I'm feeling the inspiration upon me like perspiration

Darling Christina posted this amaaaaazing pic of Joan Crawford the other day.

I'm mega inspired.

Marlo Thomas (I think that was her surname!)
The hair! the lashes! The eye makeup!

I loved "That Girl"!

Underwear !

Mrs Slocombe!
as always.....I love her!
Rarley a day goes by without my thinking about how I can be more like her.

Freakin' fabulousness.
I would soooo rock these outfits!

this spunky little minx is incredible!
And so young!
I wish I'd been that awesome at her age. Whatever it is!

I suspect there'll be some frocking up this Easter weekend. Let the creative juices flow!
I hope I get some sewing done.

Ooo, I'm off round to Justine's tonight for some Baby Rose time and some drinkie-poos.
Better wear my best knickers.


Guilty pleasure....I picked this up for a tenner today......it's nice and squishy and Jack Black is lovely!

Only the addition of Mildred Roper & Pam Grier getting it on could make this movie better!



Scarlett Fontaine said...

Great pictures! Just oozing fabulousness. Scarlett x

Misfits Vintage said...

Hell yeah Pam Grier! Also - those pink socks with those mary janes? I am going RIGHT NOW to buy some pink socks. How the CRAP have I lived this long without hot pink socks??? It's a frickin travesty! I know I'm 41 but I NEED them.

Hope you have a gorgeous easter break hon and you and G get to relax and recharge. Give Justine a saucy arse-slap for me and baby Rose a snuggly little kissy cuddly snuggly tickly thing.

Love and Telephone, Sarah xxx

Kitty said...

Hope you have a great Easter, I'm sure you'll get up to lots of fabulousness and champagne-soaked mayhem and will have plenty to amuse us with at the other end. Go Helga!

Penny Dreadful said...

What fabby pictures, and how tiny is the waist in that lingerie! Is Mrs Slocombe why you've bought yourself two cats? ;) x

seƱora Allnut said...

So inspiring pics!, love watching that fabulousness, and I'm also enjoying the idea of Mildred and Pam Grier in that film!! Awesome!!

Perdita said...

I'm inspired by the ruffly hat/headdress Joan is wearing! I want to make one (in light blue, to go with a dress I am planning on puffing out with some 50s underskirts). Super inspiration lady!!

Louise said...

Joan Crawford is scary, but Mrs. Slocombe rocks. I'm going to be sewing over Easter too... I just feel creative and productive right now. Have a great one. xx

Anonymous said...

I loved the link to "The Self Constructed Freak"..... wow that chic has overflying style and obvious confidence. LOVE.

Shewearscrazywell said...

Thank you for your uplifting and sweet comment on my blog. I adore you and loooove seeing your style. I love your style icons too...adorable...do have an amazing Easter weekend..I keep forgetting that its Easter weekend :). Woopsie! :) Hearts, Janna Lynn

Tilly Trotter said...

I know I am getting old as I find myself more and more drawn to HRH's matching coats and handbags.

La Dama said...

Joan Crawford hair flowers are so Frida inspiring,I can totally see you wearing all these inspirational frocks.