Maneater on a Bar Stool

Well, hello!

We've been watching She Devils On Wheels this afternoon.

The leader has faaaabulous hair.

I'm feeling quite inspired, and a little like picking a fight.....hahaha....

Tonight I'm going out with Justine and a very good friend of hers, Ivar , He's actually an ex, but they have been the best of friends since their relationship ended many years ago.

He's escorting us to Good Vibrations 3, another in a series of gigs organised by our friend and bandmate Nix .

Poor G has been crook the last few days, and just isn't up to going out.

WTF am I going to wear?!

I've been leaning towards a deep blue 60's number ....but I'm having a case of the dreaded bloat, so I'm not sure. Depends on whether or not my specialised underwear can control it!!!

I had a bit of a hissy earlier.

I just couldn't stand being in my sewing/dressing room because there simply isn't enough room!

I was so grouchy I just wanted to through it all out the front door and stomp on it.

And it's all my own fault, for owning so much stuff.

G sweetly said "but Helga's a star, she needs all that stuff!" To which I replied "Helga hasn't got the room for her lifestyle!"

Today I'm wearing:

Frock, Cardi, massive cocktail ring-Sarah

Handbag-vintage, opshopped


Tights-local supermarket

Necklace-Iko Iko in Wellington, bought for me by G

The pink beaded ring was a gift from a neighbour, and the other lovely cocktail ring is from Vix

Tomorrow I am finally having another sitting for my back tattoo!

Took a while to get around to it!

I'm very excited, can't wait to get it finished, and then get my old, old dagger tidied up.

Then I may well consider something else!

But, I will still have some more sittings for my back, as it is rather big, so I'll just have to bide my time!



Vintage Coconut said...

Well hello hello!
Have a fun night! Can't wait to see what you decide to wear.

Max said...

How-dya-do Helga swopshop partner! I can't wait to go shoppe for you!!!! Yahoo! I'll email thee right now :0)

Nelly said...

Hope the grumps are all better now and G is out having fun with you soon xx

Straight Talking Mama! said...

oh I know how that sewing room hissy fit is, mine's such a mess at the moment I have moved my sewing activities down into the living room this weekend!

Have a fun weekend hon, although I KNOW you will!

seƱora Allnut said...

dear, I agree with G., Helga is a star!!, and I'm sorry she don't have the room for her lifestyle, as it also happens to Mrs. Allnut!
And the film looks seem so astonishing, love the little leopard vest, yeah!
And love all your stuff and bijouterie!!

Rachel - Firebird said...

The world according to G is a very wise one. Have a top night out lady

Young at Heart said...

what fab snaps to brighten a very horrible, dull, dull London day!!

Miss Peregrin said...

You certainly are a star Helga! Sometimes we all have to downsize I guess...

Love the pattern on that frock!

Vintage Vixen said...

G's right, you do need all that stuff but I know what you mean, I'm always throwing a tantrum as i can't find anything.
You're looking so hot you're on fire. Love that patchwork frock and the tapestry bag togetehr. I'm sure you'll conjure up the most splendid outfit and the undies will play nicely.
Have fun and lots of love to wise ol' G!
Love you!

Miss Claire said...

I like the on-a-bar-stool pose! You look stunning as always, I love the way you tied the waist-tie around the outside or the TIES the whole outfit together nicely! Tie tie tie! Xoxoxo Claire

Miss Claire said...

Also, I'm excited to see the finished tattoo, when it's done!!

jkubenka said...

I can't wait to see your finished tattoo....I don't know that I'm brave enough to get a tattoo, but I am still flirting with getting my belly-button pierced, and leaning more and more towards actually doing it!

The Brunette said...

Oh gosh those rings are just stunning, you are looking fab too x

pastcaring said...

You are a man-eating patchwork of delightful colour and attitude, m'Lady.

Every star needs a little hissy fit from time to time, it's expected. So watch out boys, she'll chew you up!

Rose&Bird said...

I can identify with the messy sewing room - the attic (my domain) is full at the moment!

Love the patchwork and the bag. Hope G feels better soon x

Misfits Vintage said...

Oh you look bloody GORGEOUS in that frock - I'm so glad you like it (I even put new elastic in it for you!). And I love that you have paired it with that fab combination - especially the handbag and shoes . PerfectioN!!!

Hope G is feeling better soon and you and Justine had a FAB time last night.

Can't wait to see latest tat pics!


Sarah xxx

Perdita said...

Perdita shares Helga's pain. She doesn't have suitable accomodation for her collection.

She is house hunting as a result! The dresses must be preserved for the nation!