Shooting my Mouth Off!

It's been a grey old day, and now it's raining.

But I managed to get G to take an outfit pic for me before he left work early for his drum lesson, and before the rain started.


Frock-gifted from Sarah , who was smokin' hot today in her high waisted pants and awesome tie!



Tights-local supermarket

Shoes-Hannah's sale

Necklace-gifted from my beloved Vix , whose return from India is eagerly awaited by all of us!

Bow-made by moi

Last night I made this fabulous Thai red fish/veg curry, and we watched a quirky film, "The Brothers Bloom". I enjoyed the female characters best, played by Rinko Kikuchi and Rachel Weisz; I think their characters totally made the film. Especially Rinko!! Her character was sooo cute! The blokes, played Adrian Brody and Mark Ruffalo, didn't really rock my world. Mark Ruffalo is rather delicious, however, and I'm quite into Adrian's nose.

Anyway. Regarding my little rant about We Love Colours tights yesterday, I should have checked my facts before I blithered.....luckily Franca 's (linked to her looking mega hot) comment about her experiences with We Love Colours, caused me to realise that I hadn't properly checked my facts before opening my trap! I popped over to their sight to check out what I had ordered, and I had ordered the biggest in their standard sizes, which is M/L, not extra large as I had thought. (Probably cos I get extra large in everything!) The weight bracket for their M/L is 135-168 pounds, height 5'5"-5' 11". I am 5' 4 1/2" and 167.55 pounds (76 kilos), so I'm right at the extreme of that. But it never occurred to me that I should have bought the plus size! So, to be fair, I should give them another chance sometime, and try the plus size. I wear the crutch hugging skimming ones with step ins to hold them up, as the colours are too fab to throw away or cut up for other purposes. I am still peeved though about them being so small. Meep.

Good to see that I am not the only one who has tight sizing issues, though! I mostly buy an NZ brand called Columbine, who do some ok colours and patterns and fit me really well. Stick to what you know, I guess! The tights I'm wearing today are very comfy, by the way!

The kittehs are acting crazy and adorable-I just want to gobble them up-and we have Gillian coming to stay for a couple of nights. She's doing some final shooting for her documentary on Rutherford (the dude who split the atom) in the only oldish part of the city still standing, and it's easier for her to stay here than go home to Loburn with the long hours.

She'll be arriving shortly, and I want to have a cup of tea and some dinner waiting for her!

I'm making sweet and sour veges and rice.

Chop chop chopping awaits!



Camelia Crinoline said...

I love the dress. Floral prints on black are ace. I'm a fan of We Love Colors but I always get their thigh high stockings because I cannot abide tights-they always get twisted. You could cut the top of the ones you have, turning them into stockings, although that would mean you would have to wear suspenders.

LandGirl1980 said...

That dress is a stunner! I love the fact that you were poking the shitty weather in the eye with your purty pinks!

And as for tights - BANE.OF.MY.LIFE!!!!!

Alex said...

I liked the Brothers Bloom in a quirky sort of way. Plus anything with Mark Ruffalo in is automatically good. Have you seen The Kids Are Alright? I bet you'll approve of the nudey scenes in it, haha!

Kitty said...

Fabulous outfit, you definitely brighten up a grey day looking like that. What a hassle having to wear tights at all, I can't imagine it being that we only have 6 weeks of 'winter'.xx.

Miss Peregrin said...

I love the way that you put outfits together with so much colour! You keep making me think that I should try some shockingly bright colours of my own sometime -although, I doubt I could wear them as well as you.

Can't wait for Vix to be blogging again!

Psycho Sue- Sew Misunderstood said...

i am renaming hot pink to "Helga Pink" hell yes.

Perdita said...

I love the way you rock cardies with dresses. It works so perfectly- smart, casual, sexy all in one!

Misfits Vintage said...

Ooh this is one of my FAVE outfits EVER!! You look so gorgeous! You really do rock the shit out of hot pink and I love your homemade bow and the cardi and shoes are so perfect.

That dinner looks yum yum and I don't even eat fish!

I am counting the days now until Vix returns - I can't believe how much I miss her! (I'm sending our parcel to her tomorrow so it should arrive right around the time she gets home.)

Telephone amor, Sarah xxx

Penny Dreadful said...

That red curry looks delish, noms. I'm looking forward to Vix getting back too xx

Miss Claire said...

Seeing you on a dreary day like today would brighten my day!! So bright and colourful :) Sounds like a yummy dinner to arrive home to, and the curry looks great :)

Shame about the tights, maybe you can chop them into stockings and wear them with suspenders?


Crystal Lee said...

I an in awe of your cooking skills. I am just the pits when it comes to cooking. and I totally understand your frustration with tights & sizing. Even I have problems. I usually have to buy at least 1 size up, so a Medium instead of a Small, otherwise, they're just too dang tight & my butt itches like crazy.

Pearl Westwood said...

Love the bow, I was just readings Christinas pink post which she dedicated to you, Id love to find you one of those HUGE bow dresses she posted!

lady sélénite said...

Beautiful flower pattern ! It's gorgeous with these shoes !

Vintage Coconut said...

The Thai red fish/veg curry looks DeLiSh!
And you look beautiful in PINK!

señora Allnut said...

love your pink cardi and the print of your dress!, so funny!
And I have had tight sizing issues for years, and now I'm becoming a 'greatest existing size' buyer!, yeah, wearing my tights on top of my waist and sometimes loose, but I can wear them!!
Nice to read you, lady!

delia hornbook said...

Another great outfit i would love to have look inside your wardrobe ;-)) I missed the tights post yesterday i working backwards on the blogs. That curry looks lovely and as a vegetarian i love the sound of your dinner tonight. Have a lovely evening, dee x

Smashingbird said...

Great dress, curry looks v yummy too! xxx

La Dama said...

I never tire of your colorful frocks and shoes amor.
bow is lovely on your red hair.
I need to raid your closet and bags.
Thai red fish/veg curry looks scrumptious.
I miss Vixcitas witty comments.
she will be home soon.
luv you

Anonymous said...

the curry looks delicious. I'm admiring the necklace Vix gave you. I miss her too.