A View to a Kill

Just how pretty is this view?!

We went out for a few drinks after work, and simply had to stop by the river on the way home for a bout of posing.

You can't tell that I'm slightly inebriated here, can you?!

My tongue isn't hanging out of my mouth, my eyes aren't crossed, I'm not drooling, showing off my panties nor screaming with gay abandon.


Maybe I'm maturing.

Maybe it's a mid-life crisis.

Maybe I shat myself and had to leave the bar early.
Jeez, maybe I'm getting some sense!!!

Nah. Not likely!

It's better value, drinking at home. And we wanted to watch Project Runway!
(Team Seth-Aaron!)
O! Have you all met Sarah yet?!
She amuses me terribly, and is rather easy on the eye.
And, a fellow Aussie, so she must be allright!
( I won't mention that Aussies are known as "goers"!!!)
(oops, I just did.)
Frock-vintage, opshopped
Petticoat-skirt, opshopped and altered
Scarf-very vintage, gift from a woman I used to work with
Boots-gift from a woman I work with
Socks-Sydney market
Handbag-my old Rex. Did I tell you I found a tan one? Well, I did. Slightly different style, and a bit smaller. Stoked!


*Thank you, darling Alex , for sorting me out on how to make my links stand out! Bless! x


Crystal Lee said...

lovely view. pretty hair. you're a hoot!

La Dama said...

Your piernas are a view to kill..sexy mama..killer boots and frocky ... I want that purse...i love when u wear ur hair down.

Louise said...

Gorgeous bag, and as always, you look wonderful. Xx

Missy Vintage said...

That is a gorgeous bag and this is a very funny post! You red locks are fab x

Vintage Vixen said...

Never mind the view, check that gorgeous Helga out instead. Freaking hawt, that's what! Your hair is looking totally beautiful.
Sarah's fabulous, yet another minxy vintage girl to admire.
Have a wonderful weekend, my freaky (and hot) twin.
Love you,

Misfits Vintage said...

OH Helga, the view of the river's alright - but check out those pins! Phwooaarr! As always, you look faaaabulous!

Thanks for the link but that Sarah sheila looks a bit of a slapper actually! xxx

Miss Claire said...

Babe!!!! That frock looks amazing with your hair. Cute purse! xx enjoy your weekend!

Kitty said...

I feckin' LOVE this outfit on you darling! Fabulous colours on you, you should wear them more often! And I agree with everyone else, bugger the view, just look at Helga!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Christ you nearly had me pissing my pants woman! I love it all and want it all - the yellow socks peeking out of the gorgeous go-go boots - and the florals are gorgeous! The first pic is in no way as good as the rest:) xoxoxo

Alex said...

View, schmew. I'm way more interested in the frock, and the boots and the gorgeous lady wearing them! Your hair is looking super duper as well today.

Sarsaparilla said...

Funny - nobody said a thing about your mentioning that you were slightly inebriated during your photo shoot. Does everyone expect that of you? ;-)