It's just a wee walk

Around to Justine and Mikel's for drinkies!

An old friend, Amy, turned up out of the blue!
We persuaded her to stay for dinner, then dragged her over to Justine's for the rest of the evening. We've all known each other for nearly 20 years, but don't see that much of Amy, so it was a treat!

G is wearing:

Jacket-made by moi

Shirt-Lampang, Thailand

Pants-made by moi

Sneakers-somewhere in Thailand

Manbag-made by moi

I'm wearing:
Frock-my darling Vix
Fishnets-no idea
Shoes-Trade Me
Flower-gift from Justine and Pixie
Coat(on arm)-Repertory Theatre sale
Handbag-vintage Rex, Retropolitan garage sale.
Justine was admiring my frock, and wanted to know where I got it. I told her that sexy Vix sent it over from the UK, whereupon she exclaimed "what the hell, has this woman got a room full of Mrs Slocombe frocks that she's sending to you one by one?!"
Whereupon I said "yes."
Right, we're about to have a nibble, then it's off to the airport to collect our lovely Ralph, who is flying down from Wellington. Then we meet up with some other friends, Gilberto & Dave, and we're all heading out to Loburn for New Years Eve, to our friends Gillian & Waynes country estate!! G's brothers Simon & Mark are also coming, plus our bandmates Nix & Si, so it promises to be a raucaus(sp?!) night of jamming and craziness....I hope!
Have simply wonderful New Years Eve's, darlings!! See y'all on the other side!

Back into my groove

Oooo, you lucky tarts!
Here's post number 2 for the day!
So many holiday snaps to share, but I was soooo gagging to get back into my wardrobe again. I can pack light, I can make do with the minimum.....but after a while it does my head in! If we are backpacking, I tend to get quite whingey as I get more and more bored with the sad arse 5 frocks or so I've taken along. And worse, we usually travel in Asia, and they are tiny doll like creatures there, and I simply don't fit any of the cutesy clothes, so no shopping!!!
I find it terribly vexing, really.
Above is what I wore to Mikel & Justine's last night.
Frock-60's, a Shabby Chic market earlier in the year
Bow-made by moi
Fishnets-my beloved Vix
Sunglasses-darling Sarah
Flower-gift from Justine
And low and behold, today I went out for my wax of agony.....and a few groceries(now that was agony. Fecking maniacs out there!!! People with death wishes wandering around the carpark-goddam it, I could've made a few of those wishes come true with a mere flick of my wrist)...and a booze run.
Now we are stocked with plenty of wine, bubbly, gin, vodka and mixers.....ready for New Year!!!!
I wore:
Frock-70's, opshopped
Cardi-60's-garage sale
Scarf as belt-opshopped
Floral tights-Vix aka Sexy Minx
Shoes-K Mart sale
Handbag-Retropolitan garage sale. It's a Rex!
The necklace is from Mexico.
It's bloody hot here, but I had to wear tights as my poor ankles and feet were very tasty to the local sandflies whilst we were camping. I'm all nasty and spotty and's all too undignified! I have pix, and when I post them you'll all be ever so sympathetic. Hideous little things, sandflies. Worse than mozzies. I kept calling them "little conts" in my best Irish accent. Which I can't really do at all. But it amuses me to think I sound like the real deal. I simply had to soak myself in wine to cope with the itchy pain of it all.
Anyway, have another video.
Witness the wonders of the tap dancing twits....

Wine and nibbles for breaky and lunch!

Every day.
We did make efforts for dinner,however!

The marinated feta was heavenly!!
One of our dinners consisted of that with smoked salmon, orzo, homemade pesto and olives........

I could quite happily live on snacks like this!

Just look at this setting!! Glorious!
Who'd have thought 3 days later the river would be all over this?!
Jeez, we've had a year of craziness here. The poor South Island has been caned! Earthquakes, a huge storm down south, more earthquakes, this flooding!
On Boxing Day apparently there were 24 aftershocks from about 2am onwards! Not terribly high on the richter scale, but shallow and very central.
What's a girl to do but look as fabulous as possible!?
Stay tuned for another post later on..........
The holiday pics will keep dribbling on through!

Good to be back

Hello darlings!
Just a quickie (ooooer, missus) to let you know we are back in town after a few glorious days of sun and relaxing, not to mention a bit of flood drama .....yes, we were indeed fleeing in the wee hours....

....but we got out safe and sound, and had to re-route ourselves to get home as roads were closed, we had to wait til today to see what was open, so have come home a day early.

Came home to a lovely parcel from the adorable Ms Alex !!
I've said it before, I'll say it again-you're a treasure, doll!!!
I see my darling twin is home!!!
And, before we pop around to Justine & Mikel's for a bbq, I want to give a holler out to Mrs Cleaver for being such a sweetie and paying me lovely compliments! You can come by anytime, angelcakes!
I woke up one night in Pelorus in a panic, as I realised that I had not acknowledged your awesomely kind comments at all.
What a cow!!!
So I am now!
You're all gorgeous and I want to share spit with each and everyone of you!!

It's a bit majestic, I suppose

We cycle past the Peterborough every morning.
I can't remember what it originally was, but it was transformed into apartments in the late 90's.

A fine example of Christchurch's "gothic" past!

Perfect place for an old Goth to pose!

Fab building, and survived the earthquake really well; it has a counterpart a block South, that didn't fare so well.

Frock, petticoat, boots-opshopped


Cardi-Farmers sale

Earrings-Selcuk, Turkey


Necklaces-Vix and Sarah

I'm pretty sure Vix is due back tomorrow, whether or not she can get back is another story!


We are going camping for the next week, up to Pelorus , where there is a pleasant camp ground by a lovely river. We plan to relax with a pile of reading matter, food and wine.

We leave this afternoon!

I'll next see you all around the 30th, when I guess we'll all be getting excited-or not-about New Years Eve parties........

You've all done very well!

(in the words of the immortal Mr Grace!)

Have safe and happy times, don't do anything Helga wouldn't do!!!



This makes me laugh maniacly.

(assuming that's a word)

'Tis the season for making merry

So that is what we did!

A friend, Ping, is over from Melbourne for the season, so we had some drinkies last night to catch up before she pops off to the coast to see her family.
My frock is from the Repertory Theatre sale the other week.

Here's Ping!

Snuggles with a sunset backdrop....

Then we had a messy, drunken jam.

Ping is a mighty fine drummer!

Then all was revealed!

By this time I was in bed, after virtuously skulling water.

G kicked everyone out about 12:30am, I believe!

Just 1 and 1/2 days of work left for the year.....thank goodness!


*Thanks, sweet Crystal Lee , for your positive comments again on my hair! I rarely wear it out, as it is so fine and generally annoying!! But clearly I should do more often! x

O so versatile!

Before I go any further, I must answer a couple of questions regarding our friend Helm:

1: Ms Atomic Ranch , I'm sure that Helm would be quite happy for me to take a photo of his wang, in fact, I know he would be most eager for me to do so, but even I-yes I-draw the line about posting wang pix!!!

LOL-who am I kidding!?!

2: Brian , my sweet, I can't remember how we heard about Helm's enormous wang, it just seemed to be general knowledge. Of course, Justine and I required a viewing to confirm it.

I must reiterate how terrifying it was.

And to the matter at hand!!

I got this pretty 70's maxi last week, and for the first time ever, did maxi at work!

Worn with:

Lime vest-thrifted in Palm Springs, I think

70's crochet thingy-opshopped well over 20 years ago!


I'm carrying here a vanity case I picked up yesterday. In the first pic I'm carrying my trusty everyday Rex.

Then, before I'd even had my first drink of the afternoon, I had a brainwave!!!

As the skirt is quite big on me-I had to safety pin it; this is rare so I was quite excited-I realised I could wear it as a strapless frock!!

Ta da!!

I think I like it better!

I'm just gonna be too big for my boots now!


Now, just as an aside, G wanted me to gloat about how hot it has been here, so hot we were cavorting under the sprinkler the other day.

Sorry about that!


Acting quite civilised around the kiddies

How do you fancy G as a family man?!

Justine having a bit of a nosh.....

and looking saucy with our lovely Gilberto the Great.

Quite the family afternoon, here I am with Baby Rose.

With Gilberto and Justine.

G and sweet Helm , whom we don't see as often as we'd like.
Helm, incidentally, is the possessor of the biggest wang I have ever seen.
I kid you not, he packs one hell of a love truncheon.
Justine and I once asked him to show us, as we'd heard of its glory, and Helm ever so obligingly flopped it out for us to have a gander.
Whereupon we screamed with shock and ran away.
Seriously, John Holmes has a rival.
Aside from that, he is a lovely man, and a mega talented artist.

Aw, and a noice family portrait to finish.
I didn't take as many pix as I thought!
O well!!
You're all rather marvelous for enjoying my fabulous maxi!
Yes, you are!

Suffer the naughty Helga

This afternoon we have been at our lovely friend Dave's for a garden party.
I'm desperately hungover after somewhat foolishly spending yesterday afternoon drinking vodka/tonics, then indulging in tequila shots with friends Amber & Nancy, then going off to band practice and drinking bubbly...whereupon it all unravelled......I did a spectacular hurl and was put to bed....
So, I may look divine, but was feeling decidedly queasy, and the hair of the dog approach wasn't really working!
I'm going to have some dinner and go to bed; will fill you in with party pix etc tomorrow!
O, my English darlings, I do hope you are all staying snuggly during your dreadful snowstorms!Big warm huggles across the globe from G and I!
I am channeling a taste of my beloved Vix in
Frock-opshopped maxi

The glory of more shoes!

O, go on, then!

Just another small sample.......

A girl can never really have too many......!!!


Things for carrying things are lovely.

Just look at this adorable little case I got off Trade Me.

Just look,I tell you!!!

It's soooo cute!

It's smaller than I realised, and therefore all the more goregous!

Gawd, but I love things for carrying things!

Handbags, cases, purses......mmmmmmm....can't get enough.

I must have bought at least 30 bags/cases this year alone.

Lucky for me, G gets it.

That isn't to say that he fully understands it, but he does get the desire to own these lovely things!

Enough of my addiction, now look at ME!

I've admired this entranceway for some time.

Frock-the awesomely kind Brian , with some alterations by moi





Flower in hair-Asian shop in town.

Is obsessing over bags (of all descriptions) bad?!

Is it shallow?!

Do I care?!