There are mad kittehs in our midst!!

The little feckers have found their way inside the couch......


Friday is introduction to the great outdoors.....can the couch hold out until then?


I'm wearing another Sydney frock, o yes.

I got this one at the Rozelle Markets.

The flower is from a charity shop in Rozelle.

The bag is a gift from my wonderful Sarah , the boots from Trade Me, the cardi was opshopped, the belt is vintage, also opshopped.

The emerald green tights are from We Love Colours. Much lauded by American uber bloggers, and one Australian blogger whose spiel encouraged me to try them out, as she isn't much smaller than me; I am amazed they don't fit my reasonable assets.

I am not that big!

The extra large barely goes over my crutch.

If I was being paid to wax lyrical about them I would give them their money back.

What a load of crappola!

I won't be shopping with them again, I can buy teeny tiny tights from any Asian shop in town. And fair cop, sexy Asian girls are simply a different build!

(The minxy wenches!)

On a more amusing note, G just poured himself a second glass of wine, only to find he barely got 1/4 glass.




Straight Talking Mama! said...

Stupid sizing you are not exactly an XL!! What I want to know is what size a S is?! Jeez!

Look forward to more kitty pic & adventures!

Kitty said...

Yikes, I'd better not order any then, as you and I are practically the same size. I've heard about them too and was thinking they looked good. The brown accessories look fab, really loving this outfit on you. Are the kittys going to be outdoor-only cats or a bit of both??

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Kitteh haz cowch az sekret lair!

Aah, too small tights that fall down - I remember those days from primary school. My mother's cunning ploy was to get me to wear another pair of knickers over the top - tadah! I still get flashbacks in Autumn when I see those 'Back to School' signs...

Dress and cardi combo is fabulous!

Penny Dreadful said...

Oh dear, those tights sounds rubbish. I have long legs and a big bum, so I'll avoid those ones. Another fabbo dress xx

Alex said...

Err, have I missed the news of cats? How has that happened?!

You need English tights m'dear. Well, ones from certain shops anyway. I have ongoing rage with Primark tights sizing but Dorothy Perkins ones are FAB and M&S, although pricey, are really good and last forever. I'll see what I can find - I owe you a parcel!

Rose&Bird said...

Love the green and pink combination. Crazy kitties - I bet they're plotting to take over the world from your couch!

I have the same problem - tights don't go over my 'generous' thighs!

Miss Claire said...

I can't stand tights that sit really low. That must have been mighty uncomfortable!

I made the mistake of going for a huge walk with small tights on a couple of weeks ago and spent the whole time hitching them up. I ended up with chafing, it was horrible! After the walk, I went and ate cheesecake at a cafe with my girlfriend and made myself so sick by eating the whole thing that I spewed it up once I got home.

All in all, not a good day. Lesson learnt: Avoid ill-fitting tights!!

Loving the tan accessories, I've been doing a bit of that lately!

Xox Claire

Franca said...

I have three pairs of WLC tights, and I'm a bit more postive than you. I think they're a good thickness and last mkuch longer than other tights, evern top shop ones. I do agree that they are on the small side (and they must have got smaller since I bought mine 3 years ago. Don't they dio a plus size range? you'd think they'd ber more body friendly), but the thing that annoys me most is how much the colour runs. I know all tights run, that's why i handwash them, but these are ludicrous! I put somne red ones on the radiator to dry and it dripped onto the floor and I cannot get the red dye out. And believe me, I have tried.

Also when i bought my three pairs I had to pay a customs charge that was more than the cost of the tights!

Anyway, you look great! green and salmon pink - yeah!

Psycho Sue- Sew Misunderstood said...

ooooguuuurl! don't even get me started about tights and how the crotch is made for midgets! errrr...must stop rant....i will sooth myself by looking at you in pink and lime green, my fav color combo...ahhhhhh much better!

sacramento said...

I not only love that dress, I need its pinkness close to me, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Much love, my dear friend.

Calamity Jem said...

Hey Helga,
Hope you are fine & dandy, you sure look it!
I buy all my tights from market stalls, car boot sales & charity shops for pennies so if they don't fit it doesn't matter much. I have been known to make tops out of ill fitting tights in the past. My friend at work always complains about her cheap Primark tights being too short and the waist elastic too slack so that the buggers migrate south throughout the day, the answer to her problems is of course to stop buing shit tights from a shit place but she still does...crazee chicken!
I agree with Alex, in the UK it's hard to beat a pair of M&S tights both for fit & durability.
Take care luv,

seƱora Allnut said...

love watching another Sidney frock, such a beautiful print!, every of them is delighful!
And I agree with your anger about all that faux-sized tights, grrrrr!, I hate them!!

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dearest Helga, I am so behind on commenting. Three nights out in a row did me no favours! Although I did have fun!

I adore your outfit! The dress is fabulous on you and I'm loving the print. My post tomorrow is on pink, something sadly lacking from my wardrobe but I'm always pleased to see it in yours.

There is one post I've done that I'd love you to read if you have a mo. I think you'll like this one.


Love, C xx

MyStyle said...

Hi my dear-you look fabulous as usual, the dress is really lovely and I adore your tan bag and boots too. Just love your Women About The House post too, am just waiting for the next George & Mildred coming on in a little while, she always looks fabulous and it is just so hilarious too!! xx

Perdita said...

How annoying about the tights! I've found that expensive tights can be a let down: I stick with my cheapy ones!! :)

Random Rants said...

I love the little pop of green from your tiny tights! You've even managed to coordinate your accessories with your background - quite sly! Lovely as always!

Vintage Coconut said...

I never have much luck with tights.. I must be getting them from the same sort of place you got yours. I hate the feeling of my thighs being squished like a sausage in a casing. LOL
Maybe after all this darn excercise I have been putting myself through eventually tights will be a little more comfortable!

Shewearscrazywell said...

I got those too...but went the plus size route (because I'm a biggun)...and they fit fine but I realized...I really don't enjoy tights :) Ha ha! What a weirdo right :). I think you look lovely...you really hit the jackpot with all those beautiful dresses! Sorry the tights blew monkey snot...:(. Have a great night! Hearts, Janna Lynn

YvonneSedition said...

Hola! Not only have you made me happy by paying homage to my heroine Mildred Roper, but the title of this blog just made me spit my tea across the desk with laughter. I'm a curvy lass myself so I know the trials with tights, definitely recommend getting some sent from M&S if you can. I would oblige but I'm in Spain now, so not sure where I'm going to top my own supply up from now on xx

Scarlett Fontaine said...

Hi! Just found your scrumptious blog - you got me following just from the fab name and quote on the header! Scarlett x

Louise said...

Tights are a nightmare aren't they? There's nothing worse than that feeling when the gusset has slipped to knee height and you're really hoping it doesn't fall below the hem of your skirt! Anyway, you look fabulous my dear. xx

La Dama said...

I know what you about tights but I buy mine cheap so,dont care, I make them fit,since I am short gal.
another wondrous frock ,love the pink and green ,that bag is divine.
those kittie took over the house.
lol, at G man getting a little wine.

Misfits Vintage said...

Well I am SO glad to hear this as I was just about to do an order with them! I HATE saggy baggy tights and I have never had a pair of tights RUN (colour wise I mean) so I will definitely not be giving them my $$$!

You look just GORGEOUS - I love this colour cocmbo and I look how perfectly those great boots go with the bag!! And how perfectly YOU go with your furniture!

Telephone! Sarah xxx

PS The internet is trying to keep us apart - I last refreshed your blog at 1am, wondering why you didn't post yesterday and this morning I see that you DID, it was just invisible to me! Do your bloody worst internet - you'll never keep us apart! xxx

giddynici said...

Another Sydney frock!?! It's fabulous though.
Tights drive me mental. Too get them long enough I have to buy really big ones but then I spend all day yanking them up cause they are too big. x