Detour !!!

What have I been wearing since I got back?!


Move over, Secretary Helga's moving in!!

I'm quite into this brown/cream outfit, personally. I saw the stripey frock at my fave opshop, but left it behind for some obscure I the only one who does dumb ass things like this?! I couldn't stop thinking about it, so went back 2 days later, figuring that if it was meant to be mine, it would still be there. And it was.

Done deal!

70's frock-opshopped

70's scarf-opshopped

Duck scarf thingy-vintage, opshopped


Orange fishnets-Ballantynes

Boots-Trade Me

Handbag-vintage, school fair

Close up of the triple duck scarf thingy .(I just can't for the life of me think of the proper name for it) Isn't it adorable!?

Note:whilst I'm typing, I'm watching the Golden Globe Fashion Police. I always enjoy awards season for the frocks.


We got a new car!

Well, new to us.

Yes, it's modern....but I must admit, as a speed demon, it goes like a dream.....o yeah.

It's a Toyota Camry wagon, we bought off a dude at work for a great price. It'll do the job.

My frock and fishnets are from my darling Vix , the shoes from Thailand and the waistcoat is 60's and opshopped.

A flying visit to my fave opshop yielded a splendid brocade skirt and a fabulous paisley beret!

This is today's outfit. I'm all out of sequence!

I'm trying something a little different with my hair, what do you think?

Frock-late 70's, opshopped


Boots-Trade Me

This pic is when we had a few hours to kill in Auckland after the cruise.

I'm wearing my 60's bra which gives me eyestabbing booboids! Haha! An old boy nearly fell over whilst mesmerised by them!!

Frock-the wonderful Jem

Shoes-Hannah's sale years ago


Lastly, what I wore to lunch last Friday.

It was a bit brisk.

Coat-Repertory Theatre sale


Frock-made by moi

Cardi-Lampang, thailand

Handbag-vintage, opshopped

Socks-Sydney markets

Boots-Trade Me.


There. Couldn't have y'all overdosing on cruise pix, now could I?!

More of those tomorrow!!!

Louise , sweetheart, I'm not really sure what to think about your ability to make a chicken out of a long as you always have one handy, a la, Ford Prefect, I suppose we can't criticise!!!


And Kandi honey, I wasn't freaked out by the towel critters...slightly confused at first, and then a bit hysterical!!!

Thanks all, for admiring ( you were admiring, right?!) the booboids in the orangey red frock. They did, I must say, look rather Christina Hendricksy.......

PS: G wanted me to tell you this:

I was just looking for my cell phone, and realised it must be in one of the handbags I used over the weekend...and whilst looking through them, I realised I had used 4 bags over the I the only one with such multiple handbag use over 2 days???

Of course, my cell was in the last one I looked in....

PPS: On the way to work this morning, we saw a woman, with a cuppa, walking a cat who was wearing a harnesss......and further down the same road, we saw a woman walking with a pair of ski poles..........WTF?!


Llara said...

Cats in harnesses - it's just strange. I saw a man in New York (where else?) with a cat on a leash but the cat was sitting on the man's head. If ONLY my camera was faster! I love your orange tights in outfit one and I LOVE you car posing. What a pro!

Perdita said...

LOVE 'today' dress. The hair is outstanding too! But not as outstanding as your bust in that bra, no wonder the old boy had an eyeful!

Anonymous said...

So many delicious items in this post. The bra is hilarious! And the scarf jewel--nice. But my favorite touch would have to be the orange fishnets!

Kandi said...

Wonderful pointy booboids - I would fancy trying the pointy boob look under twin set and pearls with a pencil skirt. My booboid claim to fame is that a bloke on a bike once craned his neck too far to stare at my boobs that he got a mega wobble on and fell off and burst his face open ~ I gave him a cuddle!
I do love your hair swept over like that, you could so sport a french roll with a huge flower at the back.
Hugs Kandi x

Kitty said...

So many outfits, my girl, you make me positively dizzy! I really like that first outfit, it's definitely different for you but it's great. Love the pointy booboids, darling you never fail to crack me up, I still have yet to show off my mega-cleavage in the brown dress you sent me. Life is tough without one's own personal photographer!

Janna Lynn said...

I doooo enjoy your new hairstyle..very lovely! OMGosh...I was like wowwww...your ta ta's look awesome in your super bra! :) I am so glad you entered the giveaway! Alllll of you outfits are just so pretty...just like you! :) Hearts, Janna Lynn

Penny Dreadful said...

Your hair looks awesome like that, it has the Dreadful seal of approval. And the paisely beret is fab too (and the embroidery purse, which I have seen before but I love every time) x

giddynici said...

The hairstyle is fab, and the little flower just finishes it off! So many great outfits. The new brocade skirt looks a gorgeous colour. And I still love the wee tapestry handbag. x

La Dama said...

I am loving your School teacher colors..remember I dreamt you were a School teacher?
cute scard ducky thingy..and bullet bras are so sexy mamas.

Vintage Coconut said...

I think everything you wore is purely delightful!
I gotta say that BRA! Dear Lord you could give some men heart attacks with that thing on.
I love that whole green and pink thing you had going-on on Friday.

We have those blasted Ski pole walkers here too! THEY ARE TAKING OVER The Planet.
I guess the good thing is.. if they ever get attacked by a mugger.. they already have a darn good weapon!

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dearest Helga, love the new hair - I like your hair down too.

I love the way you put colours together, it's brilliant. I am so dull with my colours! You are an inspiration xx

Brians an unusual name for a girl said...

Your hair looks lovely like that, more more - the bazookas, pink combos lovely., You did well at the repertory didn't you love and the secretary look...very nice

For quesidillas, beignets with jam check Sweet Mothers on Courtney place, Embassy end. It's always heaving with people...If I think of more to do and where to eat I'll e you xxx

Comtesse de ferveur said...

Wowza! Loving that very traditional scarf ring (that's what we call 'em in our family at least). Re: handbags, I could change mine up to twice a day foh soh. I think a lot of women do. xxx

Vintage Vixen said...

Check out the NEW hair and the fabulous Mrs Slocombe look at the top. I do love that flying duck scarf ring, it's very cool.
So many gorgeous outfits, I'm rubbish when I get back from my holidays and find it an effort get dressed at all.
Nice wheels, luv!
Speak sooooooooooooooooooon

Straight Talking Mama! said...

You look fabulous as ever, I love the new 'do'!

And as for the pointy boobs, wow, I'm rather well endowed in that dept too and every time I try on my 50s bra even I get freaked out, so it still hasn't seen light of day, they don't come in my cup size very often!

Misfits Vintage said...

We call 'em scarf clips and holy guacamole I've never seen one with ducks before!

I don't even know where to start - the FRICKIN MOST AWESOME BOOBS IN THE UNIVERSE!!! The car posing, the paisley beret, THE NEW HAIRDO (YES YES YES IT'S FABULOUS!).

As always, every ensemble is exquisite!

Sarah xxx
(Did I mention that I love the new hairdo?)

Art Mama said...

I love the black gingham frock. I can't believe that retro shop over piko has gone - where did it go???? Love your blog helga, and I am going to look for a pointy bra to get those baboosies but I may have to pad mine out slightly. Haha, that would get me some strange glances...