I like to co-ordinate with my enviroment.

Ha, I started this post last night, and I was totally pissed.

I have no idea how I managed to load these few photos, but I remember struggling to type with any co-herence.

Then G put me to bed.

So I've cleared what I started typing, cos it was pretty obvious I was off my head!!!

Let's start again!

Above is what I wore to pop into town with Justine.

Frock-my beloved Vix

Long waistcoat-60's or 70's? I reckon it would have had matching pants originally. Opshopped

Fishnets-can't remember

Shoes-Trade Me

Handbag-vintage, opshopped

We had a rummage at Toffs, a splendid secondhand establishment in the city.

Big selection, moderate to pricey; I almost always find something.

I got Justine to try a couple of fab numbers, one of which was a divine 50's lurex frock and matching bolero in a scrummy shade of pink. Damn thing didn't fit her booboids. Then we got her into a gorgeous maxi, black with gold braid. I loved it, but she's not really a retro girl, and wasn't quite comfy with it. She did score a pair of shoes, and a handbag for Pixie, so she was happy.

O, I managed my first reverse parallel park in the new car!!!

I had a good bit of help from Justine, and we nailed it!

I was very proud, and texted G immediately!!!

I found this divine scarf ring at Toffs.

The purple ring I'm wearing is one of the selection Kitty sent me a while back.

I don't look after my fingernails at all...which you've probably noticed!

I bought this tutu for Baby Rose.

It's supposed to be for a 6 year old, but I reckon she'll be in it in a couple of years!

My other rings are courtesy of,

left-Sarah , and

right-Vix .


We had a lovely coffee, went and checked out the Red Cross shop, where Justine got Mikel a splendid suit jacket, and also looked at The Emporium, a newish shop specialising in retro & vintage imported from the States. It's not particularly exciting, and is over-priced, as you can imagine. Still, it sort of brings vintage to the masses, so good on them. Then we went and did some groceries. Justine said that she loves how I get lots of smiles wherever we go. I hadn't noticed! Apparently I was getting admiring and amused looks!

How very satisfying!!

I never take any notice of people when I'm out!!

It was a jolly good afternoon.

Tomorrow I will post what I wore Saturday night.....which of my new shoes do you think I wore?


Vintage Coconut said...

I am lovin your outfit Helga, purple and green are delightful together.
Parralel parking always makes me nervous.. I hate when there is someone behind me just waiting for me to get in the blasted spot.
That Tutu will be adorable on Rose.. when she is big enough to fit it! lol

Perdita said...

Fab parking skills lady! I desperately wanna go to Toffs now and have a rummage!

Vintage Vixen said...

Lurve that waistcoat and what a fabulous idea to team it with the Mrs Slocombe frock. I'm not surprised you get admiring looks, you are fabulous.
My nails are crap too, with the Bazza M people are that dazzled by the colour they don't notice.
Love you!
PS The burgundy ones?

seƱora Allnut said...

love the color combo and the green waistcoat is so Green! (great!), I like how you wear it with so much style, and I'm glad you have got so much smiles (yeah, they're the better compliment!)

VainGlorySinner said...

Awwwh! What a cute little tutu dress!

I adore those purple shoes and that bag!!

You look smashing!

Rose&Bird said...

Crazy, crazy outfit - love it! Well done on the parking - if I can't drive forwards into a space I move on! I reckon you wore the burgundy shoes.

Anonymous said...

It is good that G. saved you from yourself. I have written a drunken post or two! Admiring the green fishnets and the purple floral ring.

Miss Claire said...

Oh Helga, you look amazing as usual!! Loving the purple/green combo. And that little tutu is soooo cute! I'd prance around in one if I could find one in my size :)

Xx Claire

Misfits Vintage said...

Oh my god I love it ALL. The frock is stunning and the floor length green waistcoat is killer (imagine if you had the pants still!) and the combo is incredible. You are so rock and roll!

I would love to see what you wrote while you were shperlonkered!

I think you wore the new red and white shoes last night.

Sarah xxx

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dearest Helga, purple and green are one of my favourite colour combos. Love the sunglasses and your rings are gorgeous too.

I think the red and white shoes too. Sounds like you had a fun night! xx

Janna Lynn said...

You look beautiful!!! I love those green nylons...suppppperb!! I used to get stared at a lot when I had pink hair or blue hair...but I never really noticed it. I think I still get stared at (not always admiringly) but I still don't notice...the poor shy hubby might, but oh well....the price of hanging out with greatness, right! :) ha ha! You look lovely, and I'm glad you didn't drink and type (dangers of blogging!) Hearts, janna lynn

Rhonda said...

i didn't notice your nails until you pointed them out and i had to scroll back and check them out! haha :)

Sue said...

Oh darling you are just fabulousness and wonderfulness and hilariousness all rolled into one! I showed Sue your blog post about the mismatched boots and she wants to come to the meetup too...but I told her she's not allowed, one of us has to stay in the shop with the other is busy being fabulous, right?!

Miss Peregrin said...

Those rings are amazing! I think I need to buy some rings right now. You look fabulous, so no wonder people were smiling at you!

Sue said...

sorry darl 'Sue' is actually Kitty, I've hijacked Sues email now and its all getting very confusing after several drinkies!

Trees said...

I really think I need to visit Christchurch sometime soon and check out all these fantastic op shops!

Straight Talking Mama! said...

OMG that beautiful purple ring with the rhinestones fabulous!

I reckon you're right that long waistcoat would definately have had trousers to match, shame they got spilt up at some point. Would have love to see a pic of the 50s lame dress, so hard to find now!

La Dama said...

I love your sense of color schemes amor..green and purple how fabuloso..of course you always will get admirers ..would love to go on a shopping spree rummage with you.
yay, on achieveing paraller parking..burgundy shoes?

liz said...

I'd wear that green waistcoat in a second. love the green fishnets!