Seals and penguins and vintage and retro, o MY!

Here I am on Thursday evening, applying liquid eyeliner.
G was amused by my flapping my hands around to dry it, so he videoed me, and you can find that little titbit at the bottom of this post!

So, we had a band practice Thursday night.
I croaked my way through a fair bit of it, then conked out.
I wore:
Frock-made by moi
Bow belt-opshopped
Shoes-Trade Me
Necklace-made by moi
Bow-made by my beloved Vix

Fringe benefits!

Then, yesterday (Friday), we went up to Kaikoura for the night, to visit our lovely Dave, Jana, and baby Anastasia.

Serious driving face.
Frock-made by moi
Shirt-retro, opshopped
Bow-made by moi

Dave used to flat with us, and besides being the bestest flatmate in the universe, he is also a joy to cook for.
So whenever we pop up, I like to cook him and Jana dinner.
I made them a classic lasagne, which I have never made before!
Dave, like the squidgey he is, knows a lovely lass, Miriam, who is about to open a vintage/retro shop, and he arranged for me to have a little preview!!
So we nipped on round to Lemon Dolly-it's on Beach Rd, Kaikoura, if any NZ readers are planning to go that way, officially opening next week, I think-and had a squiz through the delights on offer.
I found 3 fabulous things I want!!!!
I'm gonna have to get my paws on them; one was a black turbanish hat that looks like a flowery bathing cap.
I must have it, Miriam!!!
We'll talk.
This shop is just what Kaikoura needs!
It's another reason to go up a bit more regularly!
Janelle aka Nelly darl, you certainly did get yourself on the list.
And Christina , you sexy bint, it isn't a major if you don't make your tote add on yourself!
And, in fact, the gift you must send with it doesn't have to be made yourself, either.
Preferable, perhaps, but not essential!
G is currently playing jazz whist starting preperations for a 4 course dinner we are cooking for our friends Jo and Helen tonight!


Missy Vintage said...

LOL! It's 4:20 am and I have a terrible bout of insomnia so I am miserable/grumpy but that little clip made me laugh!!
It's the flapping and the face pulling! haha. I wondered if we might get to hear you speak. I often think it seems weird to hear what bloggers sound like! xx

Misfits Vintage said...

Oh lawd awmighty I do not know what I love more - the video, the enormous hair bow, the polka dot blouse, the faux fringe or the gorgeous red halter neck frock! You are so beautiful!

12 more sleeps!!!!!

Love, Sarah xxx

Miss Peregrin said...

Absolutely loving the fringe! But then, you can rock absolutely anything. Looking great, as usual!

giddynici said...

You look totally gorgeous especially in the first outfit. Nights of good cooked food with friends sounds great. Hope you get the things you want from the new shop! x

sacramento said...

You are funny, and wonderful, and beautiful , anddddddddddd.
Loving you.

Comtesse de ferveur said...

Aw yo hand flappin' gurl! I wring the life outta my hands whenever excited about something. Might you do the same too? Loving the awesome fringe so much - and loving the freedom of it!

Fanny Pinkleton said...

What a peach. And magical golden shoes too. xx

Perdita said...

I adore your driving outfit, it has something of the Minnie Mouse about it, so cute and 50s!

Previewing a new vintage shop? Jammy jammy jammy!

Vintage Vixen said...

That fringe is just divine, you look sooooo fricking gorgeous in it.
Get the turban, purlease!!!!
Love ya,

Straight Talking Mama! said...

You really suit the fringe! I'm very jealous of you previewing a new vintage shop, wow I bet you nearly wet yourself!

Ronnie Rabbit said...

Love the video, we all do it too,flap I mean! lol :)

Smashingbird said...

I absolutely love that fringe on you, sooo gorge! x

Trees said...

I love love that first outfit -especially the necklace:) Do let me know if your friends shop in Kaikoura goes online - I don't make it to the South Island as much as I would like too but I am always on the hunt for good vintage (especially since it costs so much in Wellington)

Pearl Westwood said...

Ha ha what I do to dry eye liner is try and blow upwards, makes me look like Pop-Eye!! The big bows are fab, I also hear Prince William was visiting you neck of the woods this week, did you see him? xx

Anonymous said...

I'm loving the contrasting polka dots in the second ensemble and the bits of ribbon on the first one. Wish you could come cook at my house.

La Dama said...

You look like a disco diva,I love the gold shoes and belt.
I always do that with my eyeliner, Buddy always says Whats wrong?
serious outfit kicks ass.
oh you should try curling your fringe into pin up bangs..would love to see you in rolled fringe.get the turban, I am dieing to get one.
I loved your video,so cute amor, more.. more.

Sarsaparilla said...

That big yellow bow is purrfect! Vix did good. :)

That turban hat that looks like a flowery swim cap sounds intriguing. I think you should get it. If anyone can pull it off, it would be you!

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dearest Helga, you look amazing! I love the close up of you in the yellow bow and orange outfit. The bow looks brilliant with the fringe. Clever Vix! The heart necklace you made is fantastic so are the gold shoes.

Also I LOVE the red polka dot look.

Haha! Count me in on the list. I would make something but I cannot sew for toffee.

I want a Skype chat with you Vix and Sarah or even one at a time! Vix and I chat on the phone anyway but I want to hear you two. I thought you might talk on the clip! Love C xx

Anonymous said...

loving the fringe.... you look like a teenager :)

Kate said...

your so clever to make your own dresses, thats what I aspire to be able to do!

Vintage Coconut said...

That top picture's wall paint is the same as my bedroom! Lovely lovely