And so it continues....

Birthday girl!

I thought I looked perfectly ravishing, I'll have you know!


This freaking delicious thing was some kind of pistachio moussey kind of slice.

How very sweet!

Aye carumba!

Trying to take a pic in the mirror.

Not successful, but I kinda like it!

First day at Port Vila, on our way into town.
I liked this peeling bench.
Cyclone Vania had just been through, so it was a bit messy there.

Nothing but tourist tat on sale.
Not my cup of tea.
I did buy our niece a pretty tropical flower patterned frock, though.
The local brew wasn't bad!

Rare to see me drinking beer.
It was bloody refreshing in the heat, though.

The ad was hilarious, the language is rather amusing.
Mi wantem tequila,actually!

Towel critter alert!
I reckon Alvin outdid himself here.
Ride 'em, cowgirl.....

Day 2 in Port Vila.

Finished the day with a swim around the bay from the ship.
May as well have been a tepid bath!
There are still more pix to come!
Not to mention the food!....that totally deserves a post of it's own!
Speaking of food, we're off to Wellington this weekend, and I can scarce think of anything but what & where we'll be eating there!
I have spared a thought for what the hell I'll take to wear, and have had a bit of a panic....but my darling Vix has put my mind at ease!


sacramento said...

You do look ravishing, but I cannot get over hubby in leopard hehehe.
Fantastic photos, so much fun.
keep them coming.

Perdita said...

Love that orange dress!! The tusker looks a tasty brew, dunno if I could take tequila in the heat though, brave lady!

Vintage Vixen said...

I dunno which one of you looks the most ravishing! How glorious is that orange frock and G'd leopard number?
I do like the way you're eyeing up those bananas, what were you thinking, my dear twin?
More, more, more!!!!
Love you!

Kandi said...

That orange dress does look wonderful on you. Dosen't G have really lovely eyes, I bet he was the cutest baby ever?
Love your ride em' pose ~ did those critters not freak you out a bit??
Kandi x

Franca said...

loving the orange dress! perfect birthday outfit!

señora Allnut said...

love every outfit you've worn (such a luxurious travel!) but this 'decó' orange dress is pretty awesome!
(my first comment!)
Love your colorful style!

Louise said...

Oh Helga, I love your pictures, and I love all of your frocks by my favourite is that blue one with the big flowers on. It's so gorgeous! Those towel critters are odd... but I can actually make a chicken from a towel... is that sad? x

VainGlorySinner said...

You two look quite the couple in those pictures! I love the necklace you are wearing in the last three pictures of yourself. Very beautiful.
You both look like such a blast! I'm glad you had a brilliant get away! xx

Penny Dreadful said...

Your boobs in that orange dress look amazing! That is certainly the shape and colour for you, what a stunner. I spent a week in Vanuatu about ten years ago, I love the way the ladies make those palm leaf baskets so quickly to display their fruit in x

Anonymous said...

The orange maxi is gorgeous and how wonderful to have a guy who wears leopard! And ears! I could dig in to that pistachio cake.

La Dama said...

that dress was made for you amor..the fur collar and gold enbellisemt look so stunning. dont to mention "G" grrr dapper outfit.. mmm I love me some pistachio..another critter? how cute.
leaf baskets are so pretty.

Miss Claire said...

You always look ravishing, Helga! But that orange frock is amazing! Arggh! G with his little ears!!!!

Sounds like you had the best time, I'm so envious!! I'm hoping to go to the Solomon islands next year for some kind of music/culture festival...fingers crossed! Look at those islander boys, hehe!!!


Missy Vintage said...

lovely pics. You two look like such a fun couple! the best picture for me though was seeing you mounting the towel critter!! :O)

Kitty said...

If I were G, I'd have been saying 'me wantem those massive bazoombas!', you look amazing my dear, love that orange dress and G looks so cute in his leopard suit, I wonder how many admireres he had??

Geek Girl said...

Your cruise pictures are gorgeous, makes me want to jump on a boat to somewhere nicer than here. Looks like an amazing time.

Brians an unusual name for a girl said...

Smokin' szzz.......I'm away this weekend, wahwah

Brians an unusual name for a girl said...

Banged that away without finishing...enjoy Wellies no doubt you and G know the places to go but if you don't send me an email. The op shops are criminally expensive but if you have a spare hundred or so, you can't go past Ziggurat. By the way, I love LOVE that frock you scored from the sale at Repertory, you look gorgeous and its such a flattering cut. Mwah*

Brians an unusual name for a girl said...

and go to Mighty Mighty, its full of kids but the music can be great. Its above the snooty Matterhorn - true story, I was in there with friends one night and we were asked to laugh, quietly. The table next to us complained. Of course we then laughed liked maniacs until they left.

Comtesse de ferveur said...

Fantastico! All of it! Mi wantem your orange dress - in which you look an absolute knock-out. Loving G's leopard look!
xx Comtesse xx

Mandy said...

These pictures are delightful!

I've only recently come across your blog and it's been wonderful fun digging through previous posts! You are brilliant.

I'm in Australia and am a rabit fan of op shopping/ second-hand/recycled clothing and accessories. Would love to send you some goodies if you can tell me how to go about it!

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dearest Helga, great pictures! Happy belated Birthday to you!!

I love the orange maxi on you, darling, you look completely ravishing! You look fab in the short black and pink number too. More pics please xx

giddynici said...

The orange dress looks sensational on you! And G just looks freakin awesome in his leopard print outfit.

That towel critter is rather impressive! x

Misfits Vintage said...

Mi wantem a hot gorgeous man with superstyle in a leopard suit WITH EARS! Also, I know everyone has already said it but PHWOAARR - the orange maxi! And the two of you together are so frickin glam I can barely stand it!

More! More! More!

Sarah xxx

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Dear Helga, I read every one of your blog posts and I live vicariously through you!!!!!

An over-worked bloody American, I wish I had the time for the fun you have!

I don't always respond, but know I read every post you make (((hugs)))