Feeling a bit like that scene in Boogie Nights when Roller Girl and Amber Waves have just done too much coke and are a little hysterical.

Yep, I'm completely shattered from an extremely busy weekend!

Friday afternoon was spent cooking for Saturday, as I was helping Justine with Baby Rose's first birthday party! Then I had to get ready for our gig, do the gig under considerable infuence, get up early Saturday to finish prep and collect Justine and Pixie (who came down for the weekend from Wellington), go out to Rangoon (we were having the party at Justine's parents house), set up, party up, clear up, go home for a nap, then around to Justines for adult celebrations......I've drunk and eaten far too much!

But it's been a blast!

So on Friday I wore this:

Gorgeous spotty pussy bow chiffon blouse-courtesy of the divine Ms Sarah

Cardi-vintage, opshopped

Frock-vintage, opshopped

Handbag-vintage, school fair


Shoes-K Mart sale

Here I am in a fetching pinny in the kitchen.

I made:

Feta and artichoke quiche

Spinch, feta and bacon muffin loaf

Cheese twist

A bean dip

I did find a minute on the way home to pop into my favourite op shop, and found these 2 sweet frocks.The one on the left is very modern, I think. Someone has hacked the hem off, but I can tidy that up. The frock on the right is a Thornton Hall, a popular NZ label during the 80's/90's. It's not my usual thing, but something about the print and the georgette fabric appeals to me.
I also picked up a green scarf. Just a small bit of booty.

Friday night I pissed around a bit with the camera.

(Thank goodness it's bloody working again! It's worked well all weekend!)

The pink Virgin bracelet is the one darling Alex sent, worn with a bracelet our lovely friend Nicole gave me.

Then it was off to the gig!

Being at the Canterbury Bowling Club, the bar prices were like a rehash of the 80's!

Not that I'd really know that, I didn't start drinking until 1990.

That's just what everyone was saying!

Some not great pix, you can't see my fabulous burgundy lace 60's wiggle frock, dammit!

I'd gotten it for a fiver at my fave op shop, cos some twit had hacked off the sleeves. No problem for me, I just tidied them up, and adjusted them a little. I took the frock in nice and tight, and wearing it with my vintage girdle and waspie, it gave me the curves of a Goddess!

I wore it with pink fishnets and gold shoes.

With Cousin Phil.

With G's brother Simon.

Cousin Phil doing an impression of a brussel sprout.

He's technically G's cousin, but I consider him my cousin too.

He's just wonderful, and in need of a good woman....

Chester from The Stefan van Soest Hit Machine is my latest crush!

I mean, a microphone gun?!


He makes heads and stuff like this for a living, apparently!

He was adorable, a bit Jack Black like, with a meaty voice and fabulous lyrics!

I had to give him a cuddle after.

It was a bloody great night!

Nix and the bowling club peeps are keen to continue putting on events, which is brillant.

The Wunderbar in Lyttleton re-opened last night, so we have 2 venues now!


I'm going to go and finally watch the Royal Wedding now; I've been gagging for it, but just haven't had a chance. I did see a pic of Kate's frock yesterday, and I loved it. It was rather like Grace Kelly's, I felt.

Sorry, I'm not frocked up, I'm just too fecking tired to think straight, really.

I disapoint myself sometimes, and not having the energy to frock up disapoints me, I must say.

I've been disappointed with myself too, for not commenting as often as I usually do lately, darlings!

I love you all, and still want to take you all into a field and make mad looove to you all.....


PS-tomorrow I will post pix from Baby Rose's birthday party, and some from the adult party last night..........


OP SHOP MAMA said...

You always seem to have much more frocking up energy than me!! So impressive. Magnificent outfits.. always! Have a happy week. Linda

Hannah said...

How come you always find something wonderfull at op-shops! I am jealous!!
Stash -reHash? Sounds like my kinda goodness!! Do you know when/where it is? =) actually i properly shouldnt be lazzy and google it myself!

Trees said...

Helga! I need your energy! :) Love the idea of pink stockings and gold shoes. It reminds me of Jem and the Holograms in the most awesome way!


Vintage Vixen said...

I'm not surprised you're feeling a bit sleepy, darling! You've knocked up a divine dinner party, found some awesome frocks, played a gig, partied and still managed to look like a goddess throughout.
That burgundy dress is sublime and I love the spotty pussybow from gorgeous Sarah and lovely Alex's bracelet.
Love you lots!
PS Happy Birthday to baby Rose, I can't believe it's a whole year since she was born.

sacramento said...

How do you do it???I always end up with a big smile when I read your posts.
I love, love your photo in the kitchen.
I love, lov love the Thornton Hall dress, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
I am having a busy weekend of friend weddings
Much love my dear Helga (Nettie).

Ronnie Rabbit said...

Sounds like a big fun weekend even if a little exhausting,enjoy the wedding :)

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

You are totally forgiven for not frocking up today after your minx-ing about in the kitchen and onstage! I lurrrrrrve the spotty mixture - right on baby!!! The pinny is a treasure for a treasure. My god I remember going into Thornton Hall on Queen St in Auckland during the mid-80s, but I was too poor to buy anything. Your gig looks like it went so well and you do look gorgeous - you're wearing your fringe and a headband. Perfection plus and I fecking need a pink bracelet now. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Rose&Bird said...

The food sounds great, Baby Rose is a month older than my Baby Bird - where did the last year go?!

I wish I could come to one of your gigs - they look like fun. I definitely don't remember 80s bar prices, but anything has to be cheaper than now!

No worries about the lack of frock-energy, you have way more energy than me any day x

Mrs Munster said...

The pink bracelet is adorable. The pic with angel in it looks very familiar - I think I had a pic exactly like that on my wall as a kid. Fab blog entry title. Boogie Nights rocks :)

mycherryblossomtree said...
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VainGlorySinner said...

Woah! Busy busy busy exhaustive weekend! The burgundy lace dress you wore to the gig is REALLY nice! So were the earring!

Hahaha the brussel sprout impression is hilarious!!!

Looking forward to seeing the pictures from little baby rose's birthday party! She's a cutie! xxx

Comtesse de ferveur said...

Hi Pretty Lady! You have been very busy! I love your gig look, very Christina Hendricks in Mad Men with a side of edginess! I am also very inspired by the pussy bow blouse under the dress. xxxxxx

Meg Needles said...

I kind of can't wait to see how you style those awesome op-shop finds. You look very cute- I love your makeup.

Misfits Vintage said...

Oh I LOVE the red white and blue outfit - the apron is a wonder of natur!!!

The burgundy lace frock is FABULOUS and your makeup is bloody amazing.

Gorgeously busy weekend amor, hope you've had a bit of a rest today!

Ringringwhydon'tyougivemeacall, Sarah xxx

Penny Dreadful said...

Wow, you are a hot mama in that burgundy dress. And you suit the beehive so well. More wiggle dresses for Helgy methinks! xx

Rae said...

Totally adoring your red white and blue outfit and the burgunday one is utterly va-voom! You're inspiring me to get out of my wardrobe rut :)

Any chance of the recipe for your spinach, feta and bacon muffin loaf???? it sounds really delish

LandGirl1980 said...

More blue bag and red polka dot pinney envy than I have head space for!!!!! *POP!*

La Dama said...

You guys know how to have fun.
love,love your pussy.. outfit Mama.
that lace wiggle frock is gorgeous amor.love how you paired it up with gold shoes and your beehive's are the bomb.
food sounds lovely too, aww baby Rose birthday already,not so long she was a wee lass.

Smashingbird said...

Love Love Love both outfits! Am especially jealous of your pinny. xx

Annimal House said...

I wish I was at your gig, it looked to be a real riot!! Loving both outfits but the burgundy and pink combo is my fave, good saving of the sleeves!!

Alex said...

Ooh, have you changed to pop up comment boxes too? Huzzah! Makes it so much easier to whiz back up and down the post and check what you want to talk about!

Things I love in this post: you, obviously! The fabness of the red, white and blue outfit. The pinny. The two new frocks. The bracelet - hurrah! And most definitely the wiggle dress - swit swoo!!

Psycho Sue- Sew Misunderstood said...

Congrats on the gig!

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dearest Helga, the burgundy dress is a triumph! You look fabulous.

Love the pinny too. And the food sounds delicious xx