Feeling grotty? Get productive!

I still haven't been feeling up to par, very snotty and grotty, so I took today off work.
After a huge sleep in, I spent the morning coughing my lungs out and decided to go cough in my sewing room.
I was very productive, and consequently (I'm sure!) felt quite a bit better!
I made this frock, using a smallish piece of fabric I'd opshopped last year, and a pattern that my darling Vix
sent me a while back. It's rare these days that I actually sit and sew something from start to finish. I seem to have less stamina/concentration in the last few years. Mind you, having said that, I did break up the process by having lunch and watching "Revolutionary Road"....I think I'm full of crap!
I loved the movie, incidentally. Kate Winslet is fab. I still can't warm to Leonardo di Caprio, though.
Something about his face makes me want to smack it.

I popped a wee bow in front, made out of the tiniest scrap I had left over. The frock is really short! There was just enough! I adore the print, and the colours! I also added ric rac, my fave trim. I'll wear it tomorrow! I haven't actually gotten dressed today!
In addition to this, I laid out the pattern for some new burgundy pants for G, to be cut out tomorrow. Poor baby, it always takes me ages to get around to sewing for him!
I really do feel better this afternoon, hopefully it's for real!
So, there seems to be some interest in this swap idea!
Sweetheart Sacramento has come up with the plan!
First, we need to know who wants to participate.
I'll put a time limit on this, so I'd like to know by Sunday.
I see there are a few already interested! I'll make a list Monday, including those of you who have already expressed interest, and anybody else who wants to play.
Second, she suggested we come up with 2 things, one to send round, and one to keep.
We just have to decide what "it" will be!
No sweat!
Thanks for the hat feedback!
General consensus is pretty good; a couple of you suggested taking off the bow.
I'll continue to play with it, and see what happens!
PS-I also received some treats in the mail today....I shall reveal in due course!


Ivy Black said...

Lovey frock! I love those Maudella patterns.
I'm defo in for the swap....xxx

Missy Vintage said...

Wish I could sew. I'm determined to learn this year.....I will wait until I can swap more than my name badly stitched on a pillow case before I join a swap! lol. lovely idea x hope you continue to feel better

Vintage Vixen said...

You are such a freaky twin! If you could see what I'd cut out and started making last night you'd be lost for words!!! Eeeeeek!
That dress is freaking fabulous, I cannot wait to see you rocking that beauty.
Hope the day off made you feel a million times better.
Yes to the international blogging swap.
Love you!

Straight Talking Mama! said...

Sorry you're still feeling grotty hope you get well soon, give yourself some time hon!

Great piece of sewing love it! I also promise I'm going to make OH stuff and never get round to it and I too have been feeling guilty about it lately so I'm going to try to start something for him this weekend!

Kitty said...

Yes that does look very short, but I'm sure you'll find a great way to wear it, you always do! I love the print, btw, the pink ric rac is perfect for it! I'll keep an eye for more sewing bits for you btw.xx.

Kitty said...

Oh I forgot yes I'm up for the swapping thing too.xx.

Misfits Vintage said...

Ooh that frock is FABULOUS - I LOVE the fabric and the ric rac and bow! You are so clever Lady Helga! Does it have a zip or buttons somewhere or does it just slip on? Can't wait to see you in it!

Hope you feel better.

Sarah xxx

sacramento said...

My dear Helga, yeahhhhhhhhhh things are moving
Do you put a list and ask people to add their names to it????. We could even mention the swaping in our blogs???
Fun, fun, fun.
Loving the dress,made while coughing hehehhe.
Get better, remember, you are the queen!!!

Alex said...

It doesn't look that short to me. If you've got great legs then get them out, that's my motto! The ric-rac is an inspired little touch.

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

The dress is gorgeous and I love the bow and the ric rac trimming. Yay, ric rac rocks!

VainGlorySinner said...

Groovacious frock! It has your name written all over it! I can't wait to see it worn, I'm sure you will accessorise it perfectly!! xxx

Ronnie Rabbit said...

Clever soul! The material has great colours in it, its very you.Love the trim too.

Janna Lynn said...

Ahhhhh.....I love it! What an adorable little dress!! I feel much better, probably due to your well wishes and antihistamines that I took in abundance! :) I made some pants, it might have made me feel better too! Keep on healing up from your cold, I'll be sending you some of those healing vibes!! Hearts, Janna Lynn

Pearl Westwood said...

Ric rac, ric rac, ric rac I just love to say it! Hope you will be feeling better soon the dress looks fab though! What will be getting swapped in the swap shop, I must have missed this idea along the way but it sounds fun, I want to play!

Perdita said...

Darn. I can glass paint but it's not the ideal medium for wearing or swapping! :(

sacramento said...

Hi Helga, the project is in my post today, just wait and see my dear queen bee.

Kelly said...

Gorgeous colours on that dress, high five to your productive skills. I sit and be ill when I'm umm ill!! :)


liz said...

yes dress! I feel the same way about Leo. He looks like a bratty kid in adult clothes. I just pulled my own sewing machine out 2 days ago too...there must be something in the air...la la laaaaaa...

liz said...

...p.s., I'm new to your posse but whatever creative swap you're planning, I'm CERTAIN I will LOVE it!!! (count me in!)

lady sélénite said...

I didn't know you could sew so fabulously ! This dress is beautiful, congratulations ! It's good to create things by ourselves !

giddynici said...

Fab dress, good job. Those colours will look fantastic on you. Can't wait to see it. x

La Dama said...

That vestido is amazing , you know short frocks are yo thang.
Cant wait to see your sexy legs amor!
Rest lots huni, hope you get well soon.

Vintage Coconut said...

Your lucky I don't live near you.. I wouls snatch that cute little dress right out of your house. Jump in it and prance all around town as proud as a peacock!

Darn You and Vix for your SeWiNg SkIlLs you two girls make me ENVIOUS.

Can't wait to see the dress on you.

Missy Vintage said...

Sweet cheeks, I am interested in the swap but I can't sew (yet) so it depends on what crafty little things that might me made?! I'm a crafty little fox in other ways, I just haven't mastered a sewing machine yet.... Do you think I should join or shall I watch for now and join another time? May be I could use the gems that go around as inspiration? What do you think?!I won't be offended if you suggest sitting it out! ;O) x or maybe you could just be my guinea pig and I will just send gifts your way as you seem to make anything work! haha! xx

señora Allnut said...

such an awesome frock you've made and I'm astonished by your sewing talent (it would take me ages to sew a dress!), and love the colorful fabric!!
And I want to play!!, love the idea of an international swap!, it's international fun!!


Brians an unusual name for a girl said...

I'm in for the swap!! Frock is gorgeous

Georgia Rose said...

Such an amazing dress! The colours are wonderful.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

I luuuurrrrve this dress so much - aren't sewing days lovely even if they are far and few between? I remember when I used to make jackets - now I'm old and disgraceful I like refashioning stuff and using the Very Easy one-hour patterns. Please can I join the swap group? Does the group's challenge have a name yet? xo

Smashingbird said...

I'm sooo jealous of your dressmaking skills, this one looks like a cracker! I'd love to join the swap group too!

delia hornbook said...

I love your dress gorgeous colour and i love the ribbon around the edging its great, dee x

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dearest Helga, I love the pink and orange together. I have Revolutionary Road on DVD but I've never watched it. I must pop it to the top of the pile.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I wish I could sew! xx

TC said...

oh that dress is adorable!