Squeaky and the Whimper

Better known as Harvey and Miss Pee Pee.

They both have the most pathetic meows.

Gotta teach them how to meow proper, like they really mean it!

That wimpy shit doesn't go down well around here!

Goodness, it's another Sydney frock!

This is an 80's one, I think. I love the colours, and I'm a sucker for white.

It just needed a little tweak, and voila-ready to rock!

Worn with:

Coat-Repetory Theatre sale. Poor bastards had the sale to raise money to repair the September earthquake damaged theatre......guess it's probably totalled after the February one.



Belt-vintage, opshopped


Shoes-Farmers sale

Handbag-vintage vanity case, oshopped

Necklace-vintage, oshopped

I picked up these shoes off Trade Me for a song over the weekend.

Just a cheap arse brand, but I like the style and the colour.

I used to loathe grey; thought of it as a "nothing' colour. Now I suddenly like it!

Gawd, as long as I don't suddenly like pastels.

(No offence, pastel lovers. I'm a primary gal.)

We also picked up a pair of bedside cabinets off Trade Me, which we've needed forever!

They're recycled rimu, same as our bed.

(Rimu is a native NZ timer, FYI.)

The drawer is timely, as Miss Pee Pee likes to knock everything off/over. She even sat on my tissue box last night. I did have crystals and a couple of other bits and pieces on my bedside. I can now tuck them away.

In the cupboard are house decorating magazines, and some crafty magazines. There's a couple of fashion magazines on the left there. These I get secondhand-always a year or more out of date, who cares?!-or I find them at work, or wherever. When I was a lassie (!), I was into British Elle, and would buy it religiously. Over the last 20 odd years, I only buy a new mag as a treat when I'm flying or when I'm sick! they're a frig of a lot of money, and I don't give a shit about what's current. I just like pretty pix of retty frocks and recipes and groovily done up houses. I did like an Australian mag, Inside House a lot for house decorating etc, but they went and got all modern and boxy ick on me, so I stopped looking at them years ago. I don't generally get into modern houses. I like 'em old and done up, and I like Asian, Mexican and Indian interiors.

This got a bit ranty/dribbly!

I've been a bit fretful today.

No use fretting over what can't be changed though!



I have put the swap list (does anyone remeber that?! I'd nearly bloody forgotten) up on the right, under my "mission statement". I need to link it all, and will do so.

Where is the tote right now, darlings?!


Kitty said...

yes, where IS the tote?? I need to see its progress so far and plan what I'm going to do to it!

Hannah said...

I sent it last tuesday! And via fast post... so it really should be there now! =O Gawd, ! It'll hopefully arrive very soon! =)

hookedonlove said...

I think meows get meatier as they get older... in a couple of years they'll have the feed-me-now-slave one perfected...

Straight Talking Mama! said...

ha ha ha don't worry you won't start liking pastels cos you like grey (also apologies to pastel lovers!) I like grey but pastels, never he he!

Ivy Black said...

They'll grow into their meows...my cat used to mime her meow until she reached a certain age and now she sounds magnificent!
I don't do pastels either...the Eighties killed them stone dead for me...not even pretty pastel Fifties frocks. Grey is good though.

Misfits Vintage said...

Oh love, why are you fretting? xxx

You look so lovely - I adore that floral frock on you! Did you do that thing to the bodice that you were showing me?

I do wear pastels - but only brights, like I wear baby pink with black and hot pink, but I have only started wearing them in the last couple of years.

Wish you were here - or I were there - I would tell that fret where to go.

Telephonelove, Sarah xxx

VainGlorySinner said...

Aww poor babies! My cat has a pitiful meow also but that's probably because she's only a youngen, she'll be 2 years old in September.

That's the only annoying thing about cats.. always hitting things to the floor! My cat will jump onto a table or the dresser and just pat things to the edge and hit them onto the floor, like she thinks it's funny! You gotta love their mischievousness though! Hopefully they'll grow out of it when they get old and lazy haha!

You do look rather angelic in white.. but we all know you're not! ;D xxx

Nelly said...

Yere where is that Tote?Maybe show the list again Helga I have to get my next persons address.Love that frock you have on too.I buy my mags pre loved and prefer old homes too.
I love so many differnt interior styles that I have none at the moment lol

Miss Peregrin said...

One of my cats is actually named Squeak, because his meow was so pitiful and pathetic. It has deepened as he had gotten older, but when he really wants something he still uses the whingy "squeak".

Such a fan of this smashing ensemble. How do you always look so amazing and co-ordinated?

Miss Claire said...

Haha, oh the poor little kitties! Meowwww!! Love the green coat on you, so sad to hear about NZ's endless troubles, though :(

Nice bedside tables! Isn't having new bits of furniture to play with exciting? I run all over the house, sourcing bits-and-bobs to decorate it!


Penny Dreadful said...

What a gorgeous frock, espesh with the matching pearls. You are going all dignified on us Helga, what is happening?! I really love grey when it is done with colours. Black is too harsh and brown is a bit boring, but I find grey with strong colour is a really great combo xx

sacramento said...

I love the pretty lilac flowers print in this dress.
What a find the bed side table an old books and magazines...Fantastic.

Psycho Sue- Sew Misunderstood said...

green is a great color on you Ms Hottie

Perdita said...

The dress is, as ever, gor-ge-ous. What a shame the coat's story is so sad. :(

Crystal Lee said...

Primary colors suit your awesome personality. I adore your green coat, lady.

Miss Woody said...


Comtesse de ferveur said...

I love green on you, you look a vision. Total bag jealousy too! I have that Mitford girls book too!

delia hornbook said...

You look great i love that green coat i really really do its gorgeous such a lovely shade of green to. I hope what ever it is your fretting about sorts its self out for you. take care, dee x

Calamity Jem said...

Dear Helga,
that's a seriously cool coat, I've got a thing for green at the mo & that colour just ROCKS!
Take care luv,

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Haha! Yes, where is the tote.

Hope you're good Helga, don't fret. And you're looking gorgeous in green xx

La Dama said...

You look great in green coat and red hsir, bangs are bitchin amor.
Your kitties sound lovely, i always hear some cat outside my window, meowing like hell, cats have creepy meows about them.
I forgot about that funky bag too.
Miss you.

shazza said...

I love your dress! and your green coat is fabulous! love it!

RETRO REVA said...

You always amaze me!
Your outfits always make me smile, so vibrant and fun!
My Bitty-Bitty is very old and she is now deaf, so she yelps really loudly.
I suppose she's trying to hear herself;)

RETRO REVA said...

pS, sorry I haven't been a good commenter lately.
I apologize and will be better. it is my latest goal. I'm a bit lazy ;)

Vintage Coconut said...

OoooOoO THE LOVELY GREEN!! You always looks GORGEOUSSSSSS in green!
I am currently on the search for a green bike! I want I want I want!

Alex said...

Oh I'd forgotten all about the tote! Crap, I hope it's not due with me soon because I'm bang out of inspiration! Perhaps seeing the thing in real life will spark things back to normal.

Oscar still has a pathetic miaow. Hope your two grow out of it!