Loot Central

I've been scoring lots of loot lately, and it's really quite satisfying, except for the pile of clothes on the floor for which I have to find room!!!


Frock-sweetheart Alex


Tie thingy-made by me


The earrings were a birthday gift from Justine. You can't see, but they are feathers that curl around. Gorgeous! She picked them up at a vintage shop in town. The beads are from a church fair. the fab African lady head is from Trade Me.

Last Friday, I nipped in to my fave opshop for a little peruse.

And came home with all this loot!!!!

On my bicycle, no less!!!

There are some fecking pearlers in this lot.

(That's Aussie lingo, btw.)

Yesterday afternoon, I came home to a wonderful parcel from the gorgeous Sarah
with all this loot inside!!!!


Yay for the napkin rings-I confess to being a little jealous when I saw Vix', and am stoked to have received a matching pair!!!

I've been gagging to read that book, too!

Thank you, sexy assed Misfit!!!

And to top it all off, a lady at work found her old faux fur coat from the 70's in the back of her closet and immediately thought of me!


I tell you, it really is Loot Central around here!!

It makes me very excited.

I've been doing little rabbit hops this morning.

And, it's the 1st of February, which means I get to pinch and punch some lucky punter this morning. Nothing like a little friendly violence early in the day.


Should I take my rings off first? G thinks it would be polite to do so.



Vintage Vixen said...

Wowser, what a smashing haul of goodies and I love your happy face!
I was worried about posting those napkin rings from the divine Sarah as I didn't want to say too much and spoil the surprise and now we can be freaky twins at dinnertime, too.
Can't wait to see everything on you including that fabulous fake fur.
Maybe the postman will bring something from me this week too!
Loads of love!

La Dama said...

oh you lucky girl..I love your Mexi orange walls so Frida..you look so happy..adore your eyes.ooooh a 70's grey fur coat..cant wait to see you wear it.lovely necklace and earrings ( feathers that curl under how unique.. african girl is so cool..you carried all that lot..poor girl hope "G" helped.oh I heard wonderful things about that book and I been wanting to read it too..want that vintage pulp card.

Ivy Black said...

Luverley looty! Is there anything more fab than a pile of vintage goodies? The book is fecking brilliant....you'll love it!xxx

Vintage Coconut said...

Holy hell!! You have got some lovely things.
That black dress with the pink flowers is a delight!

I must admit I did have a mental image of you riding your bicycle with all that stuff and it made me chuckle!!

Love the faux fur coat..
Now after seeing all this between you and Vix I have to go shopping!!!! RIGHT NOW

Perdita said...

Love that you got all that loot back on your bike! You lucky lady, those finds look great!

Anonymous said...

I want to see the orange thing in your bicycle pile! I have days shopping like this...but not lately.

Smashingbird said...

You have had a good haul lately! I really want to read that book too, let us know how it is!

Misfits Vintage said...

Yay! Can't wait to see you in the black/pink floral poly number! Sarah xxx

giddynici said...

That is some fabulous loot you have there indeed! Very lucky. And I love that you biked your haul home. x

Kitty said...

Oh yowza, you HAVE been doing well! What a BUSY girl you are. that floral maxi from Sarah looks great, can't wait to see it on you, you gorgeous thang.xx.

Comtesse de ferveur said...

Fecking brilliant Helga - some real gems! I love so much here, my eyes can't take it in!

Comtesse de ferveur said...

Ha, I think I was posting on your wall in Dublin the same time you were posting on mine in NZ! Small world and MIND BOGGLAGE!

Rachel (RooPaprika) said...

Rooting tooting loot! Some gorgeous stuff in there, you are a lucky lady xx

Alex said...

Ooh such things! How do you keep tracking them all down? Opshops over there must be a lot better than they are in my part of the world because the vintage pickings are very slim :(

I'm loving the look of the patterned fabric on the right hand side of the table. What is it?

Bonnie said...

Wow, what a great haul Helga! I see quite a few lovely things on that table. By the way I love that bright orange wall like brilliant sunshine, you can't help but be happy when you look at it I bet.

Thanks for taking us on a trip to Wellington. My parents took a trip to NZ many years ago and they just loved it.

Cheers, Bonnie

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dearest Helga, oh! I love getting a bargain! I'm hovering about this afternoon hoping the postman will arrive! The Actor says it's like Christmas every day in this house!

I love that pink frock! Love, C xx

Amie K said...

Hello! I found your blog through Vix's! Love it!

www.creditcrunchchic.blogspot.com...check mine out if you like!

gotta love vintage!!

xoxo Amie