Vodka, with a tequila chaser

Well, we ended up having more of a steam releasing jam last night. Particularly as our drummer, Darryl, didn't turn up. I guess he's got his hands full with wifey and 3 kids in the quake aftermath. Nix and Si ended up staying the night, with Sam-who was quite the party animal. Or wanted to be the party animal, more to the point!
I didn't realise, but Si and Nix had moved him to a different daycare-one that was (and I mean was) in the centre of town. So, when the quake hit, he was in the thick of it all, and, unknownst to us, so was Si; he happened to be working on High St. So Si was at least close enough to get to Sam quite quickly after the quake, but getting him out of the city was difficult, and fraught with smoke/screaming/rubble and I hate to think what else. So our young Sam has seen some scary stuff, too scary for nearly 4 year old eyes, and has been a bit wobbly since.
*Oooo, just had a nice aftershock.*
We ended up with Mikel over as well, and we had a nice dinner and proceeded to get plastered, and, once we got Sam to sleep, a messy jam!

Things have been tense all round, what with people losing their homes, their businesses, and some have lost loved ones. It's a strange atmosphere to be in. As you have noticed, G and I have been going at it with a good sense of humour. We're just like that anyway, and besides, we really have nothing to grizzle about. We got off very lightly.
It's just started raining, which will hopefully settle the dried silt that is all over the city. It's been really windy, and we've been having to wear dusk masks, the dust has been ghastly.
Enough already!
I'm wearing, for my Made Me March contribution, a frock that I made from opshopped material and a revamped pattern that I love so much, I have used it 5 times!!!
I scored a strapless bra at an opshop in Rangoon yesterday, so it was rather pleasant to not have to wear a cardi to cover the bra straps!
Shoes-Bangkok, years ago.
Earrings-birthday pressie from Justine
Necklace-a large brass key I opshopped with a chain from an existing necklace.

Our Nix looked lovely in her fabulous, opshopped frock! Such a fab shade of orange.

Tonight we are babysitting both our nephews and our niece.
Which means an orgy of playstation, spare ribs, icecream and chocolate. Then in the morning, they'll get sausages, bacon and eggs. And maybe I'll take Maya out for some belated birthday shopping. The shop I got her annual birthday gift card for is closed after the quake, so I'll see what else she may desire.....gawd help me!
I'm having a bolstering glass of wine right now.
And totally blithering to you lot.
I might just piss off and shut my mush now.
Ta ta!!


Anonymous said...

Oh, the poor little guy. One wonders how a child's mind might sort such impressions out. Admiring that large key around your neck. Best of luck with the little ones!

delia hornbook said...

aaaahhh bless him my heart goes out to him and everyone. I hope your able to get your city up and running again soon. But you really do have a great attitude to life which is in inspiring. Have a great evening with the kids, dee x

Miss Claire said...

I'm enjoying your hairstyle like that! Beautiful lady. You look smokin' in that dress (I know what you mean about the bra straps...I'm sick of co-ordinating my bra colour with the dress so that it's pass-able!). Good on you for keeping the light attitude during such a tough time.


Straight Talking Mama! said...

Bless him, can't imagine seeing that kind of thing at such a young age.

I love that dress, it really suits you! Well done on the strapless bra, I am endowed like yourself and strapless bras that can take the 'weight' are a nightmare ;o)

As it's breakfast time here reading vodka with a tequila chaser slightly made me yak but later is another matter he he!

Kitty said...

I really must be progressing in my old age but I quite like the key necklace! Isn't it so much faster to type when you're half pissed! It is now anyway, ha ha! Must be so weird living throught the whole quake thing...I keep trying to imagine what its like but can't...But hello, AUNTY HELGA!!?? God give me a gin!!!!!!!!!!!!

sacramento said...

I adore that dress and the key pendant. And the fact that life is a bunch of fun coming from you.
have a superb Weekend my dear Helga.

Kandi said...

I love to see you in that pornstar chair! Your orange frock is fantabulous I wish I could make clothing! Must be dreadful in Christchurch still the after effects will no doubt be far reaching and harrowing for many. Great to see you smiling looking fabulous in spite of it all.
Kandi x

Perdita said...

Aww. Poor little fella! But it's a great mercy to him that the adults around him are dealing with it with humour and love, comforting him now and teaching him valuable skills of adulthood.

The key necklace is deeeevine. Is it the key to your wardrobe, perchance? If so, I might be tempted to sneak in and steal it mwahahahaha! (Evil laugh). Not really, it would be criminal to deprive blog fans of a daily hit of wonderful Helga-style!

Rose&Bird said...

Fantastic dresses! I love the key necklace idea. Well done for keeping your chins up - there's enough sadness in the world. Kids are pretty resilient - hopefully Sam won't remember too much about it.
Have fun being 'Aunty'!

seƱora Allnut said...

I think that your playful joy of live and dress up is the better way to fight against that sad atmosphere!
And your dress is pretty well done and lovely summery (so nice colors!). You're always awesome!

Alex said...

Poor Sam :( Hopefully he's still too young for it to have done any permanent damage and like Perdita says, you're the best possible bunch of people to help him through it.

Ooh you look very like Elisabeth Moss in some of these pictures, although with a much more impressive bosom. That strapless bra is doing the trick!

Vintage Vixen said...

Looking utterly awesome in that porn chair.
That dress is divine on you, darling! You are such a phenomenally talented seamstress.
Babysitting? Eeeek! Give that poor little child a nip of tequila to help him get over his 'quake trauma.
Love you

Franca said...

Aahh, poor kidlet! I hope he and everyone else recovers soon!

I ADORE the frock! and your giant key, makes me wonder what its for!

VainGlorySinner said...

I love halter neck swing style dresses so I really love that dress that YOU MADE!! Such a beautiful summery pattern.

There has been a wicker chair VERY similar to that in my local charity shop for MONTHS! Your one looks much nicer though!

Mmm spare ribs, ice cream and chocolate! Eggs, bacon and sausages! You are making me drool! xxx

Mrs Munster said...

The dress is very flattering on you. LOvely fabric. It just must be so hard for children (or anyone) to have any horror in their life. Happy thoughts goes to all of you.

La Dama said...

I am loving that summer halter vestido amor..makes your breastest stand out.this style of dress really suits your dangerous curvas.
that porn chair rocks!

Fanny Pinkleton said...

*gulp* Oh my. I am so glad you are staying cheerful. It does sound like a strange atmosphere. I hope you'll all be okay and the aftershocks will be gentle. Lovely lovely dress.

Misfits Vintage said...

ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod I LOVE THAT DRESS!! Oh the fabric and the colours - you look AMAZING! I love your hair and the key and the pornstar chair too... but the frock! It rocks my world!

Sarah xxx

liz said...

"...G and I have been going at it with a good sense of humour. We're just like that anyway..." and that's the best way to be! My goodness, who could be depressed with YOUR wardrobe??? :)

Janna Lynn said... look lovely as always...that bra is totally working! I have antigravity I either let the straps show...or wear wider sleeveless gonna do! :) You really have had a good attitude about the situation after the quake. Going through that kind of devastation, even if you weren't directly affected too badly is rough, it stains everything for awhile. I will continue to send you and all your friends my best wishes and love. Hearts, janna lynn

Trees said...

loving that key necklace...might try and make something simmilar myself.

Its good to see the way you're handling the earthquake - the rest of the country is thinking of our cantabs!

Brians an unusual name for a girl said...

Smokin! I love that pattern. Your hair looks lovely like that. It's great to hear 'real' responses to the earthquake - sometimes all the earthquake media porn gets a bit much, that's not to minimise what you have all been through either..much love

giddynici said...

You look amazing. Fantastic boobage!!!! x