And we're baaaaaack!

Wasn' t it a bit odd, Blogger being offline for maintenance?!

I was a little vexed, I must say, as I had set aside some time to blither and comment on everybody, but I was thwarted.

Such is life, I suppose.


Darling Ivy sent me this adorable 60's number!

Just my colours, and fits like a dream-although the girls are a little squeezed in!

I'm quite stoked.

Thank you, sweetheart!

I look fabulous in it, don't I?!

My ribbed tights, which, judging by the actual piece of elastic in the waistband must be quite old, go perfectly.

Makes me feel rather warm with glee.


The flower i just from the local chemist, the beads are vintage and opshopped.

O, bless, one of you little darlings commented recently that you actually looked up "opshopping" to find out what it means!

I like that.

I think it's important to use the local vernacular, and I expect people will ask if they don't know what the hell I'm talking about.

My favourite vintage Rex handbag, thrashed on a regular basis, and opshopped shoes.

OOO! Remember we went to a 40th b'day party not long ago, and there was a woman with a white Rex handbag??

She has agreed to sell it to me!!!


Our friend Alannah, whose party it was, is going to jack that up shortly over dinner.

And she's going to sell me the 2 piece she was wearing.

How jolly splendid!

I've managed to get my timeline twisted a bit.

My lovely new frock from Ivy was worn on Friday.

But on Thursday night we went to Pomeroy's after work for a few drinks with some lovely friends.

Pomeroy's, above, is just down the road from where G and I lived for 8 years when we first got together in the 90's. It was called Harrington's, and didn't look this good. It also had a knock shop upstairs called The Lily of the Valley, which I always thought was quite classy. That later became Femme fatale, which I felt wasn't classy.

The miracle is that Pomeroy's mut be the only old building left standing in Christchurch after the quake! Goodness knows how; beside it and behind it are rubble.

They are doing a roaring trade, as they are in fact the only pub operating within the inner city.

Amber and Bela with G.

Amber is a Star Wars freak, should you be interested, and the most with it 25 year old we know.

Bela is a fecking genius, with a Masters, I think, in something really intelligent, like rocket science or something.

I kid you not.

She's the other most with it 25 year old we know!

We LOVE hanging with these girls, they, and their friends, are just amazing young people.

Today I have been out with Justine, getting some veges, groceries, having a nosey at savemart and going for coffee.

It has been a gorgeous Autumn day!

I wore:

Frock-vintage, Trade Me

Cardi-opshopped in Welly

Bow-made by moi

Floer-from local chemist


Shoes-Trade Me
Vanity case-opshopped

Leopard print bangle-from my wonderful Sarah

I also wore this matchinbg clip on earrings and brooch-that-doubles-as-a-pendant set that I opshopped yesterday on the way home for $5!

5 dollar make me holler!


Band practice tonight.




delia hornbook said...

Morning ;-)) I was with out blogger for 2 days and the day before that i couldn't leave comments. There is no way i am sadly going to be able to catch up with everyone my life is manic at present. But i had to say i adore your first outfit today i think that has to be one of my all time favorites i just love it and the green you just wear soooo it well. And that bag well WOW and in white to double WOW you lucky girl ;-)) Have a great weekend, and have fun ;-)) dee xx

two squirrels said...

The miss ivy frock looks just gorgeous on you sweetpea!!!

Straight Talking Mama! said...

Yay to miss ivy for sending such a cute frock. Booo to blogger, that was strangely weird wasn't it?

Love those matching earrings and brooch too!

sacramento said...

I am so glad to have you back in all your splendour.
I love all your frock and compliments, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Kitty said...

Oh, cute wee demi there! Its almost crinoline lady (?) 'snap' on the post title, fabulous minds think alike, apparently!

Trees said...

You really inspire me with your wide variety of tights! I really have to get out of my black stocking blues.

Scarlett Fontaine said...

ooooh what i wouldnt give for that bag and the vanity case! And yes you look fabulous in it! mwah Scarlett x

Vintage Vixen said...

That frock from Ivy is perfect, such a divine choice. I absolutely love the earring and necklace set with a passion. Did you nearly faint when you spotted them?
You look freaking fabulous in everything and those youngsters are soooo cute.
Blogger being down made me actually do some work, so not such a bad thing.

Misfits Vintage said...

OMG - I adore everything! Especially love the collar on that gorgeous polka dot frock and the vanity and the fab ballerina jewellery! and the ENTIRE first outfit! You look BLOODY FABULOUS, as always!

Loveandblogger, Sarah xxx

pastcaring said...

Hi there Helga, my first comment, please be gentle...
Have discovered all you lovely vintage ladies recently, feel like I've joined the coolest gang in school!
Love the looks, as always.
Curtise x

Miss Peregrin said...

I was completely devastated to be parted from my fav blogs for so long! You look fabulous though, and I adore all your frocks as usual. I'm also coveting your extensive collection of tights.

Ivy Black said...

2,3,4 and we're back in the room....what was all that about? Don't like being shut out of blogger.
Ooooh I am so happy it fits...I was a bit worried about you getting your gals in there but it does suit you so and you look gorgeous in those colours. It is my absolute pleasure.
Glad you git the two piece in the end...knew you would.
Have a stonking

dressingup-everyday said...

Your style is funny and unique, I love this kind of person who dress as they like. Very nice outfits.:)

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

OK... EVERY colour looks fabulous on you! xx