Red is the colour, there is no other

I considered my favourite colour to be pink for a long time.

But I realised that I wear more red & orange than pink.

And I love all three colours together!

But I never really met a colour I didn't like!

Frock-vintage, Trade Me, customised by moi with lace

Handbag-vintage Rex, ophopped




Manually Vibrating on a Saturday Night

I 'm behind the program.

But that isn't necessarily unusual for me!

I have just spent nearly 2 hours on the phone setting up wireless!

Most of that was to the Phillipines!

I'm exhausted; too much freakin' technology has given me a bit of a headache.

As promised, pix from Saturday night!


Frock-vintage, opshopped

Tie-made by moi out of opshopped petersham

Coat-vintage, opshopped

Handbag-vintage, gift from Justine probably 10 years ago

Fishnets-K Mart

Shoes-can't remember, G bought them for me years ago

As mentioned previously, I'd had a hissy fit about my lack of space, too many clothes, blah, ad nauseum.

So I ended up having a shot of tequila.

Then another.

And on it went.

Then I got into some vodka/tonics.

And basically drank myself sober.

My little strawberry earrings were from an Asian shop in town.

I like fiddling with them.

The hair decoration is some little flowers off a frock, a bit of ribbon and a cat's bell.

The bell gives me the shits, but I've superglued it on, so it stays!

Justine and Ivar turned up about 6pm.

We had a few drinks and broccoli.


Ah, a little light on the subject!

Ivar looks like he's got a scar, but it's just his hair.

He cut it himself.

I quite like it, but then he was threatening to braid the long bits, and we had to smack some sense into him.

Whenever Justine and I have a camera, we just have to do silly faces.

It's just the way it is.

I only lasted until about 11:30!!!

I left Justine and Ivar having cigarettes and conked out.

Like I said, I'm a hell raising party animal!!!




O, Pastcaring sweetie, I liked that you thought yesterdays outfit looked Cyndi Lauper-ish!

Y'know, I didn't actually like her in the 80's. I thought she was a try-hard!

Now I think she was fabulously stylish, but I'm still not fussed on the music she put out.

Wouldn't mind hearing some of what she's doing now, though.


Tattoo me

Yet another splendid sunnyAutumn day!!!

I like it. I like a lot.
It's been slightly surreal, getting tattoed whilst a 6 year old is bouncing around to Jennifer Lopez and Katy Perry with 2 loopy dogs playing at her feet and having a deep esoteric discussion with my tattooist Sonja.

A pretty good way to start a Sunday, I must say!

Whilst not particularly painful, due to an awesome new machine Sonja had, I never-the-less required a medicinal vodka when I got home.


Frock-opshopped and customised by moi



Tights-gift from darling Sarah


Handbag-vintage, school fair

I managed over 2 1/2 hours today, the longest I've ever managed!

( I' m a wuss-Kiwi term for wimp!)
Sonja got quite a lot done, and it may only need one more session!

The colours are wonderful!

This is what I wore last night!

I'll post more about that tomorrow!


Maneater on a Bar Stool

Well, hello!

We've been watching She Devils On Wheels this afternoon.

The leader has faaaabulous hair.

I'm feeling quite inspired, and a little like picking a fight.....hahaha....

Tonight I'm going out with Justine and a very good friend of hers, Ivar , He's actually an ex, but they have been the best of friends since their relationship ended many years ago.

He's escorting us to Good Vibrations 3, another in a series of gigs organised by our friend and bandmate Nix .

Poor G has been crook the last few days, and just isn't up to going out.

WTF am I going to wear?!

I've been leaning towards a deep blue 60's number ....but I'm having a case of the dreaded bloat, so I'm not sure. Depends on whether or not my specialised underwear can control it!!!

I had a bit of a hissy earlier.

I just couldn't stand being in my sewing/dressing room because there simply isn't enough room!

I was so grouchy I just wanted to through it all out the front door and stomp on it.

And it's all my own fault, for owning so much stuff.

G sweetly said "but Helga's a star, she needs all that stuff!" To which I replied "Helga hasn't got the room for her lifestyle!"

Today I'm wearing:

Frock, Cardi, massive cocktail ring-Sarah

Handbag-vintage, opshopped


Tights-local supermarket

Necklace-Iko Iko in Wellington, bought for me by G

The pink beaded ring was a gift from a neighbour, and the other lovely cocktail ring is from Vix

Tomorrow I am finally having another sitting for my back tattoo!

Took a while to get around to it!

I'm very excited, can't wait to get it finished, and then get my old, old dagger tidied up.

Then I may well consider something else!

But, I will still have some more sittings for my back, as it is rather big, so I'll just have to bide my time!


You don't bring me flowers anymore

Frock-vintage, opshopped many moons ago

The girls just squeeze into it!

To think that when I bought it, I intended to cut it up!

So glad I didn't!

It's Friday night and I'm thinking about bed.

That's right, I'm a hedonistic hellraiser!



Pink Bits

Frock-self made


Tights-my beloved Vix



Ass kicking ring and hairpiece-the chutzpah laden Sarah

Bracelet-sweetheart Alex



Cat pendant-opshopped

Cat leaping out of a bag-priceless.

You are about to realise that we are all having a quickie.


I am running out the door to have dinner at our lovely friend Dave K's house


Two weddings and a dead bride-in reverse order

I'm being a dead bride.....

My darling Mama; she was married in the early 50's.

Not to my Daddy, though!!!

Bet you didn't know that I had been married!!!


A good old Goth wedding, next to a graveyard, dammit,due to the groom's parents objecting!
I was 22, waaaay too immature, and it lasted 9 months!


The frock is probably early 70's, I got it at a vintage shop in Dunedin called, imaginatively, Second Hand Rose, for $50NZ in 1989.

I still have it. Somewhere!

Here's the same frock about 1 year or so later. I got quite a bit of wear out of it, being a Goth and all!

Just look at those globules of delight!

They were mere morsels of what they are today!

Ah, youth!

Lisa-Jane , darling, thank you for your words of wisdom re my unable-to-comment status!!!

I've had a nosy, and I seem to have some action!

If I haven't been by yet, it's cos I'm exhauted form all the commenting I've just been able to do!


Alex , no, it isn't weird that your heart skipped a beat over our kitchen shopping!!!

The bit about spatulas is, however!!!

Past Caring-you are a sweetheart, and I hear you're pretty hot too!


What happened to the end of the world?!

Editors Note-Blogger is being annoying, and I can't comment on blogs for some stupid reason! It keeps making me anonymous! (ME?!) In particular, Mrs Munster doll, I've tried 4 times to leave you a comment, but can't!


Right, on with it:

Bahahahaha, not very bloody much!

Sunday was sunny and rather lovely!

Justine and I went to visit our lovely friend James, then we all went out for coffee (in my case, strawberry smoothie in James' and hot chocolate in Justines) and a wee spat of cookery shopping!

I fecking love buying shit for the kitchen.
All I bought was a cast iron griddle pan, but it made me quite frisky!

I bought it at Steven's, a homeware store, and they were having a sale-bingo!-so G and I went back yesterday after work and got a new roasting pan, with lid, and with that we got a free mini frypan and spatula!

So, I feel a cooking frenzy coming on.........look out!

I'm wearing:

Frock-vintage, from my beloved Vix , as are the turquoise colour beads.

(Have you seen her in her new glasses today?!

Freakin' HOT! )


Tights-no idea!

Shoes-Trade Me

Handbag-vintage, Shabby Chic Market

Hand pendant-San Crisobal de las Casas

Dangly pendant-vintage, maybe bought in London 1989, not sure really!

Vintage Oroton sunnies and hairbow (which Justine lusts after) from my scrumptious lipped Sarah !

My sisters are soooo good to me!


The next two pix are for your amusement, really.

They depict the disgraceful mess in my sewing/dressing room.

Feast thine eyes!

I came home today to this splendid deadstock 70's frock I bought off Trade Me last week!

The label is "American Lady"-ooo,will take a pic of that for you label freaks!

Frock-altered vintage



Shoes-Trade Me

Necklace-gift from G

Hairbow-made by moi from opshopped crimplene.

Miss Pee Pee is playing with her bloody adorable!

I could just squeeze all the juice out of her!


Retro Undies on our Bottoms

Mine are from my beloved Vix , G's were opshopped years ago!


PS: G and I and the kittehs are fine, the emotional upheaval I referred to yesterday involves the relationship break up of 2 people we care very much about.

It's all about just getting on with it.

We had a very.......interesting Saturday.

Some emotional upheaval around us, but we did our best to sit within the eye of the storm.

We decided to go out for a breather and have lunch at the Speights Ale House.

On Richmond Green there is a circus!

The Aotearoa Circus, in fact.

We've decided to go next week with Justine, Baby Rose and our friend Dave.

I have never been to a circus!

My frock is crimplene joy and I got it in Wellington in January. It's taken me this long to take it in and up!

My coat is 50's, and was a gift from a friend who moved to Brisbane. It's fecking snuggly!

My attempt at "hair of the dog".

It sort of helped.

G ordered the seafood chowder.

Sadly, it wasn't as good as it could have been.

I had lamb vindaloo, and it was fantastic!

Hot enough to make me tingle, which isn't easy to do!

Hope you've all been having splendid weekends!