Spitto on the Pitto

Our magnificent hedge is made up of a type of pittosporum . Evergreen, thick and hardy, we planted this about 8 years ago, and it has become a monstrosity!!! G loves getting at it with the hedge trimmer, it makes him feel ever so manly.

I find it is a great backdrop for photshoots.

Frock-Retropolitan garage sale



Socks-Sydney markets


Handbag-vintage, opshopped

*The offending tourist was American,Sarah dear!



Vintage Vixen said...

Check out your bush, it's very impressive and G'd done a great job with the trimming.
LOve the candy stripes, you gorgeous gal, and the tremendous scarf looks very Slocombe-like.
Fab to chat this morning.
Love you (and my parcel) loads!

Misfits Vintage said...

Well my dear, American you say? No wonder he hit you - you were no doubt on the wrong side of the road!

LOVE your stripes and spots combo above. And some nice big hair going on!

And Vix - your comment made me laugh so hard that little bit of coffee came out of my nose!

Sarah xxx

Louise said...

I was trying to think of something witty to say, but then I saw Vix's comment and just burst out laughing lol. Anyway, You're looking great as always and I think that you should get a Moggy too... surely you can't have to many vintage vehicles? lol


La Dama said...

Can "G" come trim my bush?,hahayy
joking..well done.
looking like a sexy school teacher with that stripey dress and scarfy.

Miss Claire said...

Oh Helga! You are looking gorgeous! I, too, had a giggle at Vix's cemmont ;)I hope you're doing ok after the accident - you do seem to cope so well in times of crisis! I bet you fixed any out-of-place hair before you got out of the car to assess the damage!

Xox Claire

Mazzy Boy said...

Fucking americans...they shouldn't EVER attempt to drive in a foreign country. I am SO glad you're ok and you celebrated in style. Come on by and say hello sometime will ya? Miss you around these parts muh dear!

Love the frock! Did you plant a lot of flowers for an explosion of colour? I imagine you as the type that just scatters the seeds (hmmm not unlike G!) and just loves a wild explosion of flowers and colour...but then again, you're so put together with your outfits, you could be the type that demands order.

I thought about you this afternoon as I was in a thrift store and saw the most DIVINE vintage jacket, bell sleeves, fur collar...seriously was tops...I need to know your size so I can keep my eyes open..xoxoxo Nephew Possum..

Helga! said...

hahahaha,Vix!!! Ooooer missus!!

Sahakiel said...

What an amazing bag you have here... I love it!!

Calamity Jem said...

Hey Helga,
Fabtastic outfit!
I just saw the pic of the crash, your car does look as if it came off a whole lot better than the Yank-a-doodle’s but chuck me, I think I would have soiled my panties!
I don’t have a driving licence myself and this is a perfect example why I am not keen on getting one either…it’s not that I don’t think I’d be able to wing it but I just don’t trust other people behind the wheel, especially in London where some of the drivers seem to suffer from some sort of severe ‘Grand Theft Auto’ related sociopathic driving disorder.
I’m ever so glad that it was just the car that got a bump!
Take care & lot’s of love,

Ivy Black said...

Looking lovely and a fine bush indeed, madam! I might have to come and borrow it as a backdrop for some of my own snaps...I usually end up standing infront of a bit of manky wood or a pile of something. I agree with Mazzy Boy...the one and only time I was ever nearly knocked down it was by an American tourist trying to read a map in his lap and I''d just walked onto a zebra crossing!! Larks..xxx

Kitty said...

Oooh, red AND stripes, are you turning into a cocktail? Ha ha, I've had a few wines, sorry!