There's no tissue big enough

I am currently oozing ectoplasmic white goo from nose and mouth....
More precisely, I have a cold.
Now I know why I was feeling a little blah, and very tired, over the last few days.
My offering for Me Made March is the bow above.
A very simple offering, yes, not as orgiastically extreme as an armidillo, I know.
Nevertheless, it is my offering today.

My lovely G pulled out some of my pottery and photographed it.
What a love!
The platter some of you wanted to see is middle left, and the pic immediately to it's right.
Most of my cups and another platter were broken in the quake.
I will now go and sniffle quietly in the corner....
You've all done very well!


VainGlorySinner said...

Aww! Poor Helga! I wish that you make a quick recovery from the annoying nasty critter that is the cold!

I love that flower dish and the zig-zaggy rimmed one! The big planter looks so professional! So many pretty glazes!

A part of my Art & Design college course was Ceramics. My ceramics teacher once told me I had more brains than the whole of the class put together! I liked that tutor very much and enjoyed the classes! My mum has my thingums that I made! xxx

Vintage Vixen said...

You poor love! Well done G on getting out your pots and cheering you up.
What a fine selection. Mine takes pride of place next to the sink and I think of you each time I wash up.
Get well soon, sweetheart!
Love you.

Ivy Black said...

Take it easy, lovey.
I love pottery, I'm crap at it so I do appreciate it when it's been made by people who can do it. I think that blue platter is fab and I can see the flower bowl in my house!
Not only are you damn gorgeous and funny but you're multi talented.
Go put your feet yp and get some vapour rub on your chest....!xxx

Perdita said...

Get well soon. :(

Your pots are great, talented lady!

Straight Talking Mama! said...

Aw hon, hope you feel better soon!

I love pottery you have some fab pieces, horrible that some broke in the quake, lordy I can't imagine what this place would be like if we had a quake! All those cocktail glasses!

VivatVintage said...

እግዚአብሄር የውርደልካ

"Get well soon!", or something similar, in many languages.

LandGirl1980 said...

You be getting better soon!!! Also - you MADE those plates and things? ROCK ON!

Miss Claire said...

Look how creative you are! I feel inspired to do some pottery now...if only I knew how! The colours are beautiful, it's such a shame that some were ruined by the earthquakes :(

Get well soon sweets! I've had a bit of a cold too, but nothing that yukky!

Xx Claire

Janelle aka Nelly said...

Hope you are all better soon is the autumn weather that has us lot up here sniffling away.

Fanny Pinkleton said...

You need a hot toddy, that will get the pipes clean. Your pottery is wonderful, sorry to hear some of it got broke.

Alex said...

Aw honey, look after yourself! Have some wine - alcohol must surely kill off the cold germs, no?

The pottery is just stunning, especially the platter. The colour of it is amazingly beautiful.

ps - was thinking of you last night whilst watching NZ in the cricket. You produce some nice men down there, don't you? Ross Taylor is so sweet!

Sarsaparilla said...

Poor Helga - get better soon! You are a talented potter-ess! I especially love your pink flower bowl.

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Hope you feel better soon. Love the bow. As for the pottery, it's amazing. You are one talented lady.

sacramento said...

My lovely Helga get yourself some ECHINNACEA. It works wonders.
Do take care.
Mil besos.

Rose&Bird said...


Sorry to hear you're not feeling too good -hope the cold goes away soon x

AMAZING pottery - you're so clever! I would love to know more about your pottery.

Kitty said...

I think I'm coming down with one too, at least I can blame VB. What a sweetheart the G-man is to you!

Penny Dreadful said...

Aw, hope you feel better soon Helgy. I used to be a potter too, what a shame that so many of your things got broken xx

delia hornbook said...

O dear so sorry to hear your not feeling well, dose yourself up and i hope you feel better real soon. I adore your pottery did you make them yourself? Take lots of care, dee x

Smashingbird said...

There's some gorgeous pieces of pottery - I love the greens and blues. I hope you feel better soon my lovely! x

RETRO REVA said...


giddynici said...

Aww hope you feel better soon love!

Your pottery is just beautiful. What a lovely thing to be able to make. Sorry some of them got broken. x

La Dama said...

hope you feel much better soon.
drink cinnamon tea and dont drink cold drinks.
loving the green and blue pottery.that bow is amzingly big,I love it.cute red spotty dress.
how sweet of G man.

señora Allnut said...

dear Helga, I wish you'll get better soon!, and your bow over all that orange/red color is beautiful!
And your pottery photos are awesome!
besos & salud

Vintage Coconut said...

The pottery is all rather beautiful.
I hope you get better very soon Helga. =)

Janna Lynn said...

Feel better soon sweet Helga...I feel guilty like I gave you my cold! I send you healing thoughts...Hearts, Janna Lynn

Misfits Vintage said...

Hope you feel better Lady Helga!

I love that cactus pot especially - aren't you clever!

Sarah xxx

Erika @ ~TiptoeButterfly~ said...

fell better! - and GREAT pots!!!


*kiss kiss*
Erika @ ~Tiptoe Butterfly~