Wellington, we wuv you.....

OMG we had such a fantastic time in Wellington!!
I need a week to get over it!!
We stayed at the Comfort Inn, which is on Cuba St and right in the middle of all the action.....most excellent location for crawling to our bed after all the booze and food!
We were such country bumpkins, all excited and exclaiming over everything. It's been about 3 years since I was last in Wellington, and I'd forgotten just how awesome it is! Completely different to Christchurch; it's much more a "going out" society....so much going on!
We met up with Ralph and Pixie and the festivities began.....a whirlwind of self indulgence....

A quick margarita whilst we wait for a table at Sweet Mother's Kitchen...

Feijoa bubbly!! Not very high alcohol content, but so delicious we had 2 bottles!


I don't know if I've mentioned that I like lizards. Well, I do.
And I was quite pleased to find this friendly tuatara to play with...

The Beehive!
That's NZ's Parliament House.

Bubbles for brunch at Floradita's.

Linguine with artichokes and pea tendrils....swoon!

G bought me this fabulous skull necklace at Iko Iko!! Very "Day of the Dead"!
Iko Iko has awesome goodies-pricey, though, but lots of things I need.

This, darlings, is my gorgeous sister Wendy!
We had dinner at the Flying Burrito Brothers, and then went to Mighty Mighty for some great music!

We managed to score some great clothes at the Recycle Boutique-prices really weren't too bad. I got 2 frocks, but the piece de resistance was an immaculate, perfectly fitting 70's navy blue pinstripe suit for G.....he looks mega hot in it!! Will provide evidence soon! The suit was $38.00-remarkably well priced! Brian had warned me that vintage was steeply priced in Wellington, and she wasn't wrong. We just got very lucky on the suit,and my 2 frocks were pretty good. We went to Ziggurat, a very lovely looking vintage boutique, and I nearly had a conniption at the prices!

Yet another bubbly brunch, this time at Duke Carvell's!

Breakfast burrito!

G's mushroom stack.
We spent Sunday at Te Papa (the national museum) , and dribbling in Moore Wilsons, the most splendiferous food and food equipment warehouse I've ever seen. I could happily have moved in!

Dunno why this pic isn't bigger. I'm doing all the right things!
Ha, love the toilet bottom right....yep, I'm the kinda girl who takes pix in toilets!
But look at the mirrors!
We slept like dead things last night.
It was just the best and busiest weekend!
I recommend Wellington to everyone!
We're making plans to go again!!
PS: I have Hall and Oates "I can't go for that" on my internal radio. Should I be embarrassed to say that I actually quite like that song?!

Stuffing our faces with pleasure

The food was astoundingly fabulous on the cruise..so good I kept taking pix of it for later admiration and inspiration...

But now I can't remember exactly what every dish was about....


O well.

On the bright side, the sweet and delightfully loopy Janna is having a giveaway!!!

Nothing I like better than a good giveaway.

If only I could win one!!!

We're off to Wellington tonight, so I'll see y'all again on Monday.

Have fabulous times, and don't do anything Helga wouldn't do!!


Looking for Captain Stubing-but will settle for Isaac the Bartender

Here's the last of the cruise posey pix!

I discovered these champagne cocktails on the cocktail menu....dangerously decadent.....

and jolly delicious!


Look at this freakin' moth!

It's huge!

And so cute!

We were friends, briefly.

I scored this funky top for G just before we left, and he was also treated to these groovy orange sneakers and the sunglasses!

He's wearing them with the pants from his safari suit, and some walk socks. All opshopoped.

The hat is from Nevada.

The Captain was an Italian gentleman, and wasn't remotely Captain Stubing-ish at all.

I was most disappointed.

Despite his sexy accent, he had a face like an arse, and not even a regular dinner table.

What is the world coming to? Doesn't he realise there are standards to be maintained?

Le Sigh.

That's my lovely Mum in law on the left.

I'm wearing a bobbly thing around my neck that my neice made me that afternoon.

Ta dah!

Tomorrow there will be food.......

Detour !!!

What have I been wearing since I got back?!


Move over, Secretary Helga's moving in!!

I'm quite into this brown/cream outfit, personally. I saw the stripey frock at my fave opshop, but left it behind for some obscure reason.....am I the only one who does dumb ass things like this?! I couldn't stop thinking about it, so went back 2 days later, figuring that if it was meant to be mine, it would still be there. And it was.

Done deal!

70's frock-opshopped

70's scarf-opshopped

Duck scarf thingy-vintage, opshopped


Orange fishnets-Ballantynes

Boots-Trade Me

Handbag-vintage, school fair

Close up of the triple duck scarf thingy .(I just can't for the life of me think of the proper name for it) Isn't it adorable!?

Note:whilst I'm typing, I'm watching the Golden Globe Fashion Police. I always enjoy awards season for the frocks.


We got a new car!

Well, new to us.

Yes, it's modern....but I must admit, as a speed demon, it goes like a dream.....o yeah.

It's a Toyota Camry wagon, we bought off a dude at work for a great price. It'll do the job.

My frock and fishnets are from my darling Vix , the shoes from Thailand and the waistcoat is 60's and opshopped.

A flying visit to my fave opshop yielded a splendid brocade skirt and a fabulous paisley beret!

This is today's outfit. I'm all out of sequence!

I'm trying something a little different with my hair, what do you think?

Frock-late 70's, opshopped


Boots-Trade Me

This pic is when we had a few hours to kill in Auckland after the cruise.

I'm wearing my 60's bra which gives me eyestabbing booboids! Haha! An old boy nearly fell over whilst mesmerised by them!!

Frock-the wonderful Jem

Shoes-Hannah's sale years ago


Lastly, what I wore to lunch last Friday.

It was a bit brisk.

Coat-Repertory Theatre sale


Frock-made by moi

Cardi-Lampang, thailand

Handbag-vintage, opshopped

Socks-Sydney markets

Boots-Trade Me.


There. Couldn't have y'all overdosing on cruise pix, now could I?!

More of those tomorrow!!!

Louise , sweetheart, I'm not really sure what to think about your ability to make a chicken out of a towel.....as long as you always have one handy, a la, Ford Prefect, I suppose we can't criticise!!!


And Kandi honey, I wasn't freaked out by the towel critters...slightly confused at first, and then a bit hysterical!!!

Thanks all, for admiring ( you were admiring, right?!) the booboids in the orangey red frock. They did, I must say, look rather Christina Hendricksy.......

PS: G wanted me to tell you this:

I was just looking for my cell phone, and realised it must be in one of the handbags I used over the weekend...and whilst looking through them, I realised I had used 4 bags over the weekend.....am I the only one with such multiple handbag use over 2 days???

Of course, my cell was in the last one I looked in....

PPS: On the way to work this morning, we saw a woman, with a cuppa, walking a cat who was wearing a harnesss......and further down the same road, we saw a woman walking with a pair of ski poles..........WTF?!

And so it continues....

Birthday girl!

I thought I looked perfectly ravishing, I'll have you know!


This freaking delicious thing was some kind of pistachio moussey kind of slice.

How very sweet!

Aye carumba!

Trying to take a pic in the mirror.

Not successful, but I kinda like it!

First day at Port Vila, on our way into town.
I liked this peeling bench.
Cyclone Vania had just been through, so it was a bit messy there.

Nothing but tourist tat on sale.
Not my cup of tea.
I did buy our niece a pretty tropical flower patterned frock, though.
The local brew wasn't bad!

Rare to see me drinking beer.
It was bloody refreshing in the heat, though.

The ad was hilarious, the language is rather amusing.
Mi wantem tequila,actually!

Towel critter alert!
I reckon Alvin outdid himself here.
Ride 'em, cowgirl.....

Day 2 in Port Vila.

Finished the day with a swim around the bay from the ship.
May as well have been a tepid bath!
There are still more pix to come!
Not to mention the food!....that totally deserves a post of it's own!
Speaking of food, we're off to Wellington this weekend, and I can scarce think of anything but what & where we'll be eating there!
I have spared a thought for what the hell I'll take to wear, and have had a bit of a panic....but my darling Vix has put my mind at ease!