Spot the wino

I won this frock off Trade Me a few weeks ago-about the time I was blithering about my love of collars.

It's got the collar allright!!

I'm stoked with it. Fits like a dream, just needed shortening.

I got some fantastic comments at work, most amusing was that I looked like somebody's schoolteacher when they were a kiddie.


Actually, I think I look like one of my schoolteachers in the 70's!!!

So, last night we went around to one of the in-laws for a family bbq.

Yep, my sister-in-law's, whom I don't get on well with.

Those who are familiar with my relationship with my sister-in-law will be pleased to hear that we had a pleasant evening, and the Troll and I actually had a good conversation about Annah Stretton's book.

(Annah Stretton is an NZ fashion designer and business woman)

Therefore, the evening was not fraught with angst; I think we both made the effort, found some common ground, and it paid off. Hurrah!

Oooo, on the way over there, we stopped off to get something for the bbq, and in the carpark I received 2 of the best compliments about my helmet!! Actually, I've been getting loads of comments lately, mostly from men!!!

It's all very amusing.

On the work side, I'm training a lass to cover me whilst G and I are on the cruise next month. That has been slightly traumatising, as I am not a good teacher; I'm far too impatient!! But it has to be done!

Ah, sanity, you are way over-rated!!!




Crystal Lee said...

The collar on the this dress is insane! and I love it. I think that green is a great color for you. polka dots rule! still haven't got over the post office to pick up your dress. I will not forget to do it this Saturday morn! Also, do you know anything about Norma Tullo, Australian fashion designer? I just found a dress at the thrift store, and I'm not sure what I should sell it for. I did some research & here that she designed in the 60s & now her dresses are quite coveted.

A cruise sounds fun!

Ivy Black said...

Excellent! A whopping collar indeed and I wish school teachers still looked like would make my day at work more fun. Looking lovely and sunny too...we're waiting for the next Big Snow and it's so cold I just want to sleep in front of the fire and then eat cakes. xxx

KibitzKnitz said...

Dress? Love it!! And I prefer 'Wine? Oh!' ;^) Glad you had a good visit with Fam, it can be distressing, but am glad it wasn't.

SusieQT said...

Hi, newest follower here! Love you blog- it makes me smile. And the shoes rock that dress!

Hope Adela said...

i just love the flirty 1950's style of this outfit! the dramatic collar is super cute! =)

La Dama said...

Oh my Helgita,
I truly am in love.. how you rock that green collar vestido..that wine looks inviteing always have such great fishnet mama.

Calamity Jem said...

Dear Helga,
None of the teachers that I had, ever dressed remotely interesting...not even the younger supply teachers did, buhu.
I would have loved to have had a free spirited teacher, that came to work wearing fishnets instead of chalk dust laden cords or pleated wool skirts.
That dress is super fabby & you look tres bien sweetie!

Perdita said...

LOL! One of my relatives was a school teacher in the 70s and wore green polka dotted dresses! I love them and I'm a school teacher born in the 70s... a psychologist would make some kind of connection, I am sure!

That BBQ looks fab, sigh, such amazing blue skies.

Two more days until it's time for me to hit the wine (mulled- it's chilly here) for the holidays!

Misfits Vintage said...

Gorgeous as always - LOVE the frock and the collar is insanely fab! So glad the bbq was delightful and not fraught. You look serenely divine as always!

Sarah xxx

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Love the polka-dots! I have a similar dress in black, but no rockin' collar!

Penny Dreadful said...

Janaene Garfalo watch out!

Missy Vintage said...

Absolutely love this outfit!!!! you are rocking those fishnets! Love it. I saw this post earlier and I was so hungover I could really only see the wine, so I have returned and I can now look at that wine without going as green as your dress.I am healed, hoorah! x

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

lovely x hivennn.

giddynici said...

Fabulous colour and fabulous shoes (as always).

Glad it went ok with the sis in law.

Eeee one month til the cruise, exciting times. x

Alex said...

If that's what schoolteachers look like, I want to be one! That dress is quite deliciously prim and proper, so it's only right that it's balanced out by a whopping great glass of wine.

Mrs Munster said...

That dress is just simply stunning!

liz said...

Oh for crying out loud you are cute--that's it, I'm adding you as my blogfriend, whether you like it or not, Possum!!!