Another Tuesday night and I ain't got a body


I ain't got a body 'cos it's a bit jelly like.....

After a particularly shitty day-not only am I pre-menstrual,it seems our whole workplace is too!!!-We came home and got into some liquor.....tres naughty on a school night.....and now you are subjected to a slightly under par Helga.....not to mention I am still recovering from the weekend of absolute fantabulism that is a weekend with Sarah !!!

I am wearing a frock my delicious Sarah gave me! I fecking LOVE it-browns,tans.blacks,creams all go with it!! Heaven!!!



Pendant-key, opshopped. chain from Rozelle Market over the weekend.....

Tights-K-Mart, I think

Shoes-Trade Me

Handbag-my favourite "So obviously Rex", vintage, opshopped

Flower in hair-opshop in Rozelle,Sydney.

It's hilarious how Sydney actually seems exotic to me these days!!!

I moved to NZ in 1989, but it may as well have been a lifetime ago!

If, for some reason, I were to end up living in Sydney again....Newtown would be my suburb of choice........IF I could afford a decent sized property!!! How the HELL do people live in those sardine can like condidtions?!

I really do like my space.......terrace houses are just not my bag!


Last night I was just not really in the mood for the computer G and watched a Radley Metzger film, Camille 2000. His "Score" is one of G and I's favourite films ever, so we were pretty eager see it.....and the clothes and hair certainly did not disappoint!!! I am now quite enamoured of the female lead, Daniele something-or-other,who was beautiful and really quite classy. The story got a bit carried away,but who cares when the frocks are so fabulous?!

I like Radley's sensibilities;he's more subtle than Russ Meyer (who, if you have read my profile, or am an old reader, is a FAVE), and perhaps a little stylier.Russ, after all, is just BOOB obsessed. I can afford to be amused by this; however, I may be attacked for my lenience over what might well be percieved as his chauvenistic attitudes.


I'm sure I should really be espousing upon my Sydney weekend....which was MAGIC!!

Such a wonderful weekend. (in dreamy tones.......)

I shall do so, darlings, bit by bit. I'm just too pissed right now to do so in a suitable manner!




Kitty said...

Great dress, go Sarah! Terraces are great fun when you're young, must be an age thing, I like having space now too.xx.

Nelly said...

I hear you about the sardine living I am not a lover of suburbia either give me land lots of land

VainGlorySinner said...

Love the dress Helga! I was just drooling over those shoes you are wearing.. I love them!

Please hurry to sober up! We want to hear all about your weekend with Sarah! ;)

Ha, you moved to NZ when I was 1 years old! xxx

sacramento said...

My dear Hegal. You are slowly getting back on track.
You have done it again. I am smiling.
it is tuesday morning here, crazy, no???
Much love.

delia hornbook said...

Ha ha ha ha ha you know how to live life to the full and with great style you make me smile ;-)) Great dress. happy Tuesday hangover style ;-)) dee x

Smashingbird said...

I'm gonna have to check out some Radley Metzger, you know I love Russ too!

Sahakiel said...

One of these days, I'll go to Sydney! It must be a wonderful place!
Helga, that dress is gorgeous!

Fanny Pinkleton said...

Now you take care of yourself, do you hear? Pre menstrual is not fun, and we do go through the wringer with it. And a whole office full of it? Crikey. I wouldn't go into that without a raincoat and galoshes on. You look snazzy even though you may feel under par.

And yes, I'm with you on the whatEVER.


Misfits Vintage said...

Fucking periods - WHO'd be a woman!? (I've got mine right now and I'm gropable!)

You look bloody fab in that frock Helga - I'm so glad it's so perfect on you! Also adore that cardi.

I'm off to find out more about Radley Metzger - thanks for the heads up!


Sarah xxx

Perdita said...

Weekday beverages just have to be done sometimes (especially when you're expecting the visitors and work is hellish). Hey, you still look fabulous on the outside so just style it out! :)

Random Rants said...

The PMS has spread all the way to the states and if I make it thru the day without slapping someone in my office - it will be a true miracle.

LUV the golds and navy blue!

La Dama said...

I know what you mean about periods amor,I just finish mine, and still feel grumpy.
Your looking fantastic in your new frock,love the colors too. those tights awesome,I think i found some at the boot sale you cardie sweater.
naughty drinking on school night,ahahaha
hope you feel better soon.

giddynici said...

Great dress, fab pick by Sarah. Hope you feel better soon. PMS sucks. X

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dearest Helga, the dress is wonderful on you. And I've absolutely loved hearing about your weekend xx

Georgia Rose said...

I am all too experienced with sardine living! My family have a terraced house in Glebe in Sydney, which is a bit like Newtown but closer to the city. I adore it, but it's certainly... cosy!

Miss Peregrin said...

Gorgeous dress! That combination of colours is beautiful. My boyfriend and I are starting to get pretty sick of the sardine-can living (and mansion-sized-rent) in Brisbane, and we're going to move out of the city at the end of the year. I can't wait to live somewhere a little less crowded and busy.

Dusk said...

"I can afford to be amused by this; however, I may be attacked for my lenience over what might well be percieved as his chauvenistic attitudes.


hahahahahhahahaha!! That is all kinds of amusing!

Sigh. You are a person so worthy of being missed... which sounds weird when written down and I don't know how it will be read but I hope you know what I mean my delicious Helga!

Alex said...

Well Sarah certainly knows how to pick a frock - that is an absolute beauty! I'm suffering slightly today from week night drinking. Where did all my tolerance go?