Yeah, Autumn leaves are crackly


Our bloody camera appears to be working!

I had a wee fiddle with it, and the SD card, which I was a little suspicious about.

All seems well-keep fingers crossed!
These pix were taken on our old camera the other day.

Frock-vintage, opshopped

Corduroy jacket-opshopped






Shoes-Trade Me

Handbag-vintage Rex, opshopped

We're just getting ready to go out to the gig.

G's brother Simon has just arrived, the kittehs are frisking about, I'm frocked up and ready for makeup.

I had a lovely parcel from darling Alex today, with a fabulous book, earrings, purse and bracelet........YAY!

I also got a book that I'd bought off Trade Me.

And yesterday, a parcel of love from Sarah !

It's all GOOD!

We didn't last through Midsomer Murders last night, so watched the rest of it this afternoon......feck I love that show, but I'm hopeless at spotting the culprit!

I've been drinking vodka/tonics and real Black Russians (no coke-ugh!) and am ready to unleash the beast.

Should be a jolly good night!




Scarlett Fontaine said...

Looking Fabulous in the autumn leaves. Scarlett x

Syrious said...

cute outfit!!

Ivy Black said...

Looking autumny and lovely!xxx

Vintage Vixen said...

Hoorah! The camera's fixed and we can see your fabulousness on a daily bais. I adore you in that red frock and that slouchy beret and I love walking in crackly autumn leaves.
Have a rockin' band practice!
Love you.

Misfits Vintage said...

Oh I LOVE that frock - you look bloody gorgeous! It's gone very autumny here too - I am hoping to find a lovely leafy sport for some pics this weekend.

Yay for fixed cameras!

Have a gorgeous weekend, amor.

Loveandlove, Sarah xxx

Ronnie Rabbit said...

Glad your cameras fixed. Hope you enjoy the wedding as you mentioned you were keen on it, have fun in those autumn leaves too :)

señora Allnut said...

So cool & chic with your red-black outfit (and your lovely beret) on the autumnal background!! Loving your dress and how you wear it!!
besos & nice weekend!

sacramento said...

I love autumn so much, but we are heading into summer, hot, hot so we ha to run for our lives and go to berlin hehehehe.
Much love my dear friend.

La Dama said...

I love you in the Autumn leaves amor.
You look delish in that red frock,love the stripes.

Alex said...

Oh wow, that was quick! I only posted it on Saturday! Hope you like the super kitschness of the bracelet - I couldn't resist it.

That frock is so gorgeous. Is the scarf naturally two tone or is it two twisted together?

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh I hate that sick feeling when your camera goes to buggery. Helga you make the autumn leaves look dull - you are an absolute beauty in red - gobsmackingly gorgeous girl!!! xoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

My camera has been acting funny too--yesterday it took a couple of photos that look like paintings. Had not occurred to me that I might need to jostle the card.

lady sélénite said...

This dress is beautiful !

Comtesse de ferveur said...

I love the red on you! What's a real Black Russian? I'm off to research it!