I sneeze in your general direction in the nicest possible way

Good evening!
I'm not sure what the expression "po-faced" means, but I suspect I'm doing it!
Notice anything different?!

Apart from zero makeup-save a slash of pink lipstick that lasted another 10 seconds due to snot-there is something on my forehead.....

One of my treats that arrived in the mail yesterday was this fabulous Claytons (hands up who knows what I'm talking about?!) fringe from my beloved Vix !!!
It's a bloody good match, and as I have very fine hair and can't do a fringe of my own-not to mention a horrendous cows lick-it's the perfect way to have a fringe when I'm not having a fringe!
I feel it makes me look younger.....
Anyway, I'm wearing the frock I made yesterday!
Cardi-Selcuk, Turkey
Necklace-vintage, opshopped
Hair decoration-made by the fair hands of darling Sarah

After I took these pix, it was off out in the car to fetch cough medicine and a new supply of tissues.

I carried this "bolsa", which I got in Oaxaca a couple of years back. I freakin' love it.
Colourful, and with sequins!
(Y'know, after raving about wanting sequins from arsehole to breakfast time the other week, I haven't found a single sequined thing I like?! Bloody bollocks!)
It looks like we're generating some enthusiasm regarding the swap idea.
My idea is this.
I'm currently making a tote bag out of patchwork denim, with a splendid lining.
The plan is to send it around one by one in order of the particpant list which I shall post Monday.
You either add to, or decorate the tote.
For example, embroider it. Or add a flower. Make and add a coin purse, or cell phone holder, whatever.
Add a button, make a sunglass case to go inside it, maybe.
We're a creative and clever bunch!
Then we want to see a pic of you posing with it.
When you send it to the next person on the list, include a little something else you have made for them to keep.
It will be your responsibility to get the address of the person next down the list from yourself.
When it has been by everyone-and it looks like it'll be a few!-it should come back to me, and then we'll have a giveaway, so someone can keep it for good.
It may get a little overloaded, but no matter!
Whomever wins it in the end can edit the tote to their taste!
I hope this meets with everybodies approval as an idea.
I think it will be fun, and that is the most important thing!
So, so far, I have 21 lovelies who wish to participate!!!
If you haven't already, add yourself to the list!
The finalised list will be posted Monday, in order of which I received your assent!
And Missy , honey, you are so in! It can be a simple or as complicated as you like! You could just add a funky badge or brooch!


Missy Vintage said...

Never heard of a Claytons fringe?!?! I honestly though you had your hair cut! freakily good match. Glad im in! I can deffo come up with something to embellish it! exciting! xx

Ronnie Rabbit said...

Hope you feel better soon :)

sacramento said...

Brilliantly put my dear friend. I will send you on Sunday the list from my blog to double check.
Loving your VIRGEN DE GUADALUPE bag.Fantastic.Does it come from Mexico????
Mil besos.
Soooooooooooooo excited!!!

Vintage Vixen said...

Wahey! You've lost years with that fringe, baby face! I can't believe how good a match that colour is.
That dress looks fabulous, especially with the genius additinal of the kick ass pink.
Get better soon.
Love you!
PS Swap sounds brilliant.

Perdita said...

Amazing fringe! I have a ludicrously long clip-in ponytail: real rock chick stripper stylee.

I adore that bag. Sequins galore and colour. Perfection!

Straight Talking Mama! said...

I have never heard of that fringe thing how fabulous! oooh I do love that bag, you really can never have enough sequins or rhinestones in my humble opinion

Get well soon chick!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

As soon as I clapped eyes on your fringe I remembered the line from Legally Blonde "hey Elle, guess what, guess what ... I got BANGS!" I cannot believe your fringe isn't real - it suits you and enhances your gorgeousness. Your swap sounds amaaaaaaaazing and I want in pleeeeeeeeease!!! I had a spontaneous outburst of laughter at your comment on my blog today!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoo

giddynici said...

The fringe looks amazing and it is just the right colour for you. And what a fabulous bag! x

Kitty said...

None of these people know what Claytons is, thats hilarious. I wish someone had a copy of the old tv ad with Jack Thompson. great idea for the swap!

Miss Claire said...

Helga has bangs!! They look fab...what a perfect match! Vix really is your twinny!

Please add me to the list!! I forgot to sign up!

Xx Claire

Penny Dreadful said...

Love the fringe, it is awesome. I don't know what Claytons is either! x

Smashingbird said...

And the dress looks amazing, of course! I also had no idea what a Clayton was....

Misfits Vintage said...

I remember Claytons! You even said the tagline!

The fringe looks fab - and you know I'm a fringe dweller from way back.

The frock is awesome and I LOVE the pink and orange combo- YOU LOOK AMAZING!

That Mary bag is fab - I got a new Mary today (she's in my post).

The swap sounds FABULOUS - I'm in, right?

Sarah xxx

Fanny Pinkleton said...

Fringe looks totally real. Sorry to hear about your cold, you need lots of hot toddies. That's what I always say about colds because I think the hot alcohol frightens away the snots!

KibitzKnitz said...

Oooh! I'm in on the Swap! I saw your 'bangs' and though Oh MY! she cut her hair! You tease... the fringe is quite a good match. :^) I have an orange dress that looks almost exactly that pattern, will have to finish revamping and see what transpires!

VainGlorySinner said...

You look VERY psychedelic in those colours and what a marvellous bag that is!!

You seem to have shoes in every single colour of the rainbow, it's so fun!

Your tote bag idea sounds great! xxx

liz said...

fringe yeah! (if it's good enough for Patsy...). Swap idea sounds great! Are those shoes VELVET? Because I've had a swatch of mustard-colored velvet in my fabric collection for years...into bartering, m'dear?? :)

La Dama said...

You look like your 12 yrs.old,too cute,the color is exactly your shade of red.
your dress came out great amor.,love the pearls and shoes.
dont know what Claytons means either,lol
how nice of Sarita sending that lovely headpiece/crown thingy.
I been wanting a virgin Mary shopping bag and was thinking of getting you one, when I go to Cali.I have a sequins Virgin patch,I want to attach to a cardy someday.
swapping sounds good to me.
love ya beautiful.

Alex said...

Am I on the list? That sounds simple enough for even me to manage!

The faux fringe is such a good match! Love it. And I LOVE the dress being modelled - I knew it would be the perfect sassy length.

VildesVerden said...

I am so jealous and in love with all your pink clothes!

Misfits Vintage said...

I know I've already commented but just wanted reiterate how FAB you look in this gorgeous pink and orange combo. and how clever you are!

Sarah xxx

Janna Lynn said...

Those bangs look adorable on you...and your right they are a good match, I thought you had trimmed your hair at first! Ha ha! Hearts, Janna Lynn

Anonymous said...

Oh, I am really looking forward to being a part of this. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dearest Helga, I really thought you'd cut your hair then! That's an amazingly good match and what a great idea. Every time I've had my hair cut into a fringe I've regretted it so that's perfect.

I adore the pink tights. That was my favourite shade of pink when I was a kid. I wanted EVERYTHING in shade. God I must have been dreary!

Count me in on the swap. I should have hung onto a few things. I had such a massive cull recently, I got a tad carried away xx

Trees said...

The fringe is a brilliant idea - I have a cow lick too that makes a fringe IMPOSSIBLE!! I want a fake fringe. You bag is fabulous too - I love that kind of sparkly Jesus Mexican stuff (I am sure there is some proper fashion/design word for it).

Also for the swap - I would be SO SO Into it!!

Pearl Westwood said...

The swap sounds even more exciting now!! Cant wait to add my random addition to the bag! The fake fringe is such a good idea, I could get on and have the worlds largest fringe, or even a two tone fringe wow! x