I love the motorway

Hurrah for Fridays!
This is what I wore to work this morning.
Frock-Shabby Chic Market, revamped by moi
Stockings-were tights, the crutch blew out (!), so I cut the legs off and revamped them as stockings
Handbag-a Rex (vintage, made in christchurch) from the Retropolitan garage sale
Flower-Riccarton Markets

But I was driving out to Rangoon this afternoon (otherwise known as Rangiora) to see Justine, so I had to have a costume change.
Justine has been staying at her parents out there, with Baby Rose, as there is still no water or sewerage at her and Mikel's place. Pixie has come down from Wellington, so she's out there too.
We went out to lucnh in downtown Rangoon, which is about as exciting as watching paint dry!
We met up with Nicki, a friend of Justine's who is in the same boat re living conditions, and is staying with friends out there.
Frock-made by moi; the centre front and centre back panels were a vintage curtain
Stockings-as above
Shoes-as above
Handbag-as above
Scarf-darling Vix

I look like a different lass with my hair like this!!!

Good thing I had the aircon on whilst I hooned to Rangoon up the motorway-if I'd had the window open my hair would have been all over the place!

(Note: "hooning" is driving at impressive speeds)

At lunch!
Left to right-Nicki and son Alex, Justine, Pixie and MOI!

I finally used the $50 bookshop gift card that G's Mama gave me for my birthday!
I guess I'm going to be doing some cooking......!!!
Band practice tonight!
Nix and Si have no water, so they'll be over soon to shower young Sam (nearly 4!) and have dinner!
Not to mention a few...ok, a lot, of drinkies!!!


Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dearest Helga, your hair looks gorgeous like that. Outfit 2 is my fave. I want to know how the crutch "blew out" of your tights. It's cheered up my morning anyway! xx

delia hornbook said...

Love your outfits my favourite is outfit number 1 gorgeous colours. Have a great weekend, dee x

Straight Talking Mama! said...

have a fab weekend chick, you look fabulous as ever!

VainGlorySinner said...

Its so weird that I've just got up half an hour ago and your Friday is almost over! It makes me feel lazy because I've not even dressed yet! I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone :|

Love your hair in a scarf like that and your handbag looks so very retro! xxx

Alex said...

Headscarves are clearly where it's at, although you look infinitely better in yours than I did in mine yesterday!

Frock 2 is a stunner.

Mrs Munster said...

Ooh, pretty hair :) You really dlook lika a different gal. Both outfits rule.

giddynici said...

You are so colour coordinated all the time, it's great. The scarf in the hair is fab. x

VildesVerden said...

Love your dresses! Wish you a wonderful weekend!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Hells bells ... you and Vix are cosmic twins aren't you? She wore a skirt made from curtain fabric today ... yum ... and the dress you've made is completely bloody gorgeous!!!! Tights to stockings - clever you, you minx!! And you've just introduced me to pink and yellow - bingo!!!! xoxoxoxoxo

Kelly said...

You look a right beaut!!
Love your hair.


Andreea said...

I adore the colors in your outfit, so beautiful!

♥ Kisses ♥


Vintage Vixen said...

Pink and yellow, like a divine slice of battenburg cake! I love the idea of sticking a curtian in the middle of your frock, what a glorious idea to liven up something dull.
That scarf look amazing, you look so different and beautiful, too.
Have a wonderful weeeknd and try not to hoon too m,uch. Love ya. xxxxxxxxxxx

La Dama said...

You look so cutesy innocent with your hair like that,your orange colors just brighten up mi dia amor.
what a fab curtain idea..never thought of that one.
hahay, the crotch blew up,love your use of words.
have a fantastico fin de semama.

Perdita said...

Those cookbooks look fabulous! Not as fabulous as you motorway drivin' outfit though!

seƱora Allnut said...

love the dress you made with the curtain fabric, so floral and colorful, and the revamped stockings! such a good work!. And love too your boxy bag, beautiful color!
You're pretty elegant in your new hairdo, great style!!

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Adore those dresses. I've got a bedspread that looks rather like the first dress, only in blue.

Happy hooning!

Janna Lynn said...

I do love your hair like that!!! You look lovely like always! I am thankful for the education in new terminology for me...I shall be hooning on my way to the doctor's this afternoon...so they can give me a cure for the aching lungs that I've contracted as a new zombie :)! Hearts, Janna Lynn P.S. I just wanted to use Hooning in a sentence right away! Ha ha!

Louise said...

You look amazing. I love the dress with the curtain in front. Such an ace idea. xxx

Vintage Coconut said...

Both outfits are lovely, but I adore that second dress! It is soooo sweet!

Thank you for letting us know what hooning is.. or I would have been confused. lol

Misfits Vintage said...

I love both looks and I just can't believe how celever you are making your own frocks - you're amazing! I ADORE your hair like this.

You crotch blowing hoon!

Sarah xxx