Mazzy, You're my number 1 possum!

This is a make-up special for my sweet nephew/favourite Queen

Mazzy !!!

If you haven't met him, you really ought to!

I came home in a bit of a mood, and decided I needed an attitude adjustment.

That is, a G & T and some playtime!

This is my first look; I was going for a bit of a vampy look.
I recently found G's old stage wig from Swamp Donkey days, and had been thinking it might be fun to slap it on!!

(Who's your daddy, then?!)

I rarely wear piles of warpaint these days, but when I do, it is rather fun, until it literally crawls on my skin and I'm gagging to clean it off! I never wear foundation, as I just can't bear the feel of my skin being completely covered in gunk. Ugh!!!

This is look 2.


No prizes for guessing my fave look!

Which is your favourite look, darlings?!

I thought I might do a vlog (hahahha, I think that's what it's called! A "video blog" is what I mean!)

(ooo,I'm getting ever so techno) where I replicate your favourite look!


Dear Mazzy is a makeup artiste, darlings, and I would so love for him to make me up uber glam style!! Dang, but if he doesn't live halfway across the world in Seattle!

He's a fellow Dame Edna enthusiast, Kathy Griffin devotee and he introduced me to my biggest crush in years, (apart from Vix , whom I found all by myself) the one and only


So fabulous I have to wear incontinence pants!!!

Evie has lit up my life, let her light up your Christmas!



PS: It's my bush, and G can trim it how he wants to!

La Dama , you're a naughty minx!

PPS: let me know which is your fave look!!

PPPS: I literally just found this blog, My Mom, The Style Icon , not 5 minutes ago! It's freakin' awesome-o!!! Vix , yo' mama totally belongs here!



Penny Dreadful said...

I luuuurve the first look, you should definitely get a bob - it looks incredible! And the My Mom blog is awesome, isn't it :D

Calamity Jem said...

Holy Helga...
I suppose quite predictably my fave look is the Gotharama one too.
You really suit the tousled dark hair, very schexy indeed.
I love putting a face on but I don't use any foundation either, just my normal face cream & then a quick dust off with baby powder to get rid of any shiny patches.
Hope you are feeling more cheerful now!
Lot’s of love,

Ivy Black said...

You sexy minxy minx! I love Gotharama, no shock there hair suits you. I'm with you one Mazzy.... I love every

Mazzy Boy said...

(clutches pearls) I live 200 miles south of Seattle, Auntie in Portland (home of Gus van Sant and Beth Ditto from Gossip!). But thats ok, I have lived there too :) I LOVE the makeup, you're hilarious and so sweet to give me a shout out like you do on your page...and of course I love all the make up and I WHOLLY approve of the wig! I'd welcome any of your other friends to my little dog and pony show, even if it is more of a diary than a fashion page like yours! The more sparkles the better my dear...and volume on the hair hun, VOLUME dammit! I'm talking BEYOND THE VALLEY OF THE DOLLS volume!

Speaking of dolls, I just watched "Eye of the Devil" with Sharon Tate last night, for the first time in YEARS...The movie with it's supposed witchcraft/satanist overtones (with David Niven and Deborah Kerr) was kind of funky, but goodness...had Sharon not been murdered, who knows what she would have become...she was flawlessly beautiful and haunting in that film...and the hair?? FABULOUS! Ever seen "The Fearless Vampire Killers"?

You're an absolute gem, and you're welcome anytime in this neck of the world...I'd absolutely love it. Hell, maybe Lily and I may one day fly out there (with a suitcase filled with false eyelashes) and visit.

Yep, World AIDS Day entry will be a good one if I can pull it off...xoxoxo

Mazzy Boy said...

p.s. Have you been able to locate a copy of the Evie Harris movie "Girls Will Be Girls"? YOU MUST!! You may have to torrent it.

La Dama said...

oh my, thought I was in Joan Jetts/Angelica Houstons blog,lol
you look like a vampira mysteriosa..gotta say Gotharama look is the best love your eyeball make up skills..I'm a make up whore but havent worn foundation in like 15 yrs..LMAO.."G" can sure do what he likes with your bush, double hahayy
oh I added Mazzy cause I am a make up lover and his name reminds me of Morrissey.

Eden said...

great make-up! love the necklace:))))

Kandi said...

You dont half suit a black bob! I love the wild eye makeup lots, you look like a sexy gothic pussycat woman.
Kandi x

Vintage Vixen said...

Wah! You look ABSOLUTELY smokin' hot! I couldn't possibly choose as you look beautiful in both. Definately a look you should use again (but don't chop your beautiful hair, ever!).
That Mum site looks brilliant. I'll have to see if I can find out some pix in of her in her prime.
Thanks for being soooo wonderful, I'm so happy that you did find me, my dearest twin.
Love you,

Kitty said...

Oh wow i LOVE these looks on you darling! You really are fantastic with makeup, I fear I've lost my skills due to lack of need because I never go anywhere, boo:(
You look fab with eyeliner under the eye!

Alex said...

You're looking very Cleopatra in the first one - love the bob on you!

The eyes in the second look are FAB! Wish I could do flickety flicks like that.

giddynici said...

The black bob looks fab! The second look is awesome. Dramatic eyes and purple lips? Whats not to like. x

Misfits Vintage said...

Oh. My. God. You look AMAZING Lady Helga! I love both looks and if I could do makeup like that I would be some bizarro-hybrid-vintage-goth-corporate nutcase every single day. And that fringed bob frames your face EXQUISITELY. Meow!

(Be sure to read the Terms of Submission if you are planning to submit a pic to My Mom the Style Icon.)

Sarah xxx

Anonymous said...

I LOOOOOOOOVE your gotharama look with the wild hair wig. It turns you into such a different type - very sexy :-)
By the way, I'm gonna go to a ball this Saturday and I might have some good photos of myself with a long red dress and hopefully some good make up on (if I dare to).

Hope Adela said...

i just love the cameo necklace! =)

sacramento said...

Is that you??????????????????????????????? I don´t believe it.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I ussually just look at the outfit, but my dear your eyessssssss are out of this world!!!
it is like I have just seen you for the first time. Beautiful!!!!