The light grows dim

Freaking hell, it's been cold this week. I always feel like we get slam dunked into Winter...and then Winter arrives and I remember what being cold is really like. I actually don't think I left the house very much last Winter at all!! Our Mikel is going to install wireless for me so that I can sit in bed with the electric blanket on and blog to my hearts content. Otherwise I'm trapped to the lounge. And bed is where I like to be best in Winter. I'm a bit of a bear, and hibernate as much as possible!

I'm wearing another of my fabulous Sydney frocks today!

I swear, Sarah is a super lucky mojo shopping charm (and she's got great booboids!)

I've never had as much luck shopping in my life!! My usual difficulty is getting my booboids into frocks-this is partly why I prefer 70's frocks, as they seem to be more generously cut in that area-and I frequently get rather vexed and disappointed.........but out of all the frocks I tried on, only 2 didn't do up around the bazoombas. Feck we had a great time shopping.

The highlight was a Red Cross shop I'd spotted in the cab on my way in from the airport. The bastards weren't selling any of their incredible "props"-bags, retro sifters, genie bottles ad nauseum-but they did make up for it with a 3 for $20 frock rack!!!!


Sarah had a total swoon, which you would have seen in her pix.

I think I was having heart palpitations.

I love you, Red Cross, Kings Rd, Newtown!!!

I warmed up my fabulous frock with:

Top-made by me

Long crochet vest-vintage, bought in Chatswood, Sydney over 20 years ago

Tights-can't remember


Beret-Madame Butterfly's Vintage Style, which is just around the corner from us!

G is making pizza for dinner, then we have a band practice.

(We have a gig on the 30th, the first this year!)

Whilst we eat pizza, we'll be watching Man About the House.




Mo said...

Love that frock anything with a big flower print is fine by me. I have the same problem with my funbags, so many frocks don't fasten up with these babies!

Rachel - Firebird said...

Gorgeous dress and I love the lighting in those photos.

My dear boobage really restricts the amount of vintage I can wear - I love floaty 60s and 70s styles but in reality I can only get the girls in to something cut for an hour glass *sighs*

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Love the flowers on that dress. Oh my word, Man about the House - I used to love that programme. Enjoy!

VainGlorySinner said...

What a bright groovacious dress! I like the crochet cardigan too!

I have to agree with you on the hibernating bit, I love winter partly because I get to stay nice and cozy and have the heating on! Winter nights in bed always feel much better than summer nights.

Yes! Wireless is a must in this day and age! I am sat on my bed with my laptop as I type! xxx

Straight Talking Mama! said...

oooh yeah doesn't winter just sneak in and bite you on the ass. Fortunately we're just going the other way in the UK it was glorious yesterday and looks it again today YAY!

I have the booboid problem and I like the 50s, however the good thing about it is that some ladies were shaped like me then and no one else fills those dresses so they all come to me, me I tell ya. Sadly the waist has gone at the moment but those dresses are just hanging in the closet waiting for me ;o)

Kitty said...

Oh I LOVE Man About the House!! Haven't seen it for years, that Sally character had the MOST AWESOME 70s looks didn't she. I can't believe you've never had wireless until now, my god how have you survived??? I bet it'll be up there in your top 5 life essentials list soon!

Kitty said...

P.S. "Kings Rd", so cute!!!

sacramento said...

Wishing we were in autumn rather than summer. it gets to 50ºc here in June- July August, ahhhhhhhhh.
We are already 30ºc.
I am off to berlin on the 4th and England in July escaping from the heat.
Much love, my dear Helga.
Missing you!!!

LandGirl1980 said...

I forget that there are some who are heading into Winter right about now - as we in the Northern Hemisphere are rejoicing that Spring seems to be FINALLY here!

You rock chillier weather :)

Miss Peregrin said...

What good luck with the frocks! I have a real bad hankering for a 3 for $20 frock rack, but unfortunately most of the second-hand stores in my area went under in the Brisbane floods, and haven't been rebuilt yet. :(

Psycho Sue- Sew Misunderstood said...

finding actual to vintage to fit my DD booboids? Nope, never done it!

La Dama said...

You still look beautiful in Winter,you know I have a breastest problem too, I hate that.
your frock is delish in bright colors.
what great bargains you gals bagged up.
mmm pizza made by "G Man."
congrats on the gig!

Rose&Bird said...

That is such a colourful dress, perfect for winter! I don't know if you've experienced a British winter, but it's long, wet and grey. Like Land Girl, I'm so glad Spring has actually arrived.

I happened to see a bit of the film of Man About the House on Channel 4 a few weeks back - so much funnier than a lot of contemporary 'humour'!

giddynici said...

Fab dress. Glad you and Sarah had a successful shopping trip. Great hat too! x

MyStyle said...

Hi my dear!! The dress was an amazing find and looks gorgeous indeed!! I love Man About The House, am currently watching George and Mildred, I'm loving Mildreds 70s outfits!! xx

señora Allnut said...

love your color combo with red, oranges and black, and the frock is pretty awesome with that vest!
You're delightful in autumn, with all that warm colors and your lovely beret!

Smashingbird said...

It's actually got super warm here over in blighty, I got sunburned boobies yesterday! Great frock, It'll be right at home watching Man about the House too!

Fanny Pinkleton said...

On a less generous scale but I also have the booboid problem in dresses. The only solution I have found is in low necked dresses or shirt dresses, so the extra ampleage can be squeezed out, up and over the top. But in winter this is far too chilly. How are you doing for winter coats? xx

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dearest Helga, I've been envious of all your barbeques, your weather and your camper van for months now. You're getting winter and we seem to be getting a summer at last! I do love winter for hibernating though. I love Man About the House, your evening sounds perfect xx

Anonymous said...

The mix of stripes and florals in this dress is too good.

Misfits Vintage said...

Oh that frock is so perfect - but THEY ALL ARE! I don't think it was me with the frock-mojo - I think there was some universal force that was gathered and held and centred on the frock-mojo but ONLY WHEN WE ARE TOGETHER! We are more than the sum of our parts - which obviously means that we need to get together as often as possible, for frock buying purposes!! Good LAWD don't I crap on at times???

Darling, you look FAB as always. I am also a total bear in winter and go to ground. This year I think I'll do some road trips north to find some warmer weather.

Also loving your hair down this week - SO Wuthering Heights!

Loveandlove, Sarah xxx

Dusk said...

WOWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! I'm actually here at the same time you're over my way!!

Dusk said...

Oooh yes... the hair is very Cathy... oh GOD you rock honey!!! One of THE most FABULOUS women I will ever have the privilege of knowing.

I love love LOVE that dress!

Vintage Coconut said...

That dress looks HOT HOT HOT on you Helga! I see you matched your boots properly this time. ;) lol hehehe