Pipe dreams

Where's the gerbil?!

G has been keen to take some pix in these pipes that we pass on the way to and from work each day for a while.

Frock-vintage, opshopped


Jacket-vintage, opshopped

Socks-Sydney markets

Boots-Trade Me ages ago, they're a bit fecked.



We've got dinner at the lovely Jo's in Lytteton tonight. Looking forward to it! We're gonna bus over and stay the night in her spare room. Of course, she'll be plying us with oodles of vino. I don't really care what she feeds us, just give me the wine darling! It will be quite classy, though, I can assure you. She's a jolly good cook.

WTF am I going to wear?!



Vintage Vixen said...

Oh darling, you've got to go for maxi length.
Love the pipe shots, very arty and check out those fabulous legs! Fecked or not those boots look hawt!
Have a wonderful time.
Love you!

La Dama said...

the pipes pics are great. go with you outfit and give a 60's feel to it..I agree with Vixcita Maxi length.."those boots are made for Helgita."

Crystal Lee said...
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Crystal Lee said...

I love these pictures. you are so funny! dig your yellow coat. Have a nice dinner.

sacramento said...

It is only thursday here, wowwwwwwwwwwww
Love your funny photos.

Missy Vintage said...

Loving this camera work!! You are obviously a fabulous muse! x

Misfits Vintage said...

Love it all - and your fab colour combo makes me want to break out of Mathcy-Matchy town and be brave with colour!

Love the yellow jacket especially. I am so crazy for yellow! You look gorgeous as ever Helga... are you missing Vix already? Sarah xxx

Mazzy Boy said...

Where's the gerbil! LOL

I love and adore you hun! Ok...the post is up and I hope you enjoy it!! xoxoxoxo

Calamity Jem said...

Dear Helga,
WICKED pics, very funky 60s fashion shoot!
You look the bees-knees my darling.
Have a fabulous weekend!
Lot's of love,

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dear Helga, love the photo shoot. Look forward to seeing what you wear. I'm sure you have far too much choice, just like me xx

Miss Claire said...

I love the matching pipes and jacket :) Nice poses!! xx

giddynici said...

Nice pipe shots! Your legs are amazing!!! x

Franca said...

eeeek! these photos are amazing zing! I love a good giant pipe (does that sound vaguely rude?)