From drab to fab!

So, I picked up this rather plain frock yesterday on the way to Lyttleton for $2, and with it's nautical colours, I figured I might be able to jazz it up a bit for our forthcoming cruise .

I hacked a chunk off the hem and used it to create a frilly thingy, to which I added some tackarama 70's buttons from my Mama's sewing box.

Ta da!

Simple, a bit rough, but very effective, I feel.

I've been beavering away today finsihing off G's leopard pants (they're freakin' awesome!!!)
and fixing a few of our bits and pieces for the cruise. 10 days from now is my birthday (13th) and we'll be in Vanuatu! Hopefully sinking cocktails by a beach.....

I've borrowed a huge suitcase and started throwing some frocks into it.....we leave next Sunday!!!

Dribble over that whilst perusing some more of our camping pix...

.....hahahaha, there's still some more to come!

Tonight we're off around to Justine & Mikel's for another bbq. A dear old friend of hers, James is coming over, and as G and I admire and like him greatly, we simply can't resist the lure of another boozy barbie!!!


Lime Vintage said...

I love what you did to the dress, I will have to keep that in mind.
Your dinner looks delish and I like your painted polka dot toes!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh the dress is delishimo and I love your camping pics - what an absolutely beautiful spot and you looking so glam while camping - sigh!!! You're going on a cruise for your birthday? Wow that's just so exciting and I bet you're going to look a picture of loveliness!!!! xoxoxoxo

Misfits Vintage said...

Lady Helga - you look so gorgeous in that frock and you're so clever to turn frump into fab! I can't wait to see your cruise pics.

I love your camping pics - what a beautiful spot. And speaking of spots, I am currently painting polka dots on my toe nails, thanks to your inspiration!

Sarah xxx

sacramento said...

You always bring a fun a smiles to my face. You are wonderful

Vintage Vixen said...

How gorgeous do you look all al fresco?
The setting and the sunshine have me green with envy and I can't believe you're off so soon...what am I going to do without you, my darling twin?
That dress is just genius and I cannot wait to see the unveiling of the leopard pants.
Love you.

Roo said...

Eeee, the cruise is coming!

That revamp on the dress is fantastic. And I am so envious of your camping trip, send us just a little bit of sunshine here please? Please? xx

Franca said...

fantastic job on the dress and love the wee spotty nails!

Happy new year!


Comtesse de ferveur said...

Wow, so many BBQs! I just love what you've done with the dress, plackets and vintage buttons are too cute, you've a great eye and, obviously, top sewing talent! I'd buy it!
xxx Comtesse xxx

Kitty said...

Pop in and do my toes for me, will you? Ha ha.

Calamity Jem said...

Dear Helga,
the dress looks so much more fabulous now...proving that a little sprinkling of DIY magic does indeed go a long way!
I'm more than a ittle bit envious of your awesome camping trip...I want to go on one too!
I love G's triptastic top.
Take care luv,

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dearest Helga, I love your embellishment on the dress and your toes! I'm jealous of your bbq's and your weather too. It is dull and grey here. Your blog brings us all a bit of sunshine! xx

Mrs Cleaver said...

The embellishment looks like it was meant to be there!Just wonderful!You are going to be the most gorgeous & best dressed woman on the cruise that's for sure:)
The river is so beautiful & i love the sun shining through the fern pic:)

Kelly said...

I love the camping pics, looks gorgeous and the food. Nom nom!!
(hair also looks pretty damn lush!)

The revamped dress looks great, love the shape on you.


La Dama said...

what a clever mama you are..dress looks so much glam a la Helga the creek/lake pics and mmm yum "G"'s rim shot.
cute spoty toesys amor..awww your leaveing again.

devilishlypleasurable said...

All that food, the amazing energy, shades of pink, and polka-dotted pedicures! Love it.

And what a twist to the standard nautical look-- artsy and revived with gold buttons. Happy new year you ingenious Helga!

Perdita said...

That's a top customisation! Love the ruffles and gold, tres naughty and nautical!

VildesVerden said...

Well done on the derss! Happy new year from Norway!

Kandi said...

You clever thing, I love your revamped frock! I bet you are G are the best dressed on board can't wait to see pics of the cruise!
Kandi x

Louise said...

Helga, was that a sneaky peak into your wardrobe? It looks delicious... can we see more? :) Oh, how exciting about the cruise too... it's going to be fab. x

Alex said...

Oh pfft, you could never call that frock drab! But I do adore what you've done to it. Inspired frillage m'dear.

The camping pics look AMAZING! Oh I am quite ridiculously jealous. I've forgotten what blue sky looks like, let alone sunshine!

giddynici said...

Well done on dolling up the dress. Fab buttons!

Camping pics are stunning. Looks like a wonderful setting. Jealous! x

Janna Lynn said...

Ohhh..I hope you have a great time on your'll look rather dashing in that lovely dress you snazzed up! Awesome! Hearts, janna lynn....have an amazing birthday while your at it! :)

Penny Dreadful said...

What beautiful scenery, I miss that kind of wildness. And I am salivating over your barbecue, mmmm, lamb. Clever twist to the frock too, you totally changed it - very impressed!