Back into my groove

Oooo, you lucky tarts!
Here's post number 2 for the day!
So many holiday snaps to share, but I was soooo gagging to get back into my wardrobe again. I can pack light, I can make do with the minimum.....but after a while it does my head in! If we are backpacking, I tend to get quite whingey as I get more and more bored with the sad arse 5 frocks or so I've taken along. And worse, we usually travel in Asia, and they are tiny doll like creatures there, and I simply don't fit any of the cutesy clothes, so no shopping!!!
I find it terribly vexing, really.
Above is what I wore to Mikel & Justine's last night.
Frock-60's, a Shabby Chic market earlier in the year
Bow-made by moi
Fishnets-my beloved Vix
Sunglasses-darling Sarah
Flower-gift from Justine
And low and behold, today I went out for my wax of agony.....and a few groceries(now that was agony. Fecking maniacs out there!!! People with death wishes wandering around the carpark-goddam it, I could've made a few of those wishes come true with a mere flick of my wrist)...and a booze run.
Now we are stocked with plenty of wine, bubbly, gin, vodka and mixers.....ready for New Year!!!!
I wore:
Frock-70's, opshopped
Cardi-60's-garage sale
Scarf as belt-opshopped
Floral tights-Vix aka Sexy Minx
Shoes-K Mart sale
Handbag-Retropolitan garage sale. It's a Rex!
The necklace is from Mexico.
It's bloody hot here, but I had to wear tights as my poor ankles and feet were very tasty to the local sandflies whilst we were camping. I'm all nasty and spotty and's all too undignified! I have pix, and when I post them you'll all be ever so sympathetic. Hideous little things, sandflies. Worse than mozzies. I kept calling them "little conts" in my best Irish accent. Which I can't really do at all. But it amuses me to think I sound like the real deal. I simply had to soak myself in wine to cope with the itchy pain of it all.
Anyway, have another video.
Witness the wonders of the tap dancing twits....


Vintage Vixen said...

Ha! You bloody nuttters! Love the tap dancing twits.
Know what you mean about travelling light but I find it SO hard to have to choose a frock to wear when I get back from travelling...sooooo much choice not to mention the racks of shoes and boots instead of the lone pair of skanky flip flops.
Sand flies? Eeek! Poor you. Mossies ADORE me. My left leg had a grand total of 21 bites after the first three days of being in Goa. It's 'cos we're such fabulously tasty birds.
Love you and speak sooooooooooooooon.

sacramento said...

My dear helga, you are the sourcer of many of my daily smiles with your charismatic posts.
May the new Year 2011 be full of people like you.

Comtesse de ferveur said...

I'm sure your Irish accent is far better than my NZ one, which is mainly based on 'Britt' from the Flight of the Conchords. Loving your post-holiday looks, I know what you mean about travelling wardrobes, it's very frustrating having to contend with a selection! xxx Comtesse xxx

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dearest Helga, I've never come across sandflies thank God!! I would be saying exactly the same as you. I never used to get bitten but when we were in Sri Lanka I covered myself in insect repellant but the bastards would find a tiny spot I'd missed like the end of my finger or something!

Those tights are amazing! I've never seen anything like them.

I'm loving the pool/gazebo set up you have there too xx

Ivy Black said...

God girl, you make me laugh so much! I now have a big grin on my chops ready to face another foggy day in dear ol' Blighty.....

MyStyle said...

Hi my dear-poor you with those dratted sandflies, but you look just lovely in these outfits and the floral tights are gorgeous! xx

Perdita said...

I always get bitten too, so tights and leggings are also my faves even in summer- love the floral tights!!

Louise said...

I love the floral tights. I have some similar, but mine have fruit all over them... I look like an upside down Carmen Miranda when I wear them :) You my dear are looking fabulous as always, and I hear what you are saying about getting bored of outfits when packing light. So glad you liked the book.


Sarsaparilla said...

Oh you poor girl, getting bitten by those darn "little conts"! But you are clearly back in your groove with these two lovely frocks...

Glad your bar is well stocked for New Year's Eve. I'm counting on you for inspiration. Take a peek at my latest post when you have a chance - there's a postcard of you and Vix all dressed up for a night on the town. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Helga.... was so excited to see you on the news - sad that you were in a not so nice predicament, but super to see you with a massive smile on your face enjoying a hot drink :)

Mrs Cleaver said...

:D You always brighten my day ! Have an awesome night tonight :)

La Dama said...

I hate moscos too..they usually stay away from my Mexi your collection of tights and you know I adore that polka dot vestido..I hate camping ..Im to girly..need all my junk with me and I over pack too,lol