Not too shabby at all!

OMG, it turned into the most glorious day!

I felt very Spring-like in my green attire.

Frock-Trade Me

Hat-vintage, opshopped

Lime fishnets-no idea. I put a frigging hole in the hell putting them on;now on the mending pile!

Shoes-a garage sale

Handbag-vintage, Retropolitan gargae sale


I tried something completely different with my hair.

What do you think?

I don't think I've ever had as much attention & flattery in my life as I had at the market!!!

I had people all over me like a rash.

It was rather gratifying, and I feel I handled it with aplomb.

(Thanks Dame Edna, for your lessons in humility and being a star!)

Pixie & Justine looking lucious!

Doesn't Justine's new fringe look hot?!

Having devonshire tea, darlings!

The lady in the foreground loks like a little elf!

I was quite well behaved, despite the staggering array of goodies!

Just one frock, a fabulous vanity case(I was ever so excited to get this for $5!! And I found out later that the strap adjusts to a shorter length!) and a piece of ruffle that was used on shirts in the 70's.There was a small box of them,but the rest were tan.I think I'll cut it to fit my neck and add a velvet ribbon to tie it. Funnily, I saw the very same box of these at an opshop quite a few weeks ago, in the hands of a lady whom I was silently cursing for taking the whole lot!!! Lo and behold, I got one anyway!


Ivy Black said...

It's because you are a stunner, love! There's some scrummy stuff at that market. I'd have enjoyed a stroll and a

Miss Claire said...

The frock you are wearing is amazing!! The colour, those sleaves!! You look great with your hair like that!

Guess what, I have finally bought the goodies that I needed to go back to cherry red hair! Woohoo! Yours is making me want to get onto it quick-smart :)

Looks like you had a lovely day at the market, and Justines fringe is baben'!


Vintage Vixen said...

Love the green number and your hair looks divine! Re-henna? It's sooo fabulous.
I'm not surprised you were the centre of attention. Justine's finge is freaking fab and that painting looks just like her.
Guess what, oh freaky twin? I bought one of those shirt ruffles yesterday! We can be ruffle twins!
Love you!

Disco Goth said...

Is that a haircut? It looks incredibly glam whatever you've done!xx

Kitty said...

Oh I love the red vanity case, what a great find!

La Dama said...

oh my Helgita, how I adoro you in green..makes ur red hair stand out...and the dress is so bonito (beautiful) on inspire color...did u curl your locks? I so want to join you in all your outings.

La Dama said...

oh forgot your sunglasses remind me of my ones..lovely finds..your friends are so cute.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

The most glorious thing that day is you!!!!! What an incredible outfit - you would have had everyone goggling at your vivacious gorgeousness. My daughter (8) loves your tights, bag and shoes - sigh, two girls after mine own heart:). I would love to see the lace as a ruff collar too! xoxo

asiunia said...

The bag is great :) I really like it :)
And You look awesome. Like always!

Misfits Vintage said...

Love the frock (especially the sleeves and that gorgeous detail on the waist - and I love your hair! Show us a pic from the back so we can what you've done?

The red vanity is FAB and I would love to know more about the lovely red frock next to it on the chair.

What a PERFECT day! xxx

Sarsaparilla said...

OMG is right! And I'm not talking about the weather. YOU look fabulous in those colors, and shades - and your hair! Your friends look gorgeous too.

Your photos just keep getting more and more incredible. Can you loan out your photographer to me?

p.s. I featured you in my recent post - hope you won't mind...

Mrs Munster said...

This outfit reminds me of the kiddies film "The Witches" - just fabulous film and the witches ourfits are stunning (not that you have anything in common with the witches though!). Once again - I just love the bold way you co-ordinate the colours.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous Green! Love your new bargains ... :0)

Shirl x

MyStyle said...

Hi my dear-just love your green and white ensemble, the white bag is so cute and the red vanity case is an amazing find, well done! xx

Alex said...

Oh Helga, I bloody love you. What a tremendous outfit and the hair is fab! Have you chopped it or just tucked it up a bit? Either way, it's ace. I can just see you graciously accepting the comments from the many minions.

The Pink Flamingo said...

Wonderful vintage look! I go crazy for vintage, I'll follow you!!