Roll out the barrels!

And we'll have (had) a barrel of fun!
G took a couple of pix of me on the bridge just near Justine & Mikel's yester-evening....
I had opshopped this frock months ago, at a great opshop that was flattened by the big quake. I had quite forgotten about it, and it's really rather fabulous!
Worn with a belt from a garage sale, wedges from a Hannah's sale, handbag from a school fair.
Necklace from G , earrings and sunglasses opshopped.

Good angles, I'm freakin' suffering from major pre-menstrual bloat this week, bring it on before the cruise, thank you very much!!

It was nearly Rose's bedtime when we all arrived, but she had to have a little lawn partying before nigh-nighs!
What a little cutie! I'm quite besotted with her!
Normally babies might as well be the plague!
I think seeing her born, and the fact that she is the daughter of my BFF helps! Not to mention that she has the most amazing character!!

James, of course, duly admired her!

Partners in crime from waaaaaay back!

I'm playing with Cousin Scampy, who lives with Justine & Mikel's landlords next door. They call
him Magnus, but we know better
We've hatched a plot wherein Justine slowly convinces the landlords that Scampy would be very happy to live with G and I.......I've been quite seduced by his glinting green eyes and sexy walk.....

James does a convincing blue steel.

The shoes!!!

Mikel manfully manages the barbie.

Whilst G manfully sinks a beer.

And now, fun with Swiss balls.....

A friendly hedgehog!

Today has been spent hungover and searcing for some new sneakers for G.
We were finally successful, and he is now the proud owner of an orange and a purple pair, plus a new green bike helmet!
He's gone off, rather virtuously, for a swim, I'm going to go and meet him, and then we are going to go to our fave Thai restaurant.
It is Tuesday evening, after all.


Louise said...

Wow, I love that frock. It's so cool, surely that's going on your cruise?

Looks like a fab time was had.


Vintage Vixen said...

That frock matches that fabulous maxi skirt you sent me! I love it, like Louise says, it simply MUST go on the cruise.
Cousin Scampy is a beaut, I reckon you should steal him and claim him as your own.
We need to speak soon darl.
Love you!

Roo said...

Ha ha, you guys and that swiss ball, you do make me giggle.

I've got to agree with Louise that dress has got to be a cruise candidate hasn't it? Xxx

Comtesse de ferveur said...

You guys are such fantastic fun! The exercise balls, ha ha. Baby Rose is the cutest. I just love the crazy canine tooth mash-up on that maxi. I loves a witty print. xxx Comtesse xxx

Kelly said...

I laughed through the exercise ball pics, you funny lady you!! :)

Love the sleeves on that dress, gorgeous pattern to.


Hope Adela said...

i love the red white and blue color scheme of your outfit! thoes sunglasses are so glamorous and 50's chic! =)

KibitzKnitz said...

You look Fabulous! Very Geisha in that Gorgeous Gown. Those pics are hilarious! Looks like you're having a ball... ;^)

Mrs Munster said...

You always manage to capture the fun in the photos.
I think you don't have to like babies to be besotted over one. My big sis is really not a baby person but my lil rocker is obviously a different case.
Looking fab in your outfit. The colour are strinking!

La Dama said...

You look like you belong in a 70's magazine cover.
your friends are always such great fun and beautiful people...Buddy said he loves "G" cool shirts.yes do take that vestido to your trip and take a pic on the end of the boat looking out.
hugs mamas

Miss Smilla said...

Looks like a fun evening and, as ever, I love your frock. Happy belated New Year too!

Misfits Vintage said...

DIVINE outfit as always Lady Helga - and I do lovelovelove a red/white/blue combo! Your hair is looking particularly FAB also.

Justine looks like an excellent best friend - look how fab and fun she is and I adore her shoes! PLUS she has an adorable baby - what's not to love?

Hope you enjoyed your Tuesday night Thai.

Sarah xxx

Andreea said...

Wow, you look amazing! I especially love your sunglasses:D

♥ kisses ♥

Carys said...

These photos look like so much fun!! I love your skirt and sunglasses too, they're so glamourous!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

giddynici said...

Gorgeous frock, I especially like the sleeves.

Baby Rose is indeed a real cutie. x

Crystal Lee said...

love the dress & the primary colors & the hedgehog. what a cutie!

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dearest Helga, I have some pictures a bit like yours from NYE but haven't the nerve to post them! We all look much more hammered.

I love your lifestyle and am very jealous of all the bbq's. You always have fun as do I. Long may it continue!

Love the dress, very stylish and I think Scampy likes you. Enjoy your Thai dinner xx

Miss Claire said...

Little Rose is the sweetest bubba girl! How cute is that. Maybe you should take her and the kitty home with you!!

I love how well your outfit matches the swiss ball!


Penny Dreadful said...

Yes yes yes, love that dress! So flattering in colour and style, I reckon you could even deepen the v a bit to show off some more marvellous cleavage x