In which I dazzle you with lots of frocks...

Or, at the very least, slightly blind you.

Yes, indeed a collection of frocks!

I have no feckin' idea why the first pix are smaller than the last pix, as I enlarged them all the same bloody way. Technology! I just don't get it!!! (or maybe it just doesn't get me. that wouldn't be unusual!!)

Whatever.So, I seem to have accumulated a few frock shots over the week. The weekend was sooooo exciting that it dominated my recent posts!! LOL!



Cardi-Dotti sale


Bow on frock-made by moi

Bow in hair-Rangi Ruru Market


Socks-Sydney Markets

Boots-gift from co-worker

I was really into the red/yellow/black/white combination. And I really like this frock, it's comfy and really basic. And against the yellow wall-MMMMM!

I actually loathed yellow for many years. No idea why. A lovely friend, Claire (Boris' former Mama) can be credited with renewing my love of yellow. It's a fine thing!

I love my porn star chair!!

(Sorry G, but I do!)

We just don't really have anywhere suitable for it to live, but I've always loved them, ever since Cleo Laine posed delightfully in one on an album cover. What album cover?? I don't know!!! She had a hell of a voice though. Is she even still alive?? She was in "The Last of the Blonde Bombshells" a few years back, a fabulous film, with the gorgeous Judi Dench.

I had an epiphany the other day. Of sorts.

No, that isn't the word.
Anyway, I remembered I had a bag of clothes under my clothes rack, that I'd put there as I wasn't sure what I was going to do with them. Give them away, alter, who knows.

I pulled it out, and found the frock above, with matching jacket, that I had completely forgotten about! It's too big, and was too long, but I do like black and white, and I do like stripes. So I took the frock up, and will take it in later. Score! The jacket needs to be looked at.

I also found some large men's vintage dress pants, way too big for G, that I'd picked up for a dollar. I have a plan for them, and I can thank my beloved Vix for what will happen to them. That is measure of how amazing and inspirational Vix is, as I never, I repeat never wear pants/shorts/jeans.

Stay tuned!


Sleeveless cardi-church fair
Socks-Sydney markets

Boots-gift from co worker

Necklace-the incredible Jem

And then, there are 2 costumes changes from last Friday!

Above is what I wore to work Friday morning.

I'm quite into the handbag, which I got at the Rangi Ruru* school market. So, being Empress of Matchy Matchy, I simply had to co-ordinate!!

The frock was an opshop job, and was a maxi, with maxi sleeves as well. I think it much improved now, and I like the red buttons I sewed down the front. Hearts, y'know!

Shoes-a K Mart sale ages ago, tights from Ballantynes.*

*Rangi Ruru is a terribly posh girls school here. Ballantynes is a rather posh department store. As posh as is possible here in Kiwiland! I don't personally think Antipodeans do posh all that well. It certainly doesn't sit well with me when I encounter attempts at it, anyhows. I instantly want to act the goat and fart and swear and get wildly pissed and take my clothes off, just to be annoying. And sing silly songs at the top of my voice.

So here I was about to go off to my wax appointment Friday afternoon, then I popped off to Rangiora (commonly known as Rangoon) to collect Justine and Baby Rose from her parents house.Seeing as I was borrowing Mikel and Justine's car, it was the least I could do.

Besides, I hadn't seen her folks for a while, and Justine's Pa admires my booboids, so I figured he was overdue for a thrill.

And, I so love blaring up the motorway!!!

Frock-Retroplitan garage sale

Knitted flower brooch-from a lovely lady at a Shabby Chic Market earlier in the year.

Socks-an Asian shop. They're actually over-knee-socks, and I re-thought this folding them over business an hour or so later.

Shoes-Trade Me

Sacramento , my dear, I am not vegetarian, but was for many years. I fell right off that wagon!We eat mostly vegetarian as it is healthier.

Mrs Munster , no,I haven't tried marinating the tofu myself. I really should!! It's bound to be insanely easy!

I keep forgetting to mention that there is a Russian woman at work who calls me Princessa, and an Egyptian man who reckons I should be a model!!!(!!!)

Just thought you should know.



sacramento said...

Love your polkadot dress with red shoes.super outfit.

Camelia Crinoline said...

You're right, kiwis are terrible at posh. When they try to be it usually ends up sending me into fits of giggles. Love the blue dress and the knee socks with heels.

Comtesse de ferveur said...

Wowza, fine collection of dresses - loving the blue polka dot with those fab buttons! And you rock that handbag's world!
xxx Comtesse xxx

Kitty said...

All are amazingly gorgeous looks my darling!!! You have so much energy for fashion, it amazes me, it really does, I don't know how you do it! Not sure if I can let you be the empress of matchy-matchy, I might have to challenge you on that one...xx.

Penny Dreadful said...

Ha, we mostly eat vegetarian because it is CHEAPER. I do love my meat though. Favourite is the blue polka dots x

Miss Peelpants said...

All amazing dresses but I think I love the shoes bestest of all. And I covet a peacock chair...I never seem to have the room though :( xx

Vintage Vixen said...

How fabulous! I'm loving the array of fabulous frockage and wow, those blue shoes are something else! Porn chairs rock. G's a cheeky bugger, mind you I'll be coming back bookless and toiletry free so loads of room for more tat in my bag.
Love you
PS Hope that bloody chat things working tommorrow or they'll be trouble.

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dear Helga, I love your blog and your writing is brilliant. You never fail to put a smile on my face.

Love your frocks, especially the heart buttons and your peacock porn chair! I've always wanted one. Sadly I have no room as I can't resist a bargain so I'm always dragging things back from junk shops or finding them on Ebay. I'm overrun with chairs round here!

Love the comment about NEVER wearing jeans, pants or shorts. I haven't worn a pair of jeans since I was twenty, when I found my style which is dresses and heels with the occasional jumpsuit thrown in, sometimes one with shorts.

I'm so glad to have found your blog! xx

PS. Cleo is very much alive. There's a picture of her a John Dankworth squeezed onto a peacock chair on Google images

La Dama said...

loving all your vestidos(dresses)..especially polka dot blue one and I'm stealing that blue bag..,stripes suit you as well..that blue brooch is freaking pretty...ay and the blue mary janes.. and knee it are a princessa.

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dear Helga, I hope you're very well today! Thanks for your lovely comment. Unfortunately I had to repost that blog because the stupid thing started going bonkers with the spacing, therefore losing your comment.

There are 3 posts. All re blogged with a few bits added from last Christmas when I had barely any readers. I haven't done a Christmas list this year for the first time in my life. There's nothing I need apart from a laptop now my dear old one died last night. Luckily my friend stepped in and lent me one til I've saved the money. What would I do without my friends? Speak soon, Love C xx

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

PS. The Issy Blow book is fab. You will love it. She was such a brilliant, funny and eccentric person. I used to have lunch with her a lot. She was so hilariously indiscreet and name droppy which was marvellous xx

Misfits Vintage said...

Oh gawd that polka dot frock with the heart buttons makes my head explode with fabulousness! And I love the porn chair. And also that crochet brooch - I used to make those - now I want to go make some more!! I also love the shite stripy frock.. oh, I just love EVERYTHING you wear! xxx

Kelly said...

Wow! Dazzle indeed!
Love the blue and red look, and the porn star chair, it's definitely a keeper!!


Alex said...

What total frock joy you've just spun me into!!

The polka dot one is glorious! Also muchly loving the red shoes you've worn with it and all the customisation. Heart buttons are clearly the way forward.

Perdita said...

Love the red frock! Nothing beats fire-engine red, I might have to wear my bright red dress tomorrow, weather permitting...

lady sélénite said...

Wahoo ! So many gorgeous outfits in just one post, it's so inspiring ! I specially love the first one which is so pinup style and the boots are more than beautiful !!!