Well, hello there!

You are all really such a bunch of lovelies!!

I want to welcome new readers (hello darlings!), and thank you all for being so jolly bloody super!


I do!!


This was my Sunday outfit.

I wanted to be particlarly bright, even though I wasn't going anywhere.

Not going anywhere meant I could wear some fab shoes, my "new" red and white I Love Billy's.

(Brand name).

How do you like my yellow sequin bow?!

I freakin' love it!

I picked it op when opshopping the other week; it was supposedly a bow tie. Bugger that, thought I, that's going on my head.

Frock-Trade Me

Tights-Sydney markets a couple of years ago

Shoes-Trade Me

Necklace-G bought it for me in Wellington

Earrings-gift from my sweetheart Justine.

Hahahaha, we're watching Top Gear, and Sienna Miller was in the glove box.

Those boys.

What will they think of next?!

Note: I actually quite like Sienna Miller. Loved her in that Edie Sedgewick movie, the name totally escapes me right now.Haven't seen much of her for a while; she must have learnt how to stay out of the press a bit.

On the subject of "actually's", I also am actually rather excited about the impending royal wedding......

Who would have thought?!

I'm quite keen to see what Queenie will wear.

And her hat!



PS: wouldn't it be fun if they had the corgi's as the ring bearers??!!
PPS: Breakfast yesterday was a mash of potato, eggs (the last 2),and veges. And a few herbs, marjoram and chives. I had a dash of chilli sauce on mine.
It was fecking delish!


Louise said...

I've seen that episode of Top Gear, it's hilarious isn't it? I do love Top Gear. I'm not sure how fun the weekend of the royal wedding will be... but if there's free wine going I'm willing to get into the spirit (or the spirits) of things. xx

La Dama said...

your looking freaking fantastic amor..those red shoes are scandalous..sequin bow goes with your lovley dress.what you drinking?
I think were off to California around the royal wedding ,but I am also curious to see what they all wear..the courgey doggys would be a good idea.

KibitzKnitz said...

LOVE this outfit! You have Such Glorious Style...

Vintage Vixen said...

Well hello there, you sexy little minx!
I adore everthing and that hair bow is a freaking triumph!!!! LOVE YOU! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Llara said...

Factory Girl. I haven't seen it but it looked like it would be pretty.

I was very glad to hear that you guys are well in light of what's going on down under (is it inappropriate that I find the comment 'what's going on down under' rude and amusing? I don't mean to sound insensitive as clearly poor New Zealand is having a terrible time right now. I hope your loved ones are all well x). Also, I very much like your bow!

We're all just pleased that the Royal Wedding has bagged us an extra day's holiday this year! xx

Perdita said...

Fabulously bright Sunday outfit lady! I'm in multicoloured heart-pattern PJs today. I just felt in that mood!

Ivy Black said...

How fab do you look ?
We have Top Gear on this very moment. I have a think about Richard Hammond.
Not sure how the Royal Wedding will take us all....we're just pleased to have an extra day off work. I think Kate has lost too much weight...she needs double egg and chips followed by a knickerbocker glory.
I sort of like my royal family vintage if you know what I mean In my head the queen looks like she did in 1953!
Osacrs tonight...come on Mr Firth...get that award!!

sacramento said...

You are always fun and fabulous, and a bright light in the horizon for all of us to see the harbour...
Much love and besos.

VainGlorySinner said...

Love the bright yellow tights. I love your huge colourful personality and attire thing you have going, your pictures always look so bright and cheery!

I love the sugar skull necklace!

I have always said that I want my cat to be my ring bearer! It wont work out though because she HATES having anything put on her apart from plastic bag capes. xxx

VildesVerden said...

I love the colours on the wall - so bright and fun!

Mrs Cleaver said...

You must be the only woman in the world who can be in the middle of a disaster zone & still look so bloody fabulous!!:)The bow looks fantastic!
I was watching Are you being served last night & Mrs Slocombe had on the most amazing dress & hat,she was getting married to Mr Humphries,& i thought Helga would rock that outfit:)

delia hornbook said...

;-)))) You look so cute ;-))) I love the dress and well those shoes are to die for, i can only wear heels in the evening when i haven't far to walk but i dont stop buying them though ;-)) And that bow looks fab. enjoy your evening, dee x

Hannah said...

yourr dress and tight are friggin mint! And the bow of course, who can't love sparkly and gold?

Rose&Bird said...

Actually - this outfit is fab, so bright and colourful, just like your personality!

Alex said...

Hehehehe, "Bugger that, thought I, that's going on my head" has amused me muchly! I'm doing a hat/headwear challenge at some point soon if you fancy joining in? I'm sure you wouldn't be short of options!

I'm pondering going to see Sienna Miller in theatre next month. I should prob clarify that by saying that she's not the main attraction for me - the other stars and the play itself are far more appealing. I love a bit of war based literature/film/theatre.

Anonymous said...

Helga--everything looks as though it is back in order and you are looking particularly colorful today. I think "Factory Girl" is likely that Edie Sedgwick film you were thinking of.

Jessycalouise said...

Lovely blog, I love your sequin bow <3

Misfits Vintage said...

FROCK ME! Love it all, as always, but especially that frock - yowza!! Also love that corner - yellow, pink, green, azure and watermelon all in one shot - fan-frickin-tastic!

Sarah xxx

Miss Claire said...

Helga, your outfits always brigthen my day! I think I need some yellow tights for the dreary autumn days fast approaching.

Breakfast looked delish. I am hungry and haven't had breakfast today yet. Tried to defrost a loaf of fruit bread so that I could slice it and the whole bag melted...whooooops!

Xoxox Claire

Pandasoppa said...

thanks sweetie!! im moving out ouf sweden in a month or so, so i guess ill start writing in english for my new friends in europe haha
you look amazing and your shoes are so sweet!!!

Claire said...

WHo care about the sequin bow?
What I love is that you have the right frequency of 'caress me' drinks glass in your outfit posts and I say you are the ONLY person with this essential and correct glass to outfit balance


Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dearest Helga, you are always a ray of sunshine and that outfit is fabulous! I freakin' love your sequinned bow too xx

Ronnie Rabbit said...

You look great, fab outfit, and you have a wondefully colourful place too

Devil made in Heaven said...

I reading your blog for over an hour now.... And I love it!