In which there are more pix than you can shake a stick at

I finished G's pants!!!
Doesn't he just look a right picture of hotness?!

The first towel critter.....

This bracelet was G's grandmothers.

And now pix from last night!

Christchurch Cathedral

And that's all for today, folks!

Off to band practice tonight!



Vintage Vixen said...

Total gloriousness! I love G's splendid suit, he's quite the foxy in that outfit.
Get you in the swim-up bar, in the groovy kaften and reading nicely, all ladylike. You look beautiful in each and every picture.
That green dress is exactly the same fabric and print as my cape dress, what freaky twin like behaviour.
I loved looking at these, I hope theres LOTS more!
Speak soon?

Perdita said...

Fabulous. LOVE the towel critters!!

And the pool bar.

Waaaaaa! I WANNA GO ON A CRUISE!!! (Sits down on the floor and refuses to move until she realises it didn't work when she was 5 and probably won't work some decades later...)

Penny Dreadful said...

1. The first maxi dress
2. The second maxi dress
3. Your glam eye make-up
4. Your handerchief hem kaftan
5. Sunshine

All AWESOME. It looks like such a fun time x

Miss Claire said...

Lady, you must have rocked that cruise! Loved all of the outfits, but especially G's leopard suit and those liquorish allsort swimming trunks!!!!!

That cabin boy is an artist! Wonder how many towel critters he has in his repetoire!


Mrs Munster said...

I just love, love G's leopard trousers & vest!!! You are such a stylish couple.

meelusha said...

love your style helga! So crazy, colorful and happy :)


p.s.since you love vintage, don't forget to join the cool vintage giveaway on my blog (60s silk scarf by daniel la foret-paris)

Kelly said...

It looks fab!!
I love G's trousers, well done!
Your eye make up is fantastic.
I'm jealous of the towel critter


Ivy Black said...

Fab! You were the most glamorous couple on board! We went on a cruise when I was about 12, it was on the Canberra and I fell in love with her....very sad when she was scrapped. If ever I win a massive lottery jackpot I'll book all us bloggy lovlies on a cruise and off we'll go!
Marvellous pics.xxxx

La Dama said...

dont you look ravishing amor..oooo "G" suit is the two stand out from the crowd..I adore your eye make all the maxi vestidos ..especially the green one.oh and your green and yellow asomble with hair pretty.

Smashingbird said...

G's outfit is awesome!!! I am loving your cruising attire.

KibitzKnitz said...

You look divine! I especially like the green frock. G looks pretty spectacular in his leopard print outfit, great job on those pants. As a book nerd I Must Know... whatcha readin'? Oh, and Burlesque is such a great time; It looks pretty VIVID!

Comtesse de ferveur said...

Loving these! What a bevy of great outfits and G's suit is quite simply awesome.
xx Comtesse xx

devilishlypleasurable said...

I LOVE how you traverse the seas in such amazing style and with such a great big smile!! x

Misfits Vintage said...

OK I don't know where to start - everything is so fabulous! Did you enjoy Kitchen Confidential?

The poolside outfit is exquisite!
G's leopard print suit is fucking amazing!
Both maxis are FABULOUS!
I have a little lady crush on your friend in the blackwhitered - hot haircut (she reminds me of Little Nell - remember her?)

I hope you have more love boat pics for us! Thank you!

Sarah xxx

Mrs Cleaver said...

Glorious,glorious pics!!!!You are both smokin hot in every pic!I love it all:)It's a wonder the rest of the passengers didn't just pass out from your fabulousness:D
The show you went to see looks fab!

giddynici said...

You look gorgeous in all outfits. You must have really been the belle of the cruise. G's leopard outfit is just fantastic!

Your night out looks great too.


Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Every single outfit is utterly awesome and I'll bet you knock 'em dead in the aisles. It's so good to see the long-sleeved green maxi dress again *drool* and I love your pool wrap, evening makeup and tiara, G's pants and oh ... everything!!!!! I gave you a shout out on my FBFF post this week:) xoxoxo