Fecking with my Fringe

We've had the most perfect Autumn sunshine today.
Ideal for this frock, which I wear quite a lot.
I found this last year, and stupidly left it behind. (I know)
Luckily for me, it was still there 1 week later, so I snapped it up, and it is a firm favourite.
Today I'm wearing it with:
Scarf-my beloved Vix
Sandles-barely seen, Campeche, Mexico

Sweetheart Nicole gave me this ring/bracelet combination thingy last night. I confess that it was what inspired my hippyish outfit today. She also gave me the bronzey bracelet on my left wrist. The pendant is made of bass strings and metal. It was made by a woman named Violet, who nowadays runs a vintage boutique in Dunedin. I bought this off her 19 years ago, when we were both living in the same squat (briefly, for G and I) in Pekham, London.

I've been out and about a bit this morning, to get some groceries and a zip for G's pants that I am in the throes of. Due to earthquake damaged roads, it took me much longer than I expected. Later this afternoon we are going to a bbq, and then to a cousin's 19th birthday. I have volunteered to drive, and we will be taking Cousin Phil along with us.

WTF am I going to wear?!

Last night I wore this heavily revamped frock that I bought for $2 a couple of years ago. It was midi length, with a boring round neck. So I turned it into an empire line, took it up, and used the excess to make binding for a new neckline. It's much better and far more wearable!
G henna'd my hair for me yeasterday, so I put some on my new fringe as well.
I feel quite terribly glamourous.

Also wearing:
Tights-my beloved Vix
Shoes-Trade Me
The dark, dark lipstick is one I bought duty free way back in my Goth days. It's almost black, and I use a blue eyeliner to line my lips when I wear it!
Someone asked about the red lipstick I was wearing the other night-it's an Avon one, the colour is called Strawberry Delish, I think. I love red lipstick, and need a new one. I might have a look at duty free when I go to Sydney on Thursday, ( EEEK! 5 sleeps! ) or just shop for one whilst I'm there.
O, I've not had much of a chance to go throught the box of fabric I was given, yet. Tomorrow!
I do hope I find some goodies in there!


delia hornbook said...

You always wear the most amazing dresses its the whole outfit i love the coloured tights, shoes your accessories its just fab ;-) I can't pick which one i like the best today as there both great. have a lovely weekend, dee x

Kitty said...

Yes, definitely looking a bit goth today!! Wish I was coming to meet you, big poos to the van blowing up on me :(

Straight Talking Mama! said...

I do love you with a fringe it looks so fab! And I love the second pic, so much colour everywhere and all FABULOUS!

Nelly said...

Love both outfits I need you over here to help me revamp mine.I am scared to in case I wreck them ( historically have done so hence hesitation)No one would know that wasnt your fairdinkum fringe.

VainGlorySinner said...

Your hair colour is beautiful!

I love the bright hippy frock, so colourful.. and that new bracelet/ring combo looks realllllllly gorgeous!!! I want one!

I love the tights you are wearing in your second outfit, they look quite bizarre! I always love those cute purple shoes.

Hope you have a great evening, sounds like you have loads of fun things planned! xxx

VainGlorySinner said...

Ooo and talking of makeup! If you enter my giveaway on my blog you could win some for freeeeeeeeeee! xxx

Rose&Bird said...

The fringe is a great idea and I love both dresses. Have fun tonight x

Misfits Vintage said...

I love both outfits - I adore the fabric of the maxi SO MUCH and love the delicious style of the second (another amazing revamp by you, clever woman!).

Your hair is looking AMAZING and I love how you've been experimenting with your fringe - YAY FOR FRINGE DWELLERS!!

FIVE SLEEPS! (Save room in your suitcase, I have pressies for you!)

Hope you've had a DIVINE night!

Sarah xxx

Fanny Pinkleton said...

You are a great cheerer of a morning. Your lovely colours and style!

Vintage Vixen said...

You look so fabulous and have proper cheered me up on this vile, damp and miserable afternoon.
Isn't it strange that the stuff we disregard often becomes our favourite? I think I think it's too good to be true and ignore it the first time see it.
That fringe and dark lippie look super hot.
Love you!

sacramento said...

I love both frocks. The are sooooooo fantastic.
You really look good with your hair down and fringe.
have a superb weekend my dear.

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

I have to confess that when I first saw your post title on Google Reader, I thought it said "FEcking with my fridge" which I thought was a bit odd! Anyway, enough of my short sightedness nonsense.... Love both dresses and, yup, still loving the fringe!

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

I have to confess that when I first saw your post title on Google Reader, I thought it said "FEcking with my fridge" which I thought was a bit odd! Anyway, enough of my short sightedness nonsense.... Love both dresses and, yup, still loving the fringe!

MyStyle said...

Hi there-wow, both dresses are awesome, I love how you recustomised the 2nd one, but your first favourite is my favourite on you too, very gorgeous indeed! Have a great time this weekend xx

Janna Lynn said...

I love how gorgeous you look! The 1st dress looks amazing, I do love you hair down like that. The second one was perfectly retailored...not to mention your hairs down again...it so long! Your looking fabulous...have a great weekend. Hearts, janna lynn

Smashingbird said...

That lippie is actually very biba-like. I love the addition of the petticoat, I may steal that idea.....

Alex said...

How on earth did you overlook that dress first time round? It's absolutely perfect on you and such a beautiful pattern.

giddynici said...

That maxi dress is fabulous. How lucky that it was still there. Lovin vamp Helga! x

liz said...

love the hippie outfit/jewelry (naturally!). purple tie-dyed tights?! yes ma'am!

ana b. said...

Your first dress is so glamorous. I love the neckline and the length. You look like a queen!

La Dama said...

I love both outfits one Goddess and the other Gothic Mama.
the maxi was destined for you amor.
want those purple shoes and tight,petticoat added petticoat so creative.
I love your freaking fringe!

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dearest Helga, both frocks are gorgeous! I love what you've done with the second one.

I can't believe you used to live in a squat in Peckham. I wish I knew you then! xx

LandGirl1980 said...


Vintage Coconut said...

Looking good Helga! But when aren't you?? hhaha
That blue dress witht the matchy jewelery looks STUNNIN!