Making chicken noises

Because last night I went to our dear friend Nicole's hens night!

Would you like a sweetie?
It's knitted, and very nice.
You can trust me.......

She'll be no blushing bride, I can assure you!
Look at our pretty Nicole!
Wearing vintage, no less!
The wedding is Saturday, and we are looking forward to it!
I think I know what I am wearing....

A gaggle of girls.
It was quite civilised. Dinner at Santorini, a Greek restaurant.
I left just as they were starting the dancing.....I'm feeling a bit Granny this week......and dancing on barrels on a school night was a little daunting!

But I managed to pack this a way before I left.
I was very restrained, only having 2 glasses of wine.
Restraint is the least of my qualities!

Frock-vintage, opshopped
Coat (on chair)-vinatge, Ecetera
Knitted sweetie and skull necklace-Wellington
Brooch-80's, opshopped
Badge-bestowed on me by my dining neighbour.
It says "Boozie Floozie"

Funny that.
Tonight I'm off to Lyttleton for a drinkie with Jo ( of the fabulously Louise Brooks hair), as she is being photographed for Avenues magazine (a local mag), and I get to be in the pix! Then I think we're having tapas.
WTF am I going to wear?!
I'll deal with that whilst I have my grey roots taken care of by G this afternoon!



Vintage Vixen said...

Darling, there must be a hint of granny in the air. Maybe I should knit a boiled sweet next time.
You look very ladylike in your peep toes and blue frock.
Vintage dresses, no plastic willies or pink cowboy hats? You lot have a whole lot more class than us.
Loads of love,

Anonymous said...

why did you restrain yourself? doesn't sound like you at all, babe.
you are such an active blogger! i haven't updated mine for ages, but i just can't be asked at the moment. i've been down with sinusitis for almost a week now and my left cheek still hurts. so it's such a pleasure and a wonderful change to read your cool entries :-)

Misfits Vintage said...

You look very gorgeous but you don't seem to have your usual twinkle in your eye Lady Helga. Boozie Floozie! HA!

You are so lucky to have G do your roots (snort) - I've been doing mine for years and I know I miss some because I occasionally come across a foot long grey - how do I msis them for so long???

Hope you have a GORGEOUS day.

Sarah xxx

La Dama said...

yes we been all grannying are looking so sophiscada looks ravishin on you and those red peep toes are so sexy. yum food.

Anonymous said...

I gather that the wedding has a blue color scheme. The food looks delicious; I'd pack it away too. Hope we get to see pic of you from this photo shoot.

Penny Dreadful said...

Oooh I love your evil green lizard eyes. And another fabulous v-neck frock, you look so awesomely boobylicious in those things x

giddynici said...

That does look like a very civilised henny. Glad you enjoyed it. Love the sweetie! x

Kitty said...

Great makeup darl, really beautiful on you. A few of us seem to be having a 'granny' week this week!

Vintage Coconut said...

I am loving yoru eye makeup and that sweet candy in your hair makes you look delightful!
I like the look on your face in the second pic. haha

Janna Lynn said...

I am always the granny when going out!! :) Booze makes my tummy hurt, plus I'm wild enough without I hardly ever drink, so to me your a friggin champ for havin two! You look lovely in those pics...I loooove your style! :) Hearts, Janna Lynn

Art Mama said...

Hi Helga, have you been to the Salvation army opshop on the corner of Colombo and Southhampton in Sydenham? I live not far from there and try to go on a Friday when they have a half price sale. I have found quite a few goodies from there (there is a frock rack at the back next to the dressing rooms, look there first), like a Hermes bag for $4 and a bright orange crimpolene long jacket are two that come to mind. It's a wee bit pricey, but not OTT like that opshop just down from Ballantynes. At the Sallies, they also have occasionally good shoes and kitchenware too, although sometimes I think they're a bit overpriced. They had some nice gin bottles or booze caraffe things but they were too dear compared to what I have got them for at City Mission in town in the past. Anyway, sorry for waffle, just thought you might be interested.

Art Mama said...

And pls tell me what size shoe you are - I will keep an eye out. xx

Comtesse de ferveur said...

Gah the knitted sweet, how adorable. You look ravishing, I love the pop of bright red from those lovely peeptoes.

Ivy Black said...

I come over a bit granny every now and then...I'm to cold to go out on the razz just yet...but come the spring...!! Love your hen night look and I'm damn sure you'll find something divine for a picture shoot. xxxx

Straight Talking Mama! said...

We all come over granny like sometimes, the good thing is we still have the other side to us!

Have fun tonight, I know you will!!

Alex said...

Oh my, that is VERY restrained of you. I'm impressed! Hope you're making up for it this weekend though ;-)

I bloody love the knitted sweetie! If I had more (ie any) skill with knitting needles I'd make myself a whole sweet shop full of them. Mmmmm!

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dearest Helga, I'm very impressed with your restraint. I'm feeling a bit granny this week too. I'm a bit all or nothing which is why I attempt to keep myself in during the week... It's Friday now though! Have a fabulous one! Love, C xx

PS. Love the green eyeshadow