Occasionally repulsive

It pisses down, the sun comes out. It hails. The sun comes out.
It pisses down in torrents.
Crazy weather!!!
We had a splendid evening with the niece and nephew last night. We were supposed to have our other nephew as well, but he ran into a tree.
No worries, more ribs and icecream for us!
I toddled off to bed about 11:30 pm, G and the kids were up to about 1am, the buggers!
Those kids are troupers. We had 2 aftershocks, one of which was quite vigorous, and they handled them beautifully. I was slightly freaking, as I had children under my care....eek!
Scary shit. Not my bag, baby!
Anyway, I took Maya out for belated birthday shopping this morning and bought her the first season of Glee on DVD.
She's got me hooked on it, damn it.
So I'll get some enjoyment out of the pressie too.

Behold Primitive G and his mountain of ribs.
Note "I'm so fecking good" expression on his face!
Sorry if animalistic image is offensive to my darling vege/vegan friends.....
Platter made by moi!
I guess that could almost count as a Made Me March contribution, except I'm not wearing it!!!
I am wearing:
Frock-reconstructed by moi from a vintage frock
Bow-made by moi
Handbag-vintage, Retropolitan garage sale
Shoes-Farmers sale
Necklace-my darling Vix


Hannah said...

Ur necklace is beautifull! and your shoes! =O, love the shoes, and of course, the ribs.
Keep safe!

Janna Lynn said...

Oh...I do love those shoes too..as well as the plate of ribs, Yum! I'd be freakin out too! Its always a little scary when you've got to look out for youngsters! Do I spy a Vegas T on G? I used to live there many years ago! Ha ha! Take care you guys...Hearts, Janna Lynn

Perdita said...

Om nom nom ribs! They look yummy indeed, as do you with that darling bow.

sacramento said...

I always love your wonderful dresses. Where do you get them????
MIl besos and a happy Sunday my dear helga.

Rose&Bird said...

Fab outfit as always! Clever G, he does indeed look very pleased with himself! You made the platter - how multi talented are you?! Could we have a piccie of the platter on its own please?

Fanny Pinkleton said...

Those ribs make me WANT to eat meat again.

IMAN said...

I'm a bit distracted by that plate of ribs. I meant to comment on your smashing frock, but I'm still stuck on the ribs. Mmmmmmmmmm........

KibitzKnitz said...

Darling Helga, you look gorgeous as per and G is a BEAST!! My Mr. Fuzzy has mastered the fine art of grilling ribs and ~RAWR!~ Love the fellas who cook over open flame! Can't wait for our weather here to become balmy... there will be porch-sitting with a cool drink and delish food!

La Dama said...

I want all your vestidos,shoes, everything.
that bow is the cutest.
darn kids,my niece stays up all night like my sisters and I.
I want Go-Man's special ribs..he is looking rather handsome.

Vintage Vixen said...

Check out G's ribs! What a feast! It's not offensive in the slightest, not served on that glorious UNPATTERNED plate!!!!!
You look fabulous, what a gorgeous bow.
LOve you!

Louise said...

Lol, G's expression did make me chuckle. I love your frock... and your mega hair bow! Delish as usual, and those ribs have made me hungry! xx

Vintage Coconut said...

OoOohHhH RIBS! *mouth waters* They look delicious! Why must you make me so hungry at 12:15 p.m.??

Alex said...

Nom! I haven't had ribs for YEARS and now I immediately want to hop on a plane to NZ and come round for dinner.

Let me know if you remember which Diana Wynne Jones you've read. I don't think she's written a bad one yet but some of them are a little odder than others.

Anonymous said...

I think repeated aftershocks would make me a nervous wreck. The food looks delicious...and that necklace from Vix is a winner.

Misfits Vintage said...

Gorgeous outfit AS ALWAYS - especially love the necklace and the fab bow - but I am distracted as I can still see yesterday's frock when I scroll to the bottom of the post... and yeterday's post makes me want to PROPOSE to you!!!

G, you big hunk of manhood, all smug and gorgeously hairy and cave-manny. Ggrrrrrr...
Sarah xxx

VainGlorySinner said...

Your T-bar shoes looks gorgeous! Very sophisticated! I love all your fun outfits!

Gee Whiz! G has out done himself there.. that plate of ribs looks huge and delicious!!

The handles on your kitchen cupboards look like taps! How cool! xxx

Crystal Lee said...

I love your cardigan & those ribs are making my mouth water!!!! I love me some ribs. Goodness, I hope your nephew is alright.

giddynici said...

G does look very pleased with himself! haha. x

liz said...

Yes Helga, I do believe I'd wear EVERY ITEM YOU HAVE ON! I'm nutso for t-strap shoes. Ice cream and ribs???! Perfect combo (and I'm vegan right now--ha!) (more like "vegan").

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dearest Helga, on the rare occasions I look after children I always let them stay up late then buy them something at the shops. Works every time they never play me up. The parents never get it. Those ribs look fabulous xx