Coming home is so exciting!

Especially when there are new pookies to greet me!!

The wee darlings seem to have had a pleasant day. G has just introduced them, gently, to the joys of the drumkit. They weren't too impressed, but a little every day, should get them used to our household noise......

I must say, Pebble is quite the whore, in the best possible way!

She got into bed with us again last night, and is happy to present her tummy tum for rubs at every opportunity. Harvey is a little reticent, but is coming along. He curled up on my lap for a while yesterday and napped, which was lovely.

So, I'm wearing another Sydney frock today.

Will it ever end?!

Not quite yet!!!

I think this might be my favourite. I had to get a nasty stain off it, but that was no trouble. And then I promptly spilled my lunch down the front today.


Back into the wash!

It may be something worth knowing about me:

I am usually so keen to get food/drink into my gob that I miss, and/or end up with half of it on my face and/or clothes. I'm a very messy pup.

I think G finds it endearing....

Thanks for being amused by my laugh in the little video!!

I do have a very girly giggle, and when I really get going, I sound like a bawdy wench, and when I really get going I get hysterical, cry, and wet myself. Embarrassing, but true.

This too, may be something worth knowing about me.

Or not.

I've pretty much made my peace with this unfortuanate quirk now.



Rachel - Firebird said...

That fabric is immense. How many dresses did you bring back from Sydney?!

The Aussie and I are both sloppy eaters - the Vanish has a permanent place in our wash.

sacramento said...

Loving your dress. I am in tears of laughter again: Iam usually so keen to get food/drink into my gob that I miss, and/or end up with half of it on my face and/or clothes. I'm a very messy pup.
Hannah got the parcel, and Terri will be next. isn´t it exciting???

giddynici said...

The print on the dress is just so fabulous. Glad to hear the new babies are settling in okay. x

Miss Claire said...

Oh my gosh, the colours of that dress are just to die for! You had such good luck in Sydney, I'm ever so jealous! Xoxox

Rose&Bird said...

Love the colors of the dress. Lovely to hear the cats seem to be happy in their new home.
I'm just the same with food - usually manage to spill something. Either that or Baby Bird throws food at me!

Shewearscrazywell said...

I love all these Sydney dresses!!! I also have a habit of feeding my clothing. I've gotten to be good at stain removal or accepting that the garment has a new pattern :). Snuggling kitteh's...cute!!! Hearts, Janna Lynn

Misfits Vintage said...

So gorgeous! Every single Sydney frock is so perfect and I love that it is beret week! Also LOVE that bag.

Come back?

Love, Sarah xxx

Kelly said...

I love the pattern on the frock! Gorgeous!
I'm a nightmare for dropping stuff on me, especially if it's new.


Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

I love that Sydney dress. I wouldn't say I was a messy eater (I'll leave that to my daughter) but I know what you mean about wetting oneself! Eew, too much information, I know!

Ivy Black said...

Gorgeous frock, love and you do make me laugh! I seem to miss my mouth a lot...God knows how...and food ends up in my lap.
I was going to say it's lovely to come home to a couple of pussies...what I mean is it's lovely to have a welcome home from your

Psycho Sue- Sew Misunderstood said...

ok, so it's not just me that becomes a hot mess during EATING and LAUGHING ! Weirdos UNITE!

seƱora Allnut said...

lovely frock and lovely beret, I'm glad you're showing us every of your Sidney frocks, it's like an illustrated report!!
And you're funny indeed!

La Dama said...

Frocks galore indeed!
These pink and oranges colors are fantasti.
I always end up with gravy when we have roast dinner and on my amigas too.
You saying your kitty is a bit of a whore,I love it.

delia hornbook said...

I love the dress fab colors just makes you smile ;-)) Glad to hear the little kittens are doing well bless them ;-)) dee x

Perdita said...

I'm generally not to br trusted with coffee, tea, read wine (strangely I never spill water, lemonade or white wine...just stuff that shows!).

LOVE that Sidney dress. Gorge indeed.

Vintage Coconut said...

WOW WOW WOW! love the design on that dress!
I only drop stuff on my clothes when I happen to be wearing a brand new item! LOL

Louise said...

Oh Helga, it seems like forever since I stopped by and left you a comment... I love the frock and I laughed out loud at your description of hysterical laughter :-) I'm so glad you liked your little parcel, and I can't wait to see if you do make a necklace from it. Big hugs. xxx

Laura said...

Amazing dress! x