Wellington, we wuv you.....

OMG we had such a fantastic time in Wellington!!
I need a week to get over it!!
We stayed at the Comfort Inn, which is on Cuba St and right in the middle of all the action.....most excellent location for crawling to our bed after all the booze and food!
We were such country bumpkins, all excited and exclaiming over everything. It's been about 3 years since I was last in Wellington, and I'd forgotten just how awesome it is! Completely different to Christchurch; it's much more a "going out" society....so much going on!
We met up with Ralph and Pixie and the festivities began.....a whirlwind of self indulgence....

A quick margarita whilst we wait for a table at Sweet Mother's Kitchen...

Feijoa bubbly!! Not very high alcohol content, but so delicious we had 2 bottles!


I don't know if I've mentioned that I like lizards. Well, I do.
And I was quite pleased to find this friendly tuatara to play with...

The Beehive!
That's NZ's Parliament House.

Bubbles for brunch at Floradita's.

Linguine with artichokes and pea tendrils....swoon!

G bought me this fabulous skull necklace at Iko Iko!! Very "Day of the Dead"!
Iko Iko has awesome goodies-pricey, though, but lots of things I need.

This, darlings, is my gorgeous sister Wendy!
We had dinner at the Flying Burrito Brothers, and then went to Mighty Mighty for some great music!

We managed to score some great clothes at the Recycle Boutique-prices really weren't too bad. I got 2 frocks, but the piece de resistance was an immaculate, perfectly fitting 70's navy blue pinstripe suit for G.....he looks mega hot in it!! Will provide evidence soon! The suit was $38.00-remarkably well priced! Brian had warned me that vintage was steeply priced in Wellington, and she wasn't wrong. We just got very lucky on the suit,and my 2 frocks were pretty good. We went to Ziggurat, a very lovely looking vintage boutique, and I nearly had a conniption at the prices!

Yet another bubbly brunch, this time at Duke Carvell's!

Breakfast burrito!

G's mushroom stack.
We spent Sunday at Te Papa (the national museum) , and dribbling in Moore Wilsons, the most splendiferous food and food equipment warehouse I've ever seen. I could happily have moved in!

Dunno why this pic isn't bigger. I'm doing all the right things!
Ha, love the toilet bottom right....yep, I'm the kinda girl who takes pix in toilets!
But look at the mirrors!
We slept like dead things last night.
It was just the best and busiest weekend!
I recommend Wellington to everyone!
We're making plans to go again!!
PS: I have Hall and Oates "I can't go for that" on my internal radio. Should I be embarrassed to say that I actually quite like that song?!


Perdita said...

Looove those boots!!

Vintage Vixen said...

Holy Anus, Wellington looks tremendous.
You packed to perfection, my darling. I'm so proud of you. Feet first, was it? Those boots are dressed up to perfection.
Love the new necklace, G's facial fluff and all the food. Wendy is gorgeous, how nice to meet her.
Speak soon?

sacramento said...

I adore you bag, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, and I love the photo in the bathroom, hehehehe.

Ivy Black said...

Just brilliant! You on a giant lizard is one of the most enduring images of this year so far...I'm sure you'll provide many more!
Love the necklace.

Vintage Coconut said...

First off your handbag is gorgeous, I eventually hope to have one of my own.
LOL I loved the GIANT lizard pics! I just hope there was no children sitting on the sidelines saying "Mommy when can I play on that, That lady has been on it forever." hahaha
You look great in all the pics and now you have sent me into a craving for Mushrooms!

Hannah said...

Lucky you! wellingtn looks Amaaazing!
Pity about the thrift store prices - I don't know if i could survive without my weekly bargins!

La Dama said...

Lucky indeed
Hahayy trust the pair of you to pose by that hilarious anus sign .. Those frocks are divine amor.. Especially the green and gingham one..sister resemblance .. I see looks run in the family.. Oooooh colorful skull necklace is so cool..you have a thing for riding critters,lol
The food looks so posh..i would of done the same.. I love taking picstures in beautiful bathrooms.

Anonymous said...

I love the ladies room mirrors! And the blue ensemble you're wearing. And the necklace/bracelet of skulls. You always seem to be having more than your share of fun!

Comtesse de ferveur said...

Wellington sounds AMAZING. Nom at its food and nod of approval at its fun. You look lovely throughout!
Vintage prices in the bigger cities is distressing, I hear ya. Glad to hear you scooped up some bargains nonetheless.

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

I'd trade your life for mine, anytime. =)

giddynici said...

So glad you had a fabulous time! Loving the frolics with the lizard hehe!
Your friend Pixie is stunning in the brunch pic.

Misfits Vintage said...

I expect nothing less from you and G than sheer, unadulterated fun and madness and for you to squeeze every last bit of happiness from everything you do!

You look beautiful in the frocks but I especially love the black.white.blue frock. And HOW GORGEOUS are Wendy and Pixie?? And how gorgeous are you!? WAY is the answer.

Sarah xxx

The Long & Winding Bobbin said...

haha giant lizard!
What a nice looking toilet... is that weird?

Missy Vintage said...

looking forward to seeing G all suited and booted! Food looks freaking delicious.

Mazzy Boy said...

Holy Anus....

I want that as a T-Shirt!

Trees said...

Glad you had a great time in my little city - Zigguart is so incredibly overpriced! But there are decent pieces at good prices if you have the time to look about:)

ana b. said...

Oh wow! You definitely had the Wellington experience from the look of these pictures. Ziggurat is SO SO expensive. Every vintage store on Cuba is pricey which is why I'm always fumbling around in Newtown or a the Salvation Army. Floridita's is my favourite restaurant and you're eating my FAVE pasta!

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dearest Helga, it looks like a brilliant weekend! Love the outfits. The pictures of you on the lizard are my favourites. Genius.

That linguine looks wonderful! I'm hungry now! Love C xx

Calamity Jem said...

Dear Helga,
Yippee-yihaa mothers'...Helga rides into the sunset on her giant lizard after flooring the peeps of Wellington with her impeccable style.
In the months I've visited your blog I don't think I've ever thought...-Gosh, Helga you're letting the side down by wearing that pedestrian number (nor do I think this will ever happen). You ALWAYS entertain & dazzle me with your fantabulous choice of attire!
I also love that freaking funky necklace.
lot's of love,

Franca said...

Fun times! love all your outfits! the blue one's my fave!

birdiebabe said...

Nice pictures!What a beutiful emproidered bag!

Penny Dreadful said...

Feijoa fizz, YUM. My grandma used to have a feijoa tree and I thought they were amazing. Hard to find in Oz, but impossible in the UK. I've not had on in years x

seƱora Allnut said...

so funny photos!, I love that one with the giant lizard!
And I'm fascinated by your wonderful booties!, and that black&white outfit is gorgeous, a great inspiration!
And such a great meals selection, yum!

kaybar007 said...

What the heck? I had NO IDEA you blogged! Let alone that it's such a bloody great read! Bejesus what else have you been doing that I don't know about?! LOVE the Wellie write up, and no, not the tiniest bit homesick. Btw one of my best mates owns Ziggurat - I had a fright at her prices too and I was on UK Sterling!! Big love to you and G XXXX

Michelle said...

more Pixie - she's a fox!