A title should be mine

I'm till working on showing you Easter Weekend pix.

Our camera seems to have shat itself, and I am most vexed.

I've fished out our old, sad arse camera , it will have to do until we decide what to do-get it fixed, or buy a new one?

It's only just over 1 year old, therefore out of it's warranty, the bastard.

It's not that we don't have the money to replace it, but we have other uses for it.


We'll see.


Most of our Easter Weekend was faaaabulous weather!

Until Monday!

So I think these pix were taken on Sunday afternoon.

I've had this two piece for a very long time, maybe 15 years or so. I bought it for maybe $3, or $4 at an opshop that was on the corner of Worcester St and Stanmore Rd. This particular opshop has not existed for at least 10 years, perhaps more! It's silk, I think, and hand made, hand stitched, in fact. I had kind of forgotten I even had it!
I had worn the frock quite a bit, but never the jacket. But I rather fancied wearing the 2 together the other day!

Era? I really am not sure. I guess 60's.

With it, I wore:

Handbag-vintage, a gift from my precious Sarah , when we were in Sydney. She snaffled it, very sneakily, at an amaaaazing vintage shop in Rozelle. It was the kind of shop that makes me a little faint.

Socks-a gift from G's mama; a lady from her church makes them

Shoes-Trade Me


Hairflower-gift from Justine & Pixie

Necklace-bought for me by G in Wellington

Earrings-San Cristobal de los Casos, Mexico. One of the most awesome places in the world I have ever been to.

The first pic is from across the road from our house, after G wasn't happy with the lighting in our backyard. (The 2nd & 3rd pix)


I am in almost speechless ectasy after tonight's epiode of Man About the House. Mildred was wearing the most sublime frock, with a divine scarf and corsage.......not to mention Jo's chocolate backless frock, and Chrissie's faaaabulous shirt!
O GAWD, and now Hugh(Fearnley-Whittingtall) is on......I think I am suddenly rather moist!!!

And after watching Antiques Roadshow........

^&%^$%#$ BSDGFVEW%^$^#7i*


It's almost toooo much!

On top of it all, I am quaffing boysenboozle wine (boysenberry, if we must be proper like; made in NZ) and having Miss Pee Pee snuggle beside me! I have been calling her Mrs Poo Parker, incidentally! She's such a lamb! O, and darling Harvey, currently known as Sir Harvey Wallbanger (I know, frightfully original), has been snuggling up to my bosom at night, in the cutest way. Namely, clutching them.

I kid you not.


Jaysus, and G has just said that there is a Midsomer Murders on tonight!


If I can last. I've been feeling the hibernation thingy already, quite extremely.



Kelly said...

How good do you look! That shade of green is great on you.

Love a bit of Hugh, although I have a feeling he makes Andy more moist than I. ;)

Just seent the kitties on the sidebar pic, cutteeeeee!!


Frocktasia said...

Dearest Helga,
that two piece is magnificent and again you kill me with your socks!
That church lady must be a rocking wee thing if she's knocking out groovy socks like that.
Take care luv,

Miss Peregrin said...

I've always been a little afraid of two pieces - up until right this second in fact. This two piece looks fabulous on you, and not at all scary! Plus, I am in love with the socks.

Ivy Black said...

Frocktastic love! Gorgeous colours.
I do love a bit of Hugh too....which bit depends on how I feel!
And I'm a Midsommer Murders nut...rather like the new Barnably now Mr Nettles has moved on.

Rose&Bird said...

I love this ensemble - I thought 60s straight away.
I love Hugh - he really seems to walk the talk which makes a change. You may know I'm veggie, but I find his programmes really interesting - Mr R&B (lifelong carnivore) goes a little green around the gills when they're chopping up the animals!
You should come to the UK sometime if you like Midsomer Murders - it's repeated here every afternoon at 4pm!

Psycho Sue- Sew Misunderstood said...

I'm all frothy over your socks, eeegads!

Georgia Rose said...

Hey now miss Helga! As a former law student it's my obligation to inform you that under both the Consumer Guarantees Act and the Fair Trading Act, your camera is actually covered. The warranty is bullshit! What really matters is the 'reasonable' or otherwise period of time that your camera lasted. And just over a year is not reasonable, so it's important that you take this up with the company or retailer you bought it off! If you do some reading, and are confident and assertive, you will get a brand new camera out of it for free. I promise you this.

Here are some links that explain your rights:
If you do some more Googling you can really get informed regarding it. I can't describe to you how many free things/repairs my knowledge of this has got me over the years... 6 free iPods (yes, my iPods always break), mouses and keyboards, $700 worth of repairs on my camera, etc.

Sorry for the massive novel! I just hate to see people getting thwarted because of guarantee bullshit. You should NEVER have to buy an extended warranty. And although it may take some firm 'I need to see your manager about this' and 'may I please speak to someone who understands the New Zealand Consumer Guarantees Act?', it will be SO worth it in the end when big companies stop ripping off people like us with terrible goods that aren't made to last!


Love the two-piece, how lovely! I hope you get your camera issues sorted out and if you have any more questions, don't hesitate to ask me anything at all! xo

Vintage Vixen said...

Blast that damned camera! Mine's on the way out and I'm terrified of having to conquer a new one.
I adore that two-piece, it looks so posh and lady-like but with the glorious ankle sock you look like the sexy little minx I know you are.
LOVE you!

Misfits Vintage said...

Yay Georgia Rose knows a thing or two!!! Listen to her and get your camera repaired or replaced!

That suit is so amazing and I adore those socks and of course, I love the handbag! Love - you look so beautiful and I love that you are rocking the socks and strappy shoes... I'm still working on it!

Loveandsushitrain, Sarah xxx

Crystal Lee said...

classy lady! I love vintage suit sets & this one was made for you. the green socks are a nice touch.

VainGlorySinner said...

I always think you look absolutely wonderful in green, I think it might be because it goes well with your lovely hair colour.

You have the best selection of handbags! xxx

Vintage Coconut said...

OoOoh OoH OoOHH I am GREEN with EnVy.. with all this green you are adorning yourself with. =D

Pearl Westwood said...

I think Georgia covered everything on cameras!! But yeah I was going to say it is always worth bollocking someone, they should atleast send it off for repair even without the warranty.

Loveing the 2 piece espeically with those socks!! x

seƱora Allnut said...

love your two pieces suit, this green print is really pretty and the shape is delightful!
And love how you wear it with your bag and your fabulous socks!!, so green!!

La Dama said...

I want frolic in all your vestidos, they will fit me a bit long, I agree your red locks always look good with green shades amor.the print is gorgeous.
those green socks are so cool.
have a gret time!

the nyanzi report said...

oooh weeee! i just love your style!

LandGirl1980 said...

Your outfits rock in ways I didn't think were possible!