Sheep Shagging Country

We went for a little ride out last night to collect an adorable little bbq that G had won off Trade Me. We had to go to the Rangiora-Woodend Rd, running (surprise surprise) between Rangiora and Woodend. It's a nice blat down the motorway and hey presto, you're in sheep shagger's-ville.
Those are udders on the sheep, by the way. Not ball sacs.
They're lady sheep.

G was right into death defying acts for the sake of the blog.

Anyhow, at lunchtime I needed an opshop fix, so I zoomed over to my favourite opshop, which is luckily quite close to work, and picked up a few goodies.
I was in the mood for some sewing supplies, so was pleased to get some ribbon, thread, and some dear wee old packets of bias-binding.
Plus a scarf, some pretty, but odd, gloves, and a woolly thingy. It's kinda like a small cape. And a tiny wee butterfly that seems to be broken off something, like a ring, maybe.

Just look at the darling packaging on the bias binding.
Tui brand is soooo Kiwi. They're a gorgeous bird, too, with a beautiful call.
Local binding for local people.


Frock-made by me out of retro, opshopped material
Shoes-Trade Me

We're popping out to the Dux tonight for a few drinkies for Nancy's birthday.
I could really do with getting a bit wankered.
I'm in the moooooooood.


I really, really want to come to the UK!!!
It's just not within my means right now!
From the other side of the world, where we are, it is ridiculously expensive!


Rose&Bird said...

Good finds - I hardly ever see haberdashery in our charity shops, don't know where it's all gone! What a gorgeous sunny day as well. Love the frock x

La Dama said...

As always love your flowery cool vestido.
Great shadow pics..g was out for some danger..cute stripey scarf and butterfly ring.oooh pink gloves.. Cant wait to see them on you.

Alex said...

I challenge you then - first one to win the lottery pays for a blogger bash. I'd ship you and G over here straightaway if I had the money! Life needs to not be so expensive.

The death defying photo is glorious. You look like something out of a magazine!

Vintage Vixen said...

Those sheep's udders pale into insignificance when you've got those divine legs out!
I love that frock and that bias binding is far to fabulous to use, that local bird is so cute.
Have a drink for me, please, my darling. It appears to be another dry week in my neck of the woods.
I wish you would come to the UK.
Loads of love,

Janna Lynn said...

You looks sooooo lovely in those photo's. I totally thought those were sheep nuts :0...what would I do without your wise comments! Ha ha! Hearts, Janna Lynn

Camelia Crinoline said...

I saw you yesterday on your bike looking fabulous while I was driving home. I would've tooted but you had already gone past before I realised. I recognised your helmet with the flowers.
I love tui bias binding. I always get excited when I find it at an op-shop.
Your frock is gorgeous.

Pearl Westwood said...

Ok so I never knew sheep got udders!! Do all lady sheep have them?? I am such a city kid! It is insannnnnnnnnnne expensive NZ-UK my friend just abandoned me last week to move home to NZ and looking at flights they are £1000+ I told her she would have to start a blog so I can see what shes up to as there is noway I can afford to visit! xx

VainGlorySinner said...

Haha you made me laugh, lady sheep indeed!
The pattern on that dress is summeriffic! The huge cameo necklace is gorgeous! I would absolutely love to get drunk right now but the bf doesn't drink and I hate drinking alone! Enjoy your hammered-ness! xx

Trees said...

I love that Tui Bias binding - what fabulous packaging. I also say I am SO jealous you can go opshopping at lunch.

Misfits Vintage said...

Bloody hell you've got fabulous legs! Gorgeous frock and I adore the whalenets (fencenets? Bloody fridgenets? What are they called??). I especially love the road shot - you are SO Kerouac.

I love the bias binding packaging - what a gorgeous bird.

Like you. Ha!

Sarah xxx

Straight Talking Mama! said...

Great sewing finds! Love the pics, fishnets in the countryside eh?! ;o)

Mrs Munster said...

The dress pattern is so sweet. No to mention your stems in the dress. What's your secre to such great legs :)

Vintage Coconut said...

You look great in that outfit Helga.
Sheepville looks so peaceful!