Where there's a willy.......

Frock-Retropolitan garage sale




Fishnets-can't remember

Shoes-Hannah's sale


Wine-supermarket bargain (but not crappulous!)

Well, after our freakishly hot Sunday, we had a fecking rainy Monday, and then Tuesday was another scorcher! Typical Christcurch weather, really. Today is shaping up to be hot again, but with some rain...blah blah blah....

We're out to dinner for our lovely friend Amber's birthday tonight. Then this weekend we're away to the Staging Post for a lengthier celebration. Long time readers may remember that we went there last year; it's a crazy campground with lots of old & replica stagecoaches lying around.


I've been doing some revamping, and planning more revamping and general sewing.

This is what's on (part) of my sewing table at the moment.

In the foreground is a frock you may remember me scoring a few weeks ago, in the process of its renovation. I think I'm rather fab regarding the cute necktie thingy-wingy.

Will show you properly when finished.

The emerald green frock is one of the 2 I got in Wellington; it just needs to be taken in and maybe up. There's fabric & buttons for G's next pair of pants, a burgundy lace frock that needs sleeve shortening/fixing...and on it goes. I really have a huge pile, mostly stuffed under my sewing table, of revamp projects. It's what I like doing best, actually, in the world of sewing. It's very satisfying making a garment from scratch, but as I am very impatient, I get more of a kick from altering something that is almost-but not quite-right. It's so much quicker. Even so, I still get fecked off and chuck something back under my desk before finishing the revamp, and sometimes find it months, or years later....and then I sometimes get rid of it!

I can be quite a troll sometimes.

The red and white number had a nasty bleed on the side, where the zip tape had bled into the fabric of the bodice. I was just going to ignore it and never raise my arm whilst wearing the frock, but G suggested I simply make a feature of covering it.

After a couple of aborted "blocky" attempts, I settled for some ric-rac (which I have a real fancy for) to decorate it. It's ok. Not brillant, but it'll help distract from the red smear. Otherwise, I'm rather pleased with how the frock is looking. It's so cute.

Too cute for a 40+ year old??

Very occasionally I allow myself to be worried about that.

But generally, I couldn't give a shit.

PS: I read "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" over the weekend, thanks darling Sarah , and it was bloody amusing!


Vintage Vixen said...

Sunshine, a fabulous frock and booze? Miss Helga you have me almost crying with jealousy.
Has that Staging Post adventure really been a year ago? Bl;oody hell, we've know each other a long time. What did I ever do without you?
That frock is freaking fabulous, I love what you've done. G is a genuis.
I must get cracking on my pile.

Perdita said...

Just too good. I'm in a rather cold UK flat, but I raise a summery can of beer to your couldn't give a shit attitude to age-appropriate-rick-rack!!

sacramento said...

You and your beautiful dresses, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so jealous!!!!

La Dama said...

guess waht I got your parcel today,yay
gracias amor..I am gleaming from ear to ear.
what a great candy striped dress..you looking festive with wine..what kind of wine amor?
look at your sewing room full of lovely surprises.that red polka dot vestido is so you..you earned it..so dont worry about it.
what a clever idea..sometimes we should listen to our men.

Rose&Bird said...

40+?! You never are! You stick with the ric-rac, girl - it's how you wear it that counts x

Straight Talking Mama! said...

I love the ric rac! I rarely worry about age appropriateness either, 45 this year eeek!!

Comtesse de ferveur said...

Age appropriate pshaw, I don't go in for it. I strongly suggest that you keep on not giving a shit about it because les r├ęsultats are always fabulous m'dear!
I also have an alteration pile and I can hardly sew, so imagine my admiration for your whizz-kiddedness in this regard!

Misfits Vintage said...

Couldn't agree more with all of the above commenters. Age appropriate?? Bloody hell, I'd probably never leave the house if I had to be age-appropriate.

I LOVE the polka dot frock and the clever amendments you made to cover the bleed. And I love your gorgeous outfit in the top pic. So glamorous darling!

I have a bundle of 'waiting to be fixed up' frocks on hangers on the back of my bedroom door and there were so many that the hangy-uppy thing stretched and bent right over and the frocks all fell off! Think it's time I started sewing?

Hope you're having a GORGEOUS day!

Sarah xxx

Anonymous said...

really wish I me some revamping skills. Have several projects lined up I'm going to attempt by hand.

Brians an unusual name for a girl said...

Nice outfit....dying to see what you do with the green frock. Hope you don't mind I pinched a photo and put you on my blog this week as part of my weekly heart because lets face it- you're farking fabulous!!!!!

Miss Claire said...

When the op-shops are having a dry period, you will be thankful for the frocks stashed under that desk! xx

Alex said...

Well you're far more organised and productive than I am! My mending pile has been in the spare bedroom for about 6 months now, completely untouched. I think it might be breeding...

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dear Helga, it's definitely not too cute for you. I love what you've done with it.

It is so dull and there's barely no light in London. We did have sun yesterday but that was it. Your are so lucky with your weather xx

Kelly said...

Good disguising and neer too cute for you!!

I want and need a sewing area. Mine gets bundled in the spare room then forgotten about.


Kandi said...

You clever thing, love your revamp and I love rick rack - but it's a bugger to sew!
Kandi x
p.s. can something ever be too cute for any age?

giddynici said...

Great job with the ric rac and well done G for his suggestion. And nothing is too cute for you. You look fabulous in whatever you wear. x