said...

Great answers! I too am most happy when I'm stuffing my face. Love todays outfit. The colours in the dress are gorgeous and the socks and boots look great together. x

KibitzKnitz said...

"I just mostly wanted to be out there, and show that being over 40 doesn't mean death, or descent into banality!!!"

Halle*freakin*lujah! You always looks so Fabulous and are an inspiration to not spend my 40's dressed like one of the Ramones! ;^)

KibitzKnitz said...

Oh, and you Rock the orange pretty well, too.

Alex said...

Oh you glorious woman.

I had no idea you had a clothing line! Tell us more!! In fact, I'd like to hear lots more about your dressmaking, might inspire me to crack on with a project or two.

La Dama said...

te amo Helgita..you look wonderful..and I didnt know you were over 40..you dont look ur age at all amor.
you have such fasinante life...I love how care free and honest you are.

La Dama said...

oh forgot to mention..love how you paired up your botas (boots) with green socks..dress is beautiful colors.."see how u have me?"

Roo said...

Ha ha ha, I'm so glad being over 40 doesn't equal death. I have just started to enjoy my 30s and I don't want it to stop.

I also want to know more about your clothing line and to see more creations from the House of Helga

Mrs Munster said...

You are one of the cool ladies who makes 40 look just awesome (my big sis almost 40 so she will be right in that group then). I'm still getting used being 30 and at the moment it's not going particularly well (you probably read about my hair crisis and now I want to learn gardening. Talking about 30 going 60!)

Vintage Vixen said...

Oh you are such a gloriously divine creature!
FORTY means FABULOUS. I've never had some much fun.
Loving the raggedy hem on the frock and the fun poses.
Get over to the UK right now.

sacramento said...

Nice to know more of you, lady in orange today...