Manually Vibrating on a Saturday Night

I 'm behind the program.

But that isn't necessarily unusual for me!

I have just spent nearly 2 hours on the phone setting up wireless!

Most of that was to the Phillipines!

I'm exhausted; too much freakin' technology has given me a bit of a headache.

As promised, pix from Saturday night!


Frock-vintage, opshopped

Tie-made by moi out of opshopped petersham

Coat-vintage, opshopped

Handbag-vintage, gift from Justine probably 10 years ago

Fishnets-K Mart

Shoes-can't remember, G bought them for me years ago

As mentioned previously, I'd had a hissy fit about my lack of space, too many clothes, blah, ad nauseum.

So I ended up having a shot of tequila.

Then another.

And on it went.

Then I got into some vodka/tonics.

And basically drank myself sober.

My little strawberry earrings were from an Asian shop in town.

I like fiddling with them.

The hair decoration is some little flowers off a frock, a bit of ribbon and a cat's bell.

The bell gives me the shits, but I've superglued it on, so it stays!

Justine and Ivar turned up about 6pm.

We had a few drinks and broccoli.


Ah, a little light on the subject!

Ivar looks like he's got a scar, but it's just his hair.

He cut it himself.

I quite like it, but then he was threatening to braid the long bits, and we had to smack some sense into him.

Whenever Justine and I have a camera, we just have to do silly faces.

It's just the way it is.

I only lasted until about 11:30!!!

I left Justine and Ivar having cigarettes and conked out.

Like I said, I'm a hell raising party animal!!!




O, Pastcaring sweetie, I liked that you thought yesterdays outfit looked Cyndi Lauper-ish!

Y'know, I didn't actually like her in the 80's. I thought she was a try-hard!

Now I think she was fabulously stylish, but I'm still not fussed on the music she put out.

Wouldn't mind hearing some of what she's doing now, though.



Kitty said...

I'm loving that red dress and coat and Justine looks super-hot in her outfit too! Red is your new best colour my darling-after black, of course!
I think we must be boob twins btw, saw your comments on Desi's blog, going by measurements we're only an inch different in may have met your match on the boob front, he he.xx.

Vintage Vixen said...

Oh darling, you look so hot in red, I think it may be my new favourite colour on you.
Those shoes are making me cry, I love them and the hair decoration is a marvel.
What with you, Justine's cleavage and Kitty's boobs I'm feeling rather inadequate.

Nelly said...

I doubt VV or Kitty or any of you girls are inadequate you are all so marvelous darlings.
Technologie isnt up my alley either,
BTW been slack with posting but put a message at my Nellys closet blog have 2 new things at ebay.

Perdita said...

That red rocks. I once had a necklace with a bell on. :/ Kept leaving it on at night and waking myself up! Doh!

jkubenka said...

You look ravishing in red, dear. Justine's a lovely lady channeling an nice 80s vibe, and that Ivar is a nice tall drink of water....eye candy of the best kind, all three of you!

Misfits Vintage said...

Your frock and the coat are both DIVINE!!! And I love your hair like this too!

Justine is looking super hot and Ivar - HELLO! DELICIOUS!

It seems to be a very booby day. I got my girls out today too! Nobody's peaches compare to yours though my love!

Loveisabattlefield, Sarah xxx

Penny Dreadful said...

Crikey, you look like a hot tamale Helga. The wiggle style of dress certainly suits you xx

Smashingbird said...

Oh you do look gorgeous in the red Helga my dear, and your eye make up is super fab too! xxx

Louise said...

Red really really suits you, that whole ensemble looks really fabulous.

I've started experiementing now my hair is longer with mega bumpits and flowers, you're my inspiration for it. :-) xx

pastcaring said...

I'm with all the ladies loving the red, Helga, it definitely suits you most beautifully.
And like Vix, I WANT those wonderful shoes, tho I would probably last very few minutes walking in them! Taxi shoes, I call 'em!
And as for Cyndi - yeah, with you that the music wasn't that great, although I love to belt out "I drove all night" when no one's listening. And I wonder why my neighbours don't like me...
Hey ho, can't please all the people...

Vintage Coconut said...

The strawberry earrings are so sweet! You look DeLiGhTfUl in that dress.

Alex said...

Do you ever wear average frocks? I swear you must have the best collection of amazing dresses of anyone I know - every day it's something different and they're ALL gorgeous!

Rose&Bird said...

Great outfits all round - hope you had a good night, even if it was a bit early! Sometimes you just have to save yoursef for another night x