A couple of wines, and SHAZZAM! I'm a model in a 70's magazine

Nothing like a spot of self indulgent posing with G egging me on!!

My maxi is so lovely and flowy....the breeze was so cooling....there were bleating creatures in the distance....

...and bellows of a different kind of creature.....

It's "The Good Life", "To the Manor Born" and all of Jilly Coopers novels rolled up into one....


Where's my frickin' Pimms?!

How to play Sexcapades?

The question is posed:

"What/who would you most like to have sex with?"

Each person writes 5 ideas on to pieces of paper, these are folded and put into a hat, or bowl.

Some of our suggestions included:

Pamela Anderson, but her boobs have exploded.

A jar of bees

Natalie Portman with a vag full of razor blades

Smells like cock

A dead, festering Johnny Depp

Lots of little cocks

Eels with nasty, sharp, pointy teeth and electric blue flashing tails.

Going round in a circle, a person takes 2 and poses the question to their next door neighbour.

The winning suggestion goes back into the hat/bowl, the losing answer gets chucked out.

Whomever wrote the winning suggestion has to drink.

And on it goes, with much hilarity, until there are only 2 left,and the person who wrote the remaining suggestion has to empty their glass.

Ta da!!!

3 of the above suggestions were written by moi.

Can you guess which ones?!



Vintage Vixen said...

That dress is divine, where is your fricking Pimms? A woman as fabulous as you shouldn't be kept waiting.
I'll go for the bees, the many cocks and the eels. Am I right? What do we get?
Fab to chat this morning, darling.
Love you!

Crystal Lee said...

Beautiful scenic backdrop for for a stylin' lady in an awesome maxi dress. Is this where you live?

Perdita said...

That is a fricken awesome game! I'm gonna facebook it to my pals for next time we need a drinking game! Toni Queen of Slap and Hayley Queen of Essex with LOVE it! Just tried to play it with husband but he said 'You, you and maybe some hot girls! Do I get to drink now?'. Bless.

Franca said...

I love the tunic dressy thingy-mejit!

I'm not sure I want to think about any of these things! I'm squeamish!

IMAN said...

This is a perfect combo of landscape and dress, but the dress steals the show.

Pearl Westwood said...

Ha ha that game is hilarious I will guess you wrote the bees, the many cocks and the festering Depp!

Ivy Black said...

You gorgeous creature you.
I'm thinking...La Anderson with her exploding boobs, little cocks and the eels.
I'm so going to play this next party time...xxx

Misfits Vintage said...

Eeel, Johnny, Pamela!

You look so beautiful - G is quite the Annie Liebowitz! What a gorgeous spot for a photo shoot. LOVE that divine 70s caftan!

Sarah xxx

La Dama said...

Your a such a 70's tease modelo. wish I had a 70's caftan vata (nightie) so I can feel all the breeze.
thats the most fun game I heard..I would be red in the face cracking up through out the whole game.
I'm guessing you said little cocks,and bees.

Vintage Coconut said...

Now if that dress was still in production my dear... You would have sold MILLIONS with all that posing you did.

Bee's, little cocks & Pamela

seƱora Allnut said...

you're gorgeous wearing this maxi dress on a so appropriate background!, it's like a 70's film!
and it's a mad &funny& spicy game, Picante!, and you make me laugh a lot!

Alex said...

Bwahahaha, I want to play that game! Sounds like a more perverted version of Shag Or Die.

You cast 70's models into the shade. Loving the location and poses in this one and that maxi is absolutely lovely!

And yes, I would bloody love to trollop around with you!! What's wrong with Matt Damon though?! He may not have the best face in the world but he's top of my Sturdy List.

giddynici said...

Shazzam - awesome word.
Sexcapades sounds brilliant. What a laugh. x

Miss Claire said...

Look at you!! Beautiful landscape, too! You are pure class Helga. Especially with eel and corpsey johnny depp fetishes, hehe!!! Sounds like a fun game!

Xox Claire

Anonymous said...

The dress and the setting invite self-conscious posting. The game sounds VERY interesting...

Anonymous said...

I LOOOOOOOOOVE your dress!!!!!!! but the photographer did a good job there to bring the best out of you and the dress.

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dearest Helga, hope someone got you a frickin Pimms! What gorgeous countryside and that dress is a 70's stunner xx