Well, yessssss!

I'm taking tomorrow morning off work, so my weekend starts now.

It makes me very happy.

You may not know this, but I'm rather fond of Madonna.

Well, not so much now; I loathed that last (I think it was the last one) album she did, the one which had the ghastly song with Justin I-think-I'm a he-man Timberlake.


I have a lot of her albums.

I remember her very first single (Burning Up); when I was 17 I used to go to a club in Sydney city called Stranded, and I remember it being played there. This was the same club where I saw my very first drag show-it changed my life!!!

I love "Confessions on a Dance Floor", cos I love a dancey album. I even loved "American Life".


So what?!


Could be worse, I could be admitting to liking The Corrs, aka The Bores.


So I have on my new cocktail hat today.

I received many compliments today at work, which is my just due, of course!

Also wearing:

Frock-vintage, from the fantabulous Kitty

Coatdivine crimplene from my beloved Vix

Tights-Sydney markets, a few years ago

Shoes-Hannah's sale, also a few years ago

Necklaces-vintage, and kitty necklace opshopped recently!

Earrings-vintage, birthday gift from Justine

Porn Star chair, gift, currently being favoured by the kittehs for sharpening their claws, the little BASTARDS.

I have a vodka/tonic in hand, and am hoping to catch up with some blogging deliciousness tonight!
Mrs Poo Parker taught herself to use the cat door yesterday!

Sir Harvey Wallbanger is having a little difficulty with it!

Pee Pee just barges her way into anything and everything, so I think she learnt quite by accident!

Just like her mama!!!



Perdita said...

Lookin' hawt!

I too love Madonna, I have NO shame about it. My favourite look of hers must be the 'Like a prayer' phase, all black lace and old leather. Love that album too.

Trees said...

My first album was "The immaculate Collection" - they are way more embarassing first albums:D

Rachel - Firebird said...

I love Madonna. The Like a Prayer album remains one of my favourites. Though when I was a little girl I thought she was oh so very rude :) And I'm with you on The Corrs, there is some wonderful music from Ireland - that is not some of it

sacramento said...

You are funny and fabulous beyond words.

Kitty said...

You bring a smile to may face as always! You even have the good grace to blog at the best time of day for me to comment, ha ha! Good to see the dress is getting some wear, I love how you've styled it. You must have pinned that hat very well, it looks fab. Do you need/want another book on crochet? I picked up one today, let me know, the deaf woman at the jumble sale told me (I think!) that it's very good.xx.

Ivy Black said...

Looking fab and born to sit in that chair!!
I have a love hate relationship with Madonna. I wouldn't want to go out with her for curry and chips...I think we'd end up in a bitch fight.
I wasn't into her early music at all apart form Like A Prayer which I reckon is one of my favourite pop songs of all time.
Ray of Light is one of my favourite albums ever and I quite liked Music.
Whatever I think of her Madgeness, she's a massive star so good on her.
Don't like the Corrs though.......bleughhhhh.

Penny Dreadful said...

Madonna is brilliant, but Kylie will always be my queen ;) xx

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Her Mighty Madgesty Madonna has been my idol since age 16. For me, it was Lucky Star that popped my Madonna cherry. I have been hers ever since. She can do no wrong - just wonderful, wonderful badness!! I saw Desperately Seeking Susan nearly every night after work when it first screened in Auckland. I still have my black painted hatbox. So much wonderful hat madness today!!!!xoxoxo

Psycho Sue- Sew Misunderstood said...

Helga!!!! You are the most fabulous for putting together outfits. You are So HELGA! and it's so unique, every single post is a celebration!

pastcaring said...

Not very Like a Virgin today Helga, in your porn star chair, but most stylish of course!

Whenever I see lovely young ladies wearing little prom-style dresses over leggings, it makes me think of Madonna in her True Blue phase. My 9 year old daughter has discovered Madonna recently, which has led me to rediscover the joys of the earlier music, and the looks.

Not that Her Madgesty has got anything to teach you about looks!

Curtise x PS. Love the hat.

Misfits Vintage said...

Oh love - that frock is divine and the colour is so lovely on you. I adore your new hat and also those stirrup tights are FAB and I want some immediately! And we get to see your glorious locks twice in a week - how marvellous!

Enjoy your long weekend, telephone!

Sarah xxx

Scarlett Fontaine said...

looking fabulous as ever and totally rocking that chair! Scarlett x

Louise said...

How I wish today was my last day in the office. How I wish I had a vodka (ok, Gin) and tonic. How I wish I had your outfit... There I go, wishing my life away again xx

Alex said...

I've never really got the whole Madonna thing - think I'm either too young or too old. She was doing all the weird bullfighter stuff when I was at my impressionable stage so the only song of hers I like enough to have on my ipod is You'll See. Odd choice, I know.

Loving that hat missus!

Vintage Vixen said...

You look even hotter than Madonna! I love that outfit, Kitty's frock is a triumph and those footless tights underneath are a triumph.
I freaking love Madonna (apart from the dodgy child adoption thing). Get Into The Groove is one of my favourite songs ever, like Desiree I lost count of the number of times I saw Desperately Seeking Susan and the number of dodgy outfits I wore at the time.
The Cores were as crap as Phil Collins and Mick Hucknell.
Love you (and enjoy your long weekend)

Mrs Munster said...

Madonna's early work is great, not too keen on the later ones.
And I have to add now to your title (as it is Queen of tights already *grin*) - gueen on leggings. Have I already mentioned how much I just love the bold colours you wear :)

delia hornbook said...

;-))))) I am just smiling at all your cat tales ;-)) made me laugh out loud bless you. Love your outfit today what a gorgeous blue, you suit so many colors your lucky. Have a lovely day off tomorrow and enjoy your weekend to, dee xx

VainGlorySinner said...

I love those tights you are sporting! I remember owning some leggings with the band that goes under the foot when I was younger.. I also remember some people wore the band over their shoe!

Gorgeous shoes also!

I do love cats ever so much but their scratching as a nightmare! That's why we bought our cat a massive cat tree for her 1st birthday last year because It had lots of scratching posts to save our furniture!

I like Madonna's earlier songs but I'm not really a fan of her more recent work. Her 80's and 90's stuff is best.
I think the Corrs are OK, although I've only heard/own one of their albums - Talk On Corners - I found it in my dads collection when I was about 10 or 11 and have kept it since then!

I really fancy listening to some Belinda Carlisle now (also nabbed from my dad years ago) but it's too late and I'm about to go to sleep.. tomorrow I shall stick some on! xxx

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

What a great frock. I love this look on you. And the porn star chair is perfect, I've always wanted one but have nowhere to put it.

I absolutely love early Madonna xx