Yeah, Autumn leaves are crackly


Our bloody camera appears to be working!

I had a wee fiddle with it, and the SD card, which I was a little suspicious about.

All seems well-keep fingers crossed!
These pix were taken on our old camera the other day.

Frock-vintage, opshopped

Corduroy jacket-opshopped






Shoes-Trade Me

Handbag-vintage Rex, opshopped

We're just getting ready to go out to the gig.

G's brother Simon has just arrived, the kittehs are frisking about, I'm frocked up and ready for makeup.

I had a lovely parcel from darling Alex today, with a fabulous book, earrings, purse and bracelet........YAY!

I also got a book that I'd bought off Trade Me.

And yesterday, a parcel of love from Sarah !

It's all GOOD!

We didn't last through Midsomer Murders last night, so watched the rest of it this afternoon......feck I love that show, but I'm hopeless at spotting the culprit!

I've been drinking vodka/tonics and real Black Russians (no coke-ugh!) and am ready to unleash the beast.

Should be a jolly good night!



A title should be mine

I'm till working on showing you Easter Weekend pix.

Our camera seems to have shat itself, and I am most vexed.

I've fished out our old, sad arse camera , it will have to do until we decide what to do-get it fixed, or buy a new one?

It's only just over 1 year old, therefore out of it's warranty, the bastard.

It's not that we don't have the money to replace it, but we have other uses for it.


We'll see.


Most of our Easter Weekend was faaaabulous weather!

Until Monday!

So I think these pix were taken on Sunday afternoon.

I've had this two piece for a very long time, maybe 15 years or so. I bought it for maybe $3, or $4 at an opshop that was on the corner of Worcester St and Stanmore Rd. This particular opshop has not existed for at least 10 years, perhaps more! It's silk, I think, and hand made, hand stitched, in fact. I had kind of forgotten I even had it!
I had worn the frock quite a bit, but never the jacket. But I rather fancied wearing the 2 together the other day!

Era? I really am not sure. I guess 60's.

With it, I wore:

Handbag-vintage, a gift from my precious Sarah , when we were in Sydney. She snaffled it, very sneakily, at an amaaaazing vintage shop in Rozelle. It was the kind of shop that makes me a little faint.

Socks-a gift from G's mama; a lady from her church makes them

Shoes-Trade Me


Hairflower-gift from Justine & Pixie

Necklace-bought for me by G in Wellington

Earrings-San Cristobal de los Casos, Mexico. One of the most awesome places in the world I have ever been to.

The first pic is from across the road from our house, after G wasn't happy with the lighting in our backyard. (The 2nd & 3rd pix)


I am in almost speechless ectasy after tonight's epiode of Man About the House. Mildred was wearing the most sublime frock, with a divine scarf and corsage.......not to mention Jo's chocolate backless frock, and Chrissie's faaaabulous shirt!
O GAWD, and now Hugh(Fearnley-Whittingtall) is on......I think I am suddenly rather moist!!!

And after watching Antiques Roadshow........

^&%^$%#$ BSDGFVEW%^$^#7i*


It's almost toooo much!

On top of it all, I am quaffing boysenboozle wine (boysenberry, if we must be proper like; made in NZ) and having Miss Pee Pee snuggle beside me! I have been calling her Mrs Poo Parker, incidentally! She's such a lamb! O, and darling Harvey, currently known as Sir Harvey Wallbanger (I know, frightfully original), has been snuggling up to my bosom at night, in the cutest way. Namely, clutching them.

I kid you not.


Jaysus, and G has just said that there is a Midsomer Murders on tonight!


If I can last. I've been feeling the hibernation thingy already, quite extremely.


This one time at band practice....

....a motley crew assembled to make some noise......

...there was this hot chick, Nix, who had made her own rather sexy frock, and not only that, she looked sexy as in it!

There was pot luck curry to absorb the ridiculous amount of alcohol these "young" bucks
planned to consume........

...there was carnage upon the plains of the back deck, and terror that there may not be another helping.......

Then the bucks of beastiality were set free amongst the noise making machines.....

Fierce concentration and absorption into the moment....

A boy unleashed his new guitar unto the unsuspecting crew.......

A little nap was had......

And a saucy minx showed the crew just how it had to be done........

Voices were loud, energy was high......

There was a spectacular tambourine solo.....

Tongues were moistened, thirsts were quenched......

A little stinky smoke was inhaled, no snogging ensued.....

And a lot of love was enjoyed........

All together now-

And that was our Saturday night!


Fun is where the heart is

G looking smooth in his leopard outfit I made him last year.

Liz and Ely came for dinner!

Ely scored the two jackets I found the other week, the ones G didn't like and didn't fit.

Ely fits them like a dream, and he loves them!



Shame about the bins in the background...

Miss Pee Pee gets a tickle.

A work buddy, Mike, dropped by to show off his...mando/banjo/guitar.....

We like big hair!

No bumpits were hurt in the making of this big hair!


Gorgeous wench!

Doesn't everyone stand on their chair during dinner parties?

Liz got out my old thigh high boots for a bit of a show.

Aye carumba!

Telephone for Sarah!

Why, yes, I do have a sideline as a drag queen!

Blue Steel.

We rounded off the evening by boogieing on down to Loverboy and Heart.

(Liz is Canadian, so it was in honour of, sort of.)

Then I had to go to bed.